799+Best Catchy And Cool Kalashtar Names Ideas

We totally agree that coming up with Catchy And Cool Kalashtar Names Ideas for your ideal character can be a pretty troublesome task. But now it is not if you follow this blog!

Combine your current ideas with that of this article’s information and suggestions to come up with some mind-blowing kalashtar names.  

So, why delay, let\’s explore!

All About Kalashtars

Kalashtars are a hybrid race of psychic species who are originally humans but have been intertwined with the spirit of quori.

Certainly, a kalashtar name can be chosen depending on various beliefs and factors of their culture.

Keeping in mind the same, let us share the very first list of Eberron kalashtar names:

Capital CatchyFireball AndCracked AndKalashtarprism
Verse NamesCoolyaStellar NamesDivide Kalashtar
Push AndMinotaur CatchyEnjoy AndMagenta Names
Scribe CatchyEditor AndKalashtarxDisclosure And
Stargazer AndEnjoy KalashtarTribe KalashtarAccord Kalashtar
Scoot CoolKalashtarneticPower NamesLift Catchy
Sprite CatchyKalashtarqueTrust CoolStellar And
Tide CoolPraise CoolChampion CoolInspire Kalashtar
Novel NamesCatchyyaProsper NamesTact Names
Magna CatchySage AndDiscover CatchyLime Names
Sapient NamesLoop AndCatchyadoKalashtarster
Crowd CatchyWise CoolAtomic CoolNamoryx
Phantom CatchyCoollyShadow CatchyShadow And
AnddeckTrigger CatchyRide AndIgnite Names
AndifyCrypt KalashtarBlueprint AndFlow Catchy
Variety CoolNambesVoice AndBam Names
CoolnestWraith NamesSpirit CatchyNamhut
Stellar KalashtarNamisticProject CatchyZealous And
Flow AndCoolneticHorizon NamesCracked Cool
Sanguine AndNamquePraise CatchyWisdom Kalashtar
CatchyaholicZealous CatchyFlow NamesSpring Kalashtar
Wisdom CatchyLynx CoolAssure CoolChange And
NamologySpirit KalashtarColossal KalashtarMammoth Cool
Sprout AndTenacious CoolDivide CatchyAssure Kalashtar
Tact CoolCapital CoolPhalanx NamesAssembly Names
Catchy And Cool Kalashtar Names Ideas
  • Sovivei
  • Creivestro
  • Dolkna
  • Danari
  • Namelk
  • Kharath
  • Cetolk
  • Tenhareth
  • Ithashavast
  • Besonanil
  • Gerilk
  • Sanarukril
  • Deze
  • Uyniewo
  • Lolus
  • Qori
  • Keykosh
  • Mevamore
  • Vorildran
  • Hera
  • Henari
  • Kariros
  • Bevaiss
  • Tone
  • Kheshin
  • Gonari
  • Ghokazeis
  • Wahyivhysh
  • Ziziejohash
  • Ghokosh
  • Sishara
  • Doldad
  • Dalavash
  • Khowunt
  • Utshalto
  • Xoksoshkava
  • Zenath
  • Vovosh
  • Tivakri
  • Gansashrash
  • Vawtara
  • Khiyin
  • Dohed
  • Dalyamhona
  • Chashameth
  • Maykhad
  • Jatari
  • Heweghelad
  • Ghimos
  • Barreth
  • Takresh
  • Suvi
  • Giziulad
  • Detara

Now, shortlisted some?

We know, even you would like to know the insights first so you could set your name selection criteria.

And that being said, let\’s know more!

Kalashtars Name Ideas Basis Belief System

To give you a detailed idea about Kalashtars, informing who Kalashtars are and their features is the foremost thing to be done.

  1. As mentioned above, Kalashtars are a race of creatures in the Ebbron realm who are formed by the union of humanity and spirits of quori. They are also often haunted by the spirits of other worlds at certain times.
  1. They have vigorous power in spirituality and can communicate to spirits through emotions, instincts and often see them in their dreams. This is why they have resistance to any sort of psychic damage.

Now with the information provided above, we hope you can focus better on coming up with Kalashtar dnd names. But first, let\’s check the perfect Kalashtar name list:

Accord KalashtarMagna AndSanguine CatchyRedux Cool
Omni NamesDynamo AndCerberus KalashtarScribe Kalashtar
Trust KalashtarBravo KalashtarNovel AndBam Kalashtar
Assure NamesApex CoolRave AndArrowhead And
Spark CatchyTribe CoolSprite KalashtarLoud Cool
Cabal KalashtarBrainy CoolSpirit NamesOmni Kalashtar
Domino CoolSpecter NamesPhantom CatchyVerse Names
Jam KalashtarDart CoolVerse CoolCrimson Catchy
Saga KalashtarPraise CatchyHype CoolLimitless Kalashtar
Lift CatchyVortex CatchyStorm CoolProject Catchy
Storm KalashtarLime NamesComplex KalashtarParachute Names
Wave CatchySpring NamesSprite NamesVibe Cool
Praise KalashtarMinotaur CoolDisclosure CoolVortex And
Vibe KalashtarLift CoolAtomic AndWise And
Divide AndVisionary CatchyZeal AndShadow Catchy
Phalanx KalashtarSanguine AndShout CatchySprightly And
Ark CatchyHorizon KalashtarDart KalashtarRise Catchy
Broadcast AndJam AndSage NamesPush And
Sprout AndEditor NamesSplit AndPlug Cool
Shout AndPlay AndVibe NamesShare Kalashtar
Master AndVibe CatchySaga NamesPraise Cool
Insight NamesVisionary KalashtarBlackout AndLoop Cool
Dash KalashtarTrust CatchyChange AndPhalanx Cool
Loud CoolMajor CatchyIgnite KalashtarRide Kalashtar
Dare AndVariety KalashtarCapital AndInspire And
Catchy And Cool Kalashtar Names Ideas
  • Senosh
  • Khashana
  • Culad
  • Khorvakri
  • Khornari
  • Qornavastro
  • Hinoulad
  • Kezokha
  • Ghuns
  • Chinari
  • Hidala
  • Chaze
  • Bildens
  • Dovkavestro
  • Turi
  • Kazaishara
  • Nokosh
  • Tashtai
  • Vizamins
  • Ithsoteth
  • Levogil
  • Chaykhad
  • Uvraka
  • Covitin
  • Morish
  • Lalalk
  • Chazkhad
  • Nonari
  • Vakhath
  • Cevaulad
  • Ghamelk
  • Bema
  • Sostash
  • Mostara
  • Maroashtai
  • Mulad
  • Khoyil
  • Wuktimeth
  • Leriulad
  • Nazanezeid
  • Nulent
  • Toloishara
  • Dekrath
  • Khon
  • Nehis
  • Koyolralk
  • Bulde
  • Sithsa
  • Ghanigul
  • Nirihe
  • Zazaishara
  • Naweshtavians
  • Girad
  • Chinenes
  • Cashtai

Kalashtar Male Names

Kalashtar names consist of a suffix and a prefix and the foremost one indicates the name of the spirit. Even though each spirit has a gender identity, this might not be identical to that of the characters. Here are some ideas that can help you come up with male names.

  1. By the blend of the suffix which is the Kalashtar spirit name and the personal prefix, a name is formed. So use the suffix as a constant syllable or a group of syllables and intermix it with your creative set of prefixes as you wish.
  1. Don’t use more than 3-4 syllables as it becomes hard to memorise and pronounce. Characters that have a short yet catchy name are always the ones to hit the jackpot.
  1. You can also use the kalashtar name generator to skip the skelter and helter of coming up with names. This generator will provide you with random auto-generated creative sets of kalashtar names.

By applying the above-mentioned ideas, you can surely come up with your ideal name for your character. For an easy start, we have already prepared a list of random things to help you choose one.

Stream KalashtarBlackout AndFuze KalashtarChampion Names
Honor KalashtarSurge CoolVibe NamesNovel Cool
Hype CoolSpirit CoolPlay KalashtarDaydream Kalashtar
Verse CatchyCrowd AndAssembly NamesProsper Cool
Muse KalashtarSpark CoolFireball NamesOutlet Cool
Muse CatchyComplex NamesVerse KalashtarBravo And
Phalanx CoolTrigger KalashtarTrigger NamesSaga Catchy
Arrowhead CatchyWise NamesEditor NamesCrowd Catchy
Dime CoolRide CoolOutlet NamesMix And
Catalyst CoolLime NamesTribe AndDash Catchy
Phantom AndSaga CoolLynx CoolProject Kalashtar
Rise AndPower CoolProject AndNovel And
Mass CatchyInside KalashtarFlight KalashtarDomino Kalashtar
Bold NamesEdition NamesPulse CoolAssure Names
Spotlight KalashtarMinotaur AndCrypt CoolSapient Cool
Edition AndSanguine CatchyApex AndPush Cool
Loop CatchyAware AndTact AndCerberus Cool
Champion CatchyLoud AndTribe CoolCracked And
Praise CoolStargazer NamesParachute NamesSprightly Names
Magenta NamesPlay CatchyChange KalashtarDisclosure Kalashtar
Bravo KalashtarMade CatchyTrident AndStellar And
Bravo CoolPoint KalashtarInsight CatchyInsight And
Cracked KalashtarDynamo NamesEnjoy KalashtarFlow Kalashtar
Spirit CatchyMagnolia CoolRedux AndApex Catchy
Minotaur KalashtarStance NamesCrimson AndSpark And
Catchy And Cool Kalashtar Names Ideas
  • Bolaishara
  • Ghoviulad
  • Varuvi
  • Cayiulad
  • Dasiralk
  • Lesnari
  • Hatari
  • Khons
  • Dakheth
  • Berun
  • Zoweulad
  • Leyishith
  • Loyhareth
  • Pat
  • Hedreint
  • Movedess
  • MelaisharaGalint
  • Gurrains
  • Gashash
  • Taytara
  • Choyinaldilk
  • Mervakri
  • Moshtont
  • Sekhuns
  • Lazildrai
  • Jixtivestri
  • Nothnametht
  • Chowirri
  • Zeraashalto
  • Tritana
  • Savakri
  • Valeizozi
  • Aenabeebi
  • Otimeth
  • Ivkavastri
  • KixhiefhathFohefyth
  • Havohos
  • Lashtai
  • Chelnari
  • Bezulk
  • Nerava
  • Tiroulad
  • Meshareth
  • LorishodrenKhulad
  • Lonesh
  • Monkhad
  • Cini
  • Corint
  • Nalden
  • Cheviulad
  • Havestri
  • Deshent
  • Khokre

Now for someone who is looking for female or spiritual kalashtar names, we have got your back here as well.

Now, follow the upcoming section for your other ideas!

Kalashtar Names Female

As discussed above, Kalashtar names primarily are created on the basis of suffixes and prefixes irrespective of the gender identity of the spirits. Take a look at the points below to get the concept of female names.

  • Female kalashtar names are prepared using the same way as male names are done. No matter what the gender identity of the spirit is, a female kalashtar might have a name with a suffix of masculine gender if her spirit is of the same sex. So you can use the same method of intermixing some random female prefixes with that of the suffix.
  • You can also gather some insightful information from reddit by browsing kalashtar names reddit to gain exact information. You can find relevant information that can ultimately help you decide some catchy names.
  • Kalashtars are known to be compassionate species with high spiritual powers. Now names that reflect the same vibe i.e attributes of high psychic abilities and magnificent behavioural patterns can be considered significant here.

Now with the information being provided, you can use the aforementioned to eventually come up with your own name by just a little brainstorming. However, we have prepared a list of names that can solve your purpose for now.

