150+ Catchy & Unique Medical Shop Names

While there is a chance that other business ideas might not work out, but if you are planning on opening a medical shop or a pharmacy, it\’s sure to outshine all business, and soon you will be making a truckload of profit!

Two things in the world will continue no matter what, one, food; so any food-related business is going to be a grand success, and the next is health. As long as the human race is alive, health and that too good health will be a primary concern. In that light, the role played by a pharmacy can never be ignored. 

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Recovery Mod PharmacyMixlabPremier Long Term Care PharmPride Pharmacy
Brennen Drugs CoTru ScriptThriftway PharmacyGen Prescription
PharmanicModern Health PointPasteurGastroen Diagno
Discount DrugsFriends & Family PharmacyHealthy PharmacyMedify
18 Pharmacy IncBest Care PharmacyWell Blend PharmaHahnemann Medico
DentoCare Medical PointSkylineSexo Consulting PointPharma Foundation
MediCasaFruth PharmacyPharmacy ChannelMediGood
WellworksBioplus SpecialtyGrand MedicineIHC Pharmacy
Central RxSimple MedsThe Pill ClubSyngex Drugs
BeSure PharmacyUnion Center PharmacyLouis and Clark DrugAtlas Drugs

The healthcare industry is recently going through some changes which are affecting its offerings and business process. To manage the overheads, many business owners are looking into horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions.

This shift is making way for enhanced collaboration and is also leading to programs that are targeted towards cost-cutting. 

If that sounds lucrative to you, then setting up a pharmacy may not be a bad idea. However, in addition to a foolproof business plan, you will require a few name ideas, and here are a few of those. 

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Medicine Shop Name


Since there are many medical shops in the market, here are a few names that can help you stand out. 

Duane ReadeThryo ExpertiseFirst Hill PharmacyDrug Blend
Medicines To MidnightCedra PharmacyAlpina Pharmacy INCRevco Discount Drugs
Rejuvva DrugsFleming PharmaAssured DrugMaplewood Pharmacy
Jaros PharmacyRebirth PