Why do people prefer to work in IT?

The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Every year, information technology funding increases, and Elon Musk surprises everyone around with his innovative plans. Of course, IT is not defined by one direction, it is a wide class of different disciplines that are of interest to each of us.

Recently, they say that working in the IT field is “not for everyone”. However, this is not quite true. Of course, as in any profession, great heights are reached by people who give the profession most of their lives. However, anyone can become a programmer and reach a decent level to be in demand on the market.

But why is IT so popular?

High rates and opportunity for growth

The IT sphere is also very popular due to high earnings. However, salaries are not directly related to the complexity of the work. Very often they are because outsourcing companies work with foreign clients. Rates in US are one of the highest in the world. 


But happiness, as you know, is not only about money. People consider the most important advantage of the IT industry to be prospects, not only high salaries. 

Job seekers frequently view information technology as a terrific sector of possibility that won\’t get completely overrun by weeds soon. Furthermore, they discover that the future of the sector as a whole is much more significant to them than particular employment choices.

Freedom and demand

Most likely, individuals value the independence that the sector offers since it allows them to pick a pleasant employer, whether it\’s a large multinational or a tiny startup, without having to worry about their career development.

Another reason for the demand for programmers is that new information technologies are everywhere: in refrigerators, coffee makers, telephones, computers, and thermostats. For all this to develop, specialists are needed. And they, as it was at all times, are lured by money, working conditions, and other things. It turns out a kind of \”bubble\” that will continue to inflate until the need for IT specialists decreases, or the market simply does not become oversaturated with them. This has happened to other professions as well. Ultimately, the \”bubble\” always bursts, only in the case of IT – this \”bubble\” is very large and, most likely, will not burst soon.

Ability to work remotely

The consensus among experts is that remote work is the way of the future and that office jobs will soon be seen as antiquated as factories and large-city workplaces.

Remote employment is not the future for IT professionals. Today, an IT specialist prefers to work from home far away from the company\’s headquarters so that he is not bothered by traveling, traffic, or crowded subways, nor is his business bothered by providing him with a proper workspace.

Because of this, the proportion of job applicants in the IT industry who view a flexible schedule as crucial is about twice as high as the market average. On the other hand, there are fewer people for whom working nearby is a need.

In conclusion

When choosing IT as a profession, it is worth remembering that, like any job, it will require, and require a lot. Sometimes people write on the Internet, that IT specialists are paid a salary for drinking coffee – it’s not true. Do not forget that huge money in IT are earned by those who give work most of their lives. On the other hand, “low” salaries by IT standards are commensurate with many high salaries in other industries, where they will demand no less from you for the same money, and possibly more. But there is no easy job.

Don\’t be afraid to go into IT. Yes, it will not be easy, but having received a certain level of qualification, you will become a sought-after specialist who can find a stable job with a good salary. And at the same time, you will gain more confidence in your future.


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