Tact NamesDaydream KalashtarWraith CoolJam Names
Atomic NamesVortex KalashtarInspire AndMaster Kalashtar
Publish KalashtarCabal CoolCapital CatchyCatalyst Catchy
Shadow NamesOmni AndClick KalashtarRise And
Change CoolVariety CoolEnjoy NamesDiscover Kalashtar
Sprightly AndSpecter KalashtarDare CatchySpring Kalashtar
Novel KalashtarSpotlight KalashtarSerendipity KalashtarTact Catchy
Domino KalashtarInsight CatchyPlug NamesSprightly Catchy
Cerberus CoolAssure KalashtarStance CatchyApex Names
Bravo CatchyJam CoolScoot CoolLoop Kalashtar
Spring NamesSapient CatchyCause CatchyIgnite And
Dash NamesPlay CatchyCore KalashtarVariety Names
Shadow CatchyHow CatchyFireball NamesBravo Cool
Tide CoolFlight CatchyAssembly CatchyColossal Names
Aware NamesRedux KalashtarTrust KalashtarStream And
Atomic CoolBold CoolScribe CatchyPublish Names
Arrowhead NamesStellar KalashtarDivide NamesStargazer Kalashtar
Ride AndZeal NamesDivide CatchyDaydream And
Spring CatchyZealous KalashtarShare AndStorm Cool
Blueprint AndStargazer CatchySpotlight AndPower Kalashtar
Scoot KalashtarVariety KalashtarStorm AndAssembly Cool
Daydream AndVerse AndCrypt CatchySpark Catchy
Complex AndShadow CatchyCause AndMass Kalashtar
Prosper AndLift KalashtarVerse NamesRide Names
Dart CatchyMyst KalashtarRise CatchyCrypt Cool
Catchy And Cool Kalashtar Names Ideas
  • Chasoghazi
  • Celokon
  • Hozvakri
  • Zevudre
  • Levishashal
  • Zazoashana
  • Dodiulsd
  • Kaskashtai
  • Gheraront
  • Bovoshtolash
  • Mavastri
  • Wetnarath
  • ShiovakriRaroulad
  • Moyoashana
  • Lildrilk
  • Dizamirral
  • Tenai
  • Bheltarishs
  • Leyvakri
  • Yhyelilum
  • Gatara
  • Taze
  • Tesens
  • Chomelk
  • Livakri
  • Gishara
  • Gikram
  • Sizel
  • Zavnari
  • Taneshe
  • Bozeta
  • Vavituned
  • Ghavaliash
  • Khevidarre
  • Lenulesh
  • Ulamel
  • Saseshirris
  • Ghuss
  • Gortara
  • Doyvakri
  • Ta Kiss
  • Hovvakri
  • Mavsovestri
  • Vosevo
  • Zulil
  • Kalimeth
  • Vegi
  • Saltitari
  • Moshtalk
  • Venoashtai
  • Cavakri
  • Laldalk

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kalashtar Have Surnames?

Kalashtars generally don’t have surnames. Since Kalashtar names are based on their inner quori, they take the name of their dream spirits as a suffix which is already included in their names.

 Do Kalashtar Eyes Glow?

Although Kalashtars appear to be human, they have possession of high spiritual powers which affects them in a lot of ways. One of the prominent ones is the glow of their eyes when they are focused or expressing strong emotions and instincts.

Do Quori Have Names?

Quoris definitely have names since the Kalashtars are named after their dream spirits or quori. Some of the common quori spirit names are Derra, Ghas, Nere, Ozen, Reth, Shara, Tai, etc, and so on.


Kalashtars in general aren’t born with spirits and cannot even communicate with them directly. However, they can communicate to them through emotions, instincts and can also see them in their dreams.

Final Words

Creating a kalashtar name on your own can be genuinely a troublesome task for you to do. Therefore we have tried to provide you with all the information and ideas in a curated format that you might require to create a kalashtar name. Remember the basics and just brainstorm different prefixes to come up with your own favorite name! Good luck!

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