950+ Amazing Unicorn Names

If we travel into the history of unicorns, we need to reach the famous historian of Greece called Ctesias. He was the inventor of what we call unicorns today—a horse-like body with a single heart and all-white fascinating and alluring.

There was a belief that those who drank from the horn of this extraordinary creature were saved from all types of diseases and infections. Some of them refer to it like a wild ox.

Unicorn got its name from the Latin word for Cornus , which means ‘horn’ and uni means ‘single’. So, hurray! We got our name Unicorn and we know where it comes from. It was mainly in history in mythologies of China and India, but it still exists in children\’s storybooks and fables.

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Names For Unicorn Female

Unicorns are famous among girls because of their beautiful physical features and sparkling white colour. These are famous among the stories told to children and are even liked by the girl child. Some of such names that the female can love are given below.

Magic Bubble GumSprite Cities Mystery Tera
Mystic Rainbow TailAll-Star Directory Move Smarts
Princess Candy SparklesMagenta Director Millions Spree
Starlight TwinklesDart Concept Massive Urban
Cosmic HoovesSpecter Collector Line Supreme
Diamond AuraAbsolute DawnManiac Tricks
Amazing Unicorn Names
Berry Sugar CupMammoth Cloud LoopSnog
Happy Star DustAllianceDemand Princess GracieSuccess
Fluffy MarshmallowStargazer Collections Queen BellaSped
Orange Ice PopWraith ClutchCountess ClaraSpry
Sweet Summer DreamsElite Duchess HarmonyTribe
Glitter Star MagicSapient EffectivBaroness EricaSpeedy
Happy Custard PuffUnicornsterCurb Dame MishkaSpace
Majestic Cloud PonyCatalyst Delta Empress SierraSoldier
  • Cocoa Dream Puff
  • Golden Galaxy Prancer
  • Melody Marigold
  • Candy Star Bright
  • Athena
  • Bubble Blossoms
  • Coco Coconut
  • Dainty Blue Bell
  • Penny Rose Sweetheart
  • Jasmine
  • Jade Star Berry
  • Gracious Sun Flower
  • Magenta Marvel
  • Peggy Confetti
  • Button Nose Georgie
  • Frosty Wee Pony
  • Sugar Bliss Berry
  • Angel Crumb Princess
  • Mia Magic
  • Draco Nocturne
  • Lycan Tails
  • Helios Spot
  • Mighty Malik
  • Lightning Eyes
  • Scarlett Joy
  • Little Jynx

Cute Names for Unicorns

Whenever you are set to write a story about unicorns, you must keep in mind that almost fifty per cent of the readers are cute children or teenagers. Therefore, we need to choose some cute names for our unicorn characters.

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NutmegMagna Daub Lady SamanthaSunrise
Crystal PopUnicornadilEmpire Madam YasminSuperior
Dancing SparklesAmmoDesignsPrincess ChelseaTactile
Mystic Bubble PopUnicornellaCompassQueen OlympiaTrivia
Princess Fairy DustIcarus Dish Countess HenriettaUltra
Shining LunaUnicorndoDays Duchess PhoebeUnreal
Sapphire Blue TailsComplexConnect Baroness LolaTracks
Daisy Yellow PonyAlphaDisplay Dame NiamhStation
Amazing Unicorn Names
Flora EnchantedSproutDigest Empress SadieState
Glowing PearlUnicorngenicsDrive Lady TessaUnity
Celestial Moon BrightLynx Exciting Madam CharlotteTemplates
Nectarine BlossomsUnicornifyComparison Princess ChloeThink
Lovely Rainbow WingsAngel Creators Queen SamaraTaste
Sunny Angel GlowActive Details Countess ZoeThrive
Strawberry PetalSprightly Equality Duchess ValeriaSunshine
Sweet Star ButterscotchDash Emotion Baroness GeorgetteSquad
  • Caster
  • Brig
  • Choice
  • Avatar
  • Born
  • Ave
  • Blaster
  • Bargains
  • Articles
  • Aver
  • Basement
  • Charts
  • Beast
  • Boost
  • Charter
  • Champion
  • Calculator
  • Channels
  • Beyond
  • Awards
  • Balance

Names For Unicorns In Adopt Me

Adopt me is a platform where one can play a game they have to take care of virtual pets and grow up in stages in the game. On this platform, unicorns are also seen and some names of the unicorn there can be as follows.

