490+ Catchy, Unique Fearless Warrior Berserker Names

When I first heard about Berserker names, I was fascinated by the boldness and power these names held. Are you feeling a little clueless about what Berserker refers to? Well, Berserker is known to be a member of the unruly warrior gangs that used to worship Odin and mostly served as bodyguards for the royals. 

If you do not know it yet, Berserker\’s names reflect power, boldness, and perseverance in everything they do. 

Do you also wish to have a similar personality? Then, keep reading this article to find out more about Berserker\’s names.  

Catchy Berserker Names

Honestly, it is not that easy to find a perfect Berserker name. Even though the Berserker community had been associated with rage, anger, and disputes but they are also widely popular for their fearlessness during the battles.

Now, since you are looking for catchy names, you can choose names that give a royal aura but refer to the same meaning as the Berserker ones. Names like Malami, Sulka, Koraki, etc can be good ones. 

With that being mentioned, check out the following list of names!

Barbaric PerceptionsMystic
Soklaz FalatonFleurlovin
Senammi MazrakiOh no no no
Obza TrilaSulka Avedi
Ragili MyritiraMaseeni Gelkal
Conventional TacticsUzma Mezami
Peonies gipsyReniha Zaikiris
Proven WorthyHuman Shield
Malihaz SehilazLyrical Armed Services
Redal OvurezRedal Ovurez
Kalarris MihizakTrenkani Kulima

Cool Berserker Names

Berserker people have been mostly associated with fighting battles and enjoying victory. They represent bravery and power. So, if you wish to look for cool Berserker names, then you will have to choose names that reciprocate the same meaning. Go for names with antique and old-money vibes. You can also seek inspiration from the names of sci-fi characters.

Now, keep reading to know more about some cool Berserker names given below!

Rankeni KuizaVanillattack
Drenami RinhamOlendri Obro
Sukinos HerimaZerrham Mnha
Senima KuyezakiSenima Koyezaki
Elma MyriakFalini Malim
The BarbariansDeath Wish
Jujhika SilkaOptimal Aces
Vampiric StrikeKobira Koyezin
Abazi KoyeziStatic
Kasishiri OizaKasishiri Oiza

Best Berserker Names

Did you know that Berserkers used to march into battles wearing nothing but animal pelts? In order to come up with the best Berserker name, you need to choose those names that are short, easy to pronounce, and have a unique aura so as to stand out from the other names.

You can even try adding ‘the’ before your first name for bringing out a royal and powerful vibe. Names like Sukinos, and The Barbarians can be interesting ones.

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Now, you can check out the following list of Berserker names given below!

Ranijem JhuEmro Huibozo
Rakali RibizoStraight Gangsters
Sulida FalikhMargo Me
Kill bill XtremeIlna Merham
Sirma SurmpyReckless
Menham OgazaiIlna Merham
Menham OgazaiDrain Jiku
StrategyFalazi Horezisi
Arini MoizaSokura Alvarez
Dranima MerizamiVerse Cries
Drelda MalhiHuman Shield

Awesome Berserker Names

Berserkers have been known to originate from Germany and were also a part of old Norse literature. The community has a rich history and showed an immense amount of bravery during the battles by giving their everything in the war.

If you want awesome names, then make sure that the name goes hand in hand with your personality. Choose something that you feel relatable with and can look up to. If you want a strong or bold name you can go with Azalis Koyezira. 

If you liked the idea of it, then grab a look at the following names given below!

The ConquerorsRecon
Moonstruck travellerBlade Song
Tila RiukiSuino Monami
Koliza KargamiMizak Jihan
Conventional TacticsRenal Tumors
Conventional TacticsMuisaki Ilaki
Rune WritersJuipora Julizexi
Sempali KoyezaAh Killed
Maritime ConnectionPunisher’s Apprentice
Victor DictatorAziziba Koiri
Fearless AmbitionThrone Worthy
Kosis KanamiQuarrelsome Strategy
EnjouecollectifZeus’s Son / Daughter

Great Berserker Names

Great Berserker names are created by combing perfect proportions elegance and boldness. Make sure your name does not sound too furious or bold. If you are looking for the names of a fantasy character, then a berserker name will give your character a distinct identity.

Berserker names resemble strength and power whilst enhancing the overall capability and performance of your character. 

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Some popular names you can seek inspiration from, are Grargi, Blaud, Rhef, etc.

Now, do not forget to check out the list of Berserker names given below for your ready reference!

Kisses-MartiniSokinua Jiha
Optimal AcesYnglings
Judini KalinAlchemy Assault
Fahezin MehtamFury
Railak KasehiNorse Code Collective
Zenami TanderezYnglings
Rune WritersDrebali Obuzo
PlagueJokingly Killing
Malami FerhamKalindri Drakima
RecoilKuineth Spectra

Amazing Berserker Names

If you want to come up with some amazing Berserker names, then you will have to let your creativity and imagination take the wheel. Dive deep into the individuality of your character and choose names that go hand in hand with the features of your character.

Focus on the origin of your character and then check if it has any similarity with the name you have chosen. Berserker names are common these days in terms of fighting, battles, and fearlessness. If your character has got anything in common with them, then you can go with a Berserker name. 

Found that interesting? Keep reading to find out more about amazing Berserker names!

Embers RisingOf the Sea
Sesimarro AvedaDoomsday
Warfare WoundsKill My Heart
Taliki AzirezAbezi Drenric
BoostedTempura Tezaki
InstinctsFlies Loot
Fanamis KoyezoSuyezok Kolaz
Dankirez KuizaKoyegarri Aileni
Kolona MezamiSinma Kugozo

Choosing Your Own Berserker Names?

Berserker names are hugely popular these days for their antique royal vibe. They are unique and will help you gain a distinct identity. Choosing Berserker names for your own might be the best decision you have ever taken. These names represent so much more than just being fearless. The names hold a certain power that will help create a distinguishable identity for yourself.

However, keep names that suit your personality in the best way. To make the name more meaningful, it might also represent an idea of something you are aiming to become in the future. 

Now, grab a look at the following list of names given below!

Sulida FalikhIkia Inez
Jiha GuikonAbezi Drenric
Uiloia VihaRagili Myritira
Jiha GueraDrebali Obuzo
Drelda MalhiSukti Misra
Falakhi MehzanTuil Kinra
Koyesdia DrikariIrjam Jiha
Falazi HorezisiJujhika Silka
Soklaz FalatonDrajnmi Fari
Kobira KoyezinRanirez Dirham
Toiki TumroAludi Fanemo
Taliki AzirezMizak Jihan

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