5 Easy Shed Upgrades to Improve Your Backyard Space

If you own a shed in your backyard, you can convert it into a usable living space where you can grow things, work on craft projects, create a study area, music room, or a relaxing place to hang out. 

It doesn’t take a design expert to make your shed more comfortable and stylish. Whether you want to create a practical workspace or a cozy retreat, we’ve rounded up five ways to upgrade your shed. 


1. Install Solar Panels 

With a shed solar panel kit, you can add a power source to your shed without the hassle of routing electrical wires to your house. The panels absorb the sun’s energy and route it to your appliances, such as stereo systems, electric saws, coffee makers, lamps, refrigerators, etc. 

Installing solar panels will help you save money on your energy bills, especially if you use high-energy power tools. We recommend looking for portable solar panels since it’s usually enough to meet your power needs for a single shed. It’s cost-effective and offers flexibility allowing you to reposition the panels as needed to maximize sun exposure. 

2. Paint Your Woodshed 

Give your shed a new look with a fresh coat of paint inside and outside. Since these outdoor structures are quite small, they will generally be a quick paint job you can finish over the weekend. 

Painting your shed protects it from outside elements like sun, wind, and rain. It serves as a barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating the wood, which would cause decay or rot. 

3. Add AC and Heating 

In mild climates, you might only need proper insulation. However, installing an air conditioner and heater for extreme temperatures is highly beneficial. If you use your shed as a workspace, a comfortable climate-controlled environment will help you be more productive while you work. 

If you like to grow indoor plants, you’ll want an AC system to monitor the conditions to ensure the optimal temperature to preserve their quality and prolong their lifespan. 

4. Install a Skylight Window 

A skylight window in your shed allows you to receive much-needed sunlight and moonlight into your space. It can brighten and add natural lighting to your shed, making it a more relaxing and livable space. Skylight windows can let in the fresh air, so you can shut the door and enjoy some privacy. 

5. Set Up Decor and Plants 

Convert your space into a pleasant living area by incorporating decor and plants. One way is to add a vine on a wall or shed porch to grow into nearby surfaces and create a garden-like effect. Growing indoor plants can also keep the air fresh and add color to your room. 

Wrapping It Up 

With these tips, you can turn your backyard into a cozy haven. A well-maintained shed can immediately add value to your home and provide practical utility for your backyard space. 

Whether you need a comfortable workspace or more storage space, upgrading your shed can help create the ideal environment. 

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