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Twinkle LolliesOmni Crown Prince ArcherSpaces
Cassie FluffiesBam DeptLord AlfredSurge
Jolly Ginger NapsAgue Delight Duke NikoliTotal
Pudding Pop PrincessUnicornegyEarth Baron JacobSmew
Ruby RoseShadow Cupid King ThomasTitan
Sweet Tooth SnowflakeMystCloneEmperor LeopoldSpotting
Merry LilyFuzeCompanieCount MaximusSpecialists
Cool Ice JellyZeal Eden Lord CharlesTracking
Dainty CloverCrypt Exact Prince GabrielTrend
Velvet Cherry CakeCabal Cygen Duke WinstonSpecials
Amazing Unicorn Names
Vanilla Fluff MagicColossalDivision Earl BarnabusStar
Razz Berry JulieMinotaur Discovery Count FrederickTitle
Lovely LunaAccelerateCraft Emperor KingstonSpad
Sparky DaydreamerBrainy Dr UnicornKing ChesterSpirit
Fancy PeachesVisionary Den Lord NathanielSoul
Valiant VanessaAfter Crawler Baron BenjaminUseful
Bright CassiopeiaUnicornableEssence Prince SeamusTael
Shimmering SallyAhead Classic Duke HarrisonSpan
Sweet Frosted PonyUnicornaroDreamEarl BenedictTop Unicorn
Amazing ShammyFireball DefenceCount SimeonTopics
  • Grand
  • Fast
  • Headquarters
  • Heroes
  • Glow
  • Hear
  • Goto
  • Form
  • Igniter
  • Fresh
  • Foundry
  • Faux
  • Hometown
  • Hunter
  • Faro
  • Handbook
  • Iconic
  • Forever
  • Flower
  • Hall
  • For Life

Unicorn Names Generator

Blew away the anger and sadness in you and created an environment of happiness and positivity around you. Won’t you love doing that? So why not try exploring unicorn name generators and creating new unicorn names for you and enjoy.

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Giggly GraceUnicornazaCollectEmperor GriffinTopia
Enchanted Moon BeamDaydream CleverKing ClarenceSupplier
Marshmallow Rainbow PonyUnicornlanceDreaming Lord JoshuaStreaming
Merry TwilightAlity Collection ButtonToday Unicorn
Twinkle SunshineSanguine Edge AngelSolution
Saccharine SusieAkin Crimson BeanTornado
Mystic SunburstUnicornsyEfficiency CookieSprout
Joyous JakeStellarClaw PipStock
Snowflake IrisUnicornopediaDollar TinkerbelleThemes
Nightwind StarburstBlueprint Elevate CoralTown
Amazing Unicorn Names
Majestic MeteorUnicornoramaCrossover BlissaSunset
Pinkish DiamondAce Complex AstridTouch
Sweet Milky WayPhalanx DynamicFairyStore
Jolly JulieUnicorncogExotic TitchThug
Fancy ButtercupAction Doozy BelleSource
Samantha SugarplumAim End WeebleThrifty
Delightful MoonbeamSpirit Control SkittlesTrick
Adorable LucyPhantom Doup TwizzlerSunray
Sugar MelonAllure DripPocketTender
  • Isis
  • Wanda
  • Elsa
  • Spike
  • Hunter
  • Bolt
  • Phoenix
  • Ezra
  • Zelda
  • Winter
  • Harley
  • Rebel
  • Genesis
  • Rhea
  • Article
  • Bench
  • Blox
  • Buyer
  • Butterfly
  • Camo
  • Brite

Unicorn Name Male

Unicorn names are not very specific about males or females. Anyone can choose one or the other. But, here there are some names which any male or boy can choose.

