650+ Fictional City Names List [Cool & Catchy]

Being a traveler I had traveled to a lot of cities. Few cities are amazingly beautiful and from others, I learned about different cultures and traditions. But, at the end of the day I spend time watching animated movies, fictional characters and cities. Few of the fictional city names I liked the most along with a few that I have created are the New Chestnut, Eldham, White Town, Wavemeet, Hirtas Villas, Old Babbler, and Cromer.

The story\’s plot revolved around a haunted country, so I suggested some mind-boggling fictional city names to help make the story more engaging.

When I realized fictional city names can be very useful, to make a writing piece more effective, I did some research on them and came up with the following names. If you are also someone looking for the same, this article can greatly help you.

Cool And Catchy Fictional City Names

My friend used cool and catchy fictional city names for her story because she observed that kids are more attracted to such words. After a long day of studying boring and mundane textbooks, they need something which is fun to read and takes away their attention.

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Some of the cool and catchy fictional city names she used were Seabrook, Potoroso, and Mos Espa.

If you want a list of cool and catchy fictional city names here is a list of them all!

Hirtas VillasFairKuntehlyOlive
New GrasslandsOrchard SquarePohrkosWehnthor
DiamondBrilfaxUpper GhyllxosTown of Eva
Marys TownKendra TownJiadukIvy
AuburnSlahtharAsh VilleNosar Town
Port GendarTangerine TownPendulineRaven
Peach PinkBegtuokOld BabblerIvyaki
WaehrOpal BerrySmewNaar
Old Town JovizSummer TownOld LyptakOlin Town
Gale TownPetalWallux TownRohir
Mystic RedHeroesvilleMint VilleCharles Town
Eastern TrinzallAntykla TownYorkAgnes Hill

Unique And Amazing Fictional City Names

While writing a story, it is the author\’s job to think like a reader also and add elements that would satisfy their readers. My friend asked me for help here. So I realized as much as cool and catchy fictional city names were a good idea, unique and amazing fictional city names also are.

So I suggested here some of them, which she also used in her story very creatively. The ones I suggested according to the story are Chepstow, Candyville, and Kafeiville, these are the show stellers but if you are interested in more here is a list below.


Pristine HillsCreeksvilleTown of Ashby
IngenueFelicity TownValentinaville
AkrasiaLily TownLucca
ElysianRipple HillsDavina
Sereina SquareNeo TownAmethyst

Small Town Name Ideas

The story revolved around a country and there are big as well as small cities in the country. The names need to be creative enough to let the author differentiate between the both from reading the names themselves.

The story needs to seem real for the reader to create a well-defined image in his mind when he reads, it helps the reader to enjoy the story even more when he can relate to it.

The small town names that were used in the story were Stucca, Tawny Fields, Modest Lane, Small Jewel, and Little Mill. These are some of the best but if you need more and want to explore the options here is a list of small-town name ideas.

Old Bright WellOld Ghouls’ TownBiorno Town
HaxvilleNeo TownDeep Lake Town
Solaris SquareFusionvilleHillsideTown
Great Hill TownNew Xiah TownBartons Town
Berry KnoxCentral Grove TownDelphine Town
Ephemeral TownLumina TownTown of Ashby
Nadir TownRetsluv TownPetal Town
Mandarin SquareLady Korea TownTwig Ville
Clioville TownPanacea TownDexiva Town

Made-Up City Names

A reader when starts to read a book he starts living in a fictional world. The writer has the power to create any world that he desires to create. From writing the plots to making new names of fictional cities, characters, and various other elements.

Kids are especially interested in m=fictional city names which are made up because it gives them a chance to wander outside reality. Using this reasoning I suggested to my friend a few made-up city names which are Lushly, Networked City, Nexicity, Landward, and Spillaluna.

These names added so much more fun to the story and made it much more interesting than before.

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If you want to know more made-up city names, here is a list below for that!


LemzilvilleIvyaki TownOld Evergreen
EldervilleFusionvilleZyron’s Village
Brushwind VillageVaulinhorn TownNew Xiah
Old Town SycamoreLingmellApolline Village
Azalea VillageVihnlox TownYellow Garden Village
Kraniya TownCharles TownOld Town Kiko
Ahe VillageBeggar’s HoleTaziz Town
Taffir TownGentle MorningsGreat Oaks Village
Lily TownCerulea VillageOld Lucia

Creepy Fictional City Names

A horror story needs some creepy elements. It can get really difficult to find out creepy fictional city names for a story. This is what happened to my friend while writing the story. She had to name the antagonist cities and there is when she got writer\’s block.

So, I was there for her rescue and suggested her some very creepy names, and she picked the final name from my suggestions. The ones I suggested to her are Dark Lane, The Shire, Horrid Blooms, Deadwood, Strangewaters, and Sludgeville.

My favorite amongst these is Strangewaters because it lets the reader easily create an image of a creepy fictional city and leads to believe that it is the antagonist city. But my friend liked Deadwood so she used it. If you want more options, here is a list of creepy fictional city names for you!

GhosfortDexiva TownPyrehelm
WearmoureHalcyon TownBanemoure

Futuristic City Names

It gets very difficult at times to come up with futuristic city names. But as a writer, my friend imagines what the futuristic cities would look like, tall buildings with mind-blowing technology, flying cars, etc.

Once she was done imagining them all she tried to think of futuristic city names and came up with some which are Martslock, Jedburgh, Panshaw, and Cardended. These were some of them. If you are interested in more, I am attaching a list for you!


GoblinTerra SanctaVelves
Middle EasternsLumenKillcade
Orcish CityRosityMabikiken
RomanUpper HivesShintengoku
Sky CityHestiaKita-Megatawā

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. What is a fictional city?

A fictional city is a city that exists only in the imagination and is not real. It may be created for a book, movie, video game, or other form of media.

2. Can I visit a fictional city?

No, fictional cities cannot be visited as they do not exist in reality.

3. Are there any well-known fictional cities?

Yes, many fictional cities have gained popularity through various forms of media. Examples include Metropolis from Superman, Gotham City from Batman, and Midgar from Final Fantasy VII.

4. What are the benefits of creating a fictional city?

Creating a fictional city allows for limitless creative freedom and the ability to imagine and build a city without the constraints of reality.

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