Top 100 Most Popular and Unique Hacker Names

I always wondered about the working of hackers. They have amazing skills to crack the codes and their creativity of generating new names, Hats off! (I am the one who forgets the password of my mail id.) I was going through the hacker names and collected a few to use as usernames for my different accounts. Oblivion (0BL1V10N), Crunchy DOOM, Wolf (W0LF), Oddity (0DD17Y), Quad (QU4D), Phobia (PH0B14), Nix (N1X), Saber (54B3R), Infinity (1NF1N17Y), and Green Monkey.

Unique Hacker Usernames 

Do you know, hacking is not a sin as is portrayed in recent times? And there are in total seven types of hackers, namely, white hat, black hat, grey hat, blue hat, red hat, green hat, and script kiddies. White hat hackers are legal hackers who strengthen the security of faulty systems. On the other hand, black hat hackers use illegal ways to harass others.

But, then, Grey hat hackers are a mixture of white hat and black hat hackers. They use illegal methods of hacking with the intent of betterment. And scary ones are  Red hat hackers are considered the most dangerous type in the hacking world. They hack out of past grudges or some predetermined cause. But, luckily there are relaxed Green hat hackers as well.

They are the ones who are just starting in the digital world of hacking. They are completely new and unknown to the technologies and techniques of hacking. And the blue hat hackers are bug fixed. Many big corporations and multinational companies hire these hackers to find and fix bugs in their systems.   

So, which ones are you? Decide, and get the right username for yourself too from my too-good-to-be-true list of hacker usernames. 


Anger PayloadReverse (R3V3R53)Voodoo (V00D00)Reverse (R3V3R53)
Melomy BrutalParadox (P4R4D0X)Frog SurferParadox (P4R4D0X)
Chaos (CH405)Mongoose (M0N60053)Ray (R4Y)Mongoose (M0N60053)
Visage (V15463)Gaping Hole of RAGEStalker (574LK3R)Gaping Hole of RAGE

Hacking Names From Movies  

Hacking is one of the things that the movies glorify. Somehow these technology freaks seem so cool on the big screen. And we often get very fascinated by movie characters. We try to be like them, talk like them, and that persona. Many hacking movies are even based on true incidents. Illegal or legal, these movies do intrigue me.

In the digital world, there is a hacker attack every 35 seconds. The most famous hacking documentary, my personal favorite, was We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks made in 2013. Adrian Lamo is still considered the greatest hacker who introduced hacking to the whole world. 

Do you want a hacking name for yourself to look as cool as the ones in movies? Take a look at the detailed list of hackers from movies I have created.

Fluke (FLUK3)Swamp RageKevin MitnickSwamp Rage
Time TurkeyYarn DOOMQuake (QU4K3)Yarn DOOM
Crunchy BobbyElder BallNighthawk (N16H7H4WK)Elder Ball
Flash (FL45H)PhilosobobbyChimera (CH1M3R4)Philosobobby

Cool Hacker Names From Books 

Literature has a name for covering the coolest hackers of all time. Books have captured the other side of the hacking world and introduced us to it. Most books of these types have explained in detail the hacking culture. Who doesn’t like a good hacking story?

If you are a book lover you must have come across one or two books of this kind. I am sure you have loved the book since a hacker story never fails to grab our interest. You deserve to have the coolest hacker names! Check out the list of hacker names, from the books, below. 

Weeping QuakeAvatar (4V474R)Fight DrillAvatar (4V474R)
Trix (7R1X)Gaping Hole of SURFERGAPING HOLE OFBOOMGaping Hole of SURFER
Shepherd (5H3PH3RD)Answer (4N5W3R)Duckling (DUCKL1N6)Answer (4N5W3R)
Shoulder BobbyTorpedo (70RP3D0)Ace (4C3)Torpedo (70RP3D0)

Famous Hacker Names 

Hacking news is all over the world in recent times. You will be familiar with famous hacker names from real life or stories if you have any interest in hacking. Hackers are anyway famous for their ability to keep the digital world safe and secure. Even the names of the hackers who like to misuse this ability to assault or harass individuals and organizations are known. They often change or expose their confidential information to the world. 

Aspect (45P3C7)Streak (57R34K)Aqua (4QU4)Streak (57R34K)
Hammer TurkeyAFTERBOOMLightning (L16H7N1N6)AFTERBOOM
Absence (4B53NC3)Eternity (373RN17Y)Void (V01D)Eternity (373RN17Y)
Griffin (6R1FF1N)AfterraptorDer ClubAfterraptor

Names For Hackers From TV Series

TV series is famously known to have featured hacker stories in history. My absolute favorite series is ‘Mr. Robot’. Elliot Alderson, the hacker from the series, is one of my favorite hacker characters of all time.  

We often see in the series that most teenage boys start out hacking with their personal computers and turn into vicious hackers. Apart from the stereotypical showcasing, there have been many series featured with female hackers too. 

Are you someone who is starting with hacking or finding an interest in the hacking world? Check out the list of hacker names from famous TV series.

Griffin (6R1FF1N)AfterraptorDer ClubAfterraptor
Skipper (5K1PP3R)DRCLUBBaronraptorDRCLUB
Rain MuttCatch-22 (C47CH-22)Blade (BL4D3)Onyx (0NYX)
Haze (H4Z3)Sentinel (53N71N3L)Sunshine (5UN5H1N3)Morgana (M0R64N4)

Hacker Group Names

Hackers are present online anonymously. There are very few individual hackers, they mainly work in groups. Among the seven kinds of hackers, red hat hackers are considered the critical nemesis of the hacking world.  They are so dangerous that they mostly function in groups. 

If you think you have a cool group of friends who also take interest in hacking then do check the hacker group names listed below!


Hammer TurkeyAFTERBOOMLightning (L16H7N1N6)AFTERBOOM
Absence (4B53NC3)Eternity (373RN17Y)Void (V01D)Eternity (373RN17Y)
Griffin (6R1FF1N)AfterraptorDer ClubAfterraptor
Skipper (5K1PP3R)DRCLUBBaronraptorDRCLUB


  • Which name is best for a hacker?

The Maker, Drake, Bite, Phantom, Frog Nugget, Magical Eagle, Riddle are few good names of hackers.

  • Who is the 1 hacker in the world?

Kevin Mitnick, Albert Gonzalez, Jonathan James, Anonymous, ASTRA, Adrian Lamo, Michael Calce, Kevin Poulsen are the best hackers.

  • Who is a legendary hacker?

Kevin Mitnick is considered as a legendary hacker.

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