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Cheerful MonaSerendipityCost PixieSmar
Blissful ZaneDynamoEquinox BabySuccessful
Opal Eyed BeautyCaseDart BeautySprint
Bella ButtercupAdvisor Clubs FlameStop
Dainty DarlaScoot Essential BlazeTags
Prancing SunshineNovel Dash TreasureStreams
Bubbly JamieAegisDowntown VenusTales
Lady Night MoonCracked EnjoyFlareStamp
Amazing Unicorn Names
Silly MuffinCrimson Ecru GlitterSpring
Sparkling DawnTact Excellent MoondanceTap
Dainty Lemon DropVortex Crafter GalaxyStat
Bashful TamaraAgents Czar DazzleSpark
Sassy Sky DancerCollective Courses DreamerStart
Fluffy Butter MilkZealousConscioGoldieSuperstore
Lady Cream PuffCerberus EcoMidnightSmarter
Sweet AltheaMuse CollectiveDazeToolbox
Cuddle WuddlesAboutFlexStarSpur
Fluffy PonyTenacious Golden NovaSurfer
  • Welt
  • Wisp
  • Viol
  • Listing
  • Lists
  • Eternity
  • Vest
  • Wild
  • Widget
  • Groov
  • Yawl
  • Watcher
  • Bilk
  • Very
  • Mump
  • Listings
  • Utli
  • World
  • Zip
  • Worker
  • For Sale

Unicorn Name for Instagram

Instagram is a social site where we love to present ourselves as unique and creative and thus need our username to be the same. In being unique, why not try some unicorn names which are beautiful as well as different from other simple names.

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Soft Little PonyJam Foster GlimmerTunnel
Cheery HugsAtomic Heaven SparkTip
Cozy PlushyUnicornocityFocus LighteningTsunami
Fantastic FluffyParachute Fortune SilvyUsa
Little Miss GigglesAgile Horizon JupiterSpots
Mr. CottonMagnolia Ideas GlowSwift
Happy HuggyUnicornHaven OpalSmart
Precious FlufflesDomino Hunters MoonlightTab
Cream PuffsSpringFusion SunshineImmerse
Rainbow WafflesAridHarvest TwinkleViews
Amazing Unicorn Names
Fluffy Honey BunsCapital Groups GemVelocity
Fluffy PookieCentric Geeks AmberAscent
Nomnom Sugar PlumsBrokers Global PearlVision
Bubble PuffsCatcher GeniusObsidianValley
Fluffy ButtercupAnythingForce NephriteVolta
Love BugArk Graph GypsumVisions
Missy PonyBusk GrowOnyxValley
Boo Boo PuffsAssetGuys PyriteJape
Love BubblesBytesIncredible DiamondUtli
Angel PuffBoss Grace AmethystAmbassador
  • Welt
  • Wisp
  • Viol
  • Listing
  • Lists
  • Eternity
  • Vest
  • Wild
  • Widget
  • Groovy
  • Yawl
  • Watcher
  • Bilk
  • Very
  • Mump
  • Listings
  • Utli
  • World
  • Zip
  • Worker
  • For Sale

Everyone enjoys fun and so are the funny names. We are constantly surrounded by so much tension and frustration in our daily lives that even a funny name we read makes us glad.

Pony BooCache Hacks JewelEdgy
Honey PonyBenefits Feature QuartzJunky
Love NuggetAtticForums CitrineViews
Take Flight Young PonyArchives Frig RhinestoneVibe
Sunny SummerChimp GuidesCelestiteVelocity
Buttercup BabyBreezy Guava GarnetBoor
Glittery PrincessBuster Folder ZirconBestof
Magical Day DreamerBox Folder JetValues
Lotus SweetieCavil GapMoonstoneWays
Faith StarflowerCare GulfReaperKnob
Amazing Unicorn Names
Queen CaratAtlasHerb BrutusWise
Sentimental AuroraBardGurusRampageVibe
Princess OnyxBucks Glum AjaxVix
Moonlight BellaArchive Finders HeraDais
Lavender DreamsBloomGuardian LokiVery
Mystique MadnessArticle Frame ThanosBo
Hopeful TinaBench Finds CruellaVision
Peppermint MallowsBlox Indy HannibalXpress
Winter HopeBuyer HeadFreddieWorth
Spring CharmsButterfly Humble ScarCyst
Black Diamond RockyCamo GrokGollumVest
  • Choice
  • Avatar
  • Born
  • Av
  • Blaster
  • Bargains
  • Articles
  • Aver
  • Basemen
  • Charts
  • Beast
  • Boost
  • Charter
  • Champion
  • Calculato
  • Channels
  • Beyond

Pink Unicorn Names

Some people love colors and thus they can give their unicorn a name related to colour.  Pink names are very popular among girls and can be a better choice.

Gentle ClementineBrite FlowLutherEnter
AndromedaBest For LessDexterEgad
Spunky CloudberryCapitolGatorTitanJumbo
Princess AmethystBuys First TrixieUtopia
Legendary Miss BubblesAnywhere Huge BlizzardZoom
JadaAnswers FeedPhantomViewer
Misfit BlossomCenters Favorite ShadowWonderful
Cocoa Dream PuffBrowse Happy ValkyrieVisions
Golden Galaxy PrancerAware Fixer AutumnWad
Melody MarigoldCertified Gate SpiceVix
Amazing Unicorn Names
Candy Star BrightCatalyst Habit XenaDashing
AthenaAzure GenieStormVillage
Bubble BlossomsCaster Grand IsisWelt
Coco CoconutBrig Fast WandaWisp
Dainty Blue BellChoice HeadquartersElsaViol
Penny Rose SweetheartAvatarHeroes SpikeListing
JasmineBorn Glow HunterLists
Jade Star BerryAve HeartBoltEternity
Gracious Sun FlowerBlaster Goto PhoenixVest
Magenta MarvelBargains Form EzraWild
Peggy ConfettiArticlesIgniter ZeldaWidget
  • Choice
  • Avatar
  • Born
  • Ave
  • Blaster
  • Bargains
  • Articles
  • Aver
  • Basement
  • Charts
  • Beast
  • Boost
  • Charter
  • Champion
  • Calculator
  • Channels
  • Beyond


1.What are some good names for unicorns?

Some good names for unicorns are:

  •  Rainbow horn
  • Twinkle dust
  • Giggle clop
  • Twinkle night
  • Loveliness
  • Smiley star
  • Honey bloom
  • Fancy face

2. What do you call a female unicorn?

You can call them unicorns because of one horn they carry or “no horn”. Sometimes they are without one. At some places in the Bible, it is mentioned as water cows or water Ox. Wild Ox was something that held great power and strength. It can be called a beast that has a horn. Overall, when we conclude all statements, we can say exact names given to a unicorn.

  • Mythological creatures
  •  Unicorn
  •  non-existing beast
  •  fictional character

3. What do you call a baby unicorn?

 They resemble horse kids and therefore can be called foals but to distinguish them from horses, they are called sparkle. They got the name because of the shining features and something rare. Some of them are also called starry, glitter, or colt.


Unicorns are set to bring good luck and happiness to one\’s life. It was said that those who were pure could only see unicorns because they were so full of innocence. As mentioned in the Bible, they are a free soul and cannot be captured by anyone unless and until they have a pure heart and are a virgin. They were different from horses because of the horses they had.

In the article above, we try to combine two other things to make a name or generate the name of a Unicorn from different ways. Those who are interested in unicorn names can take help from these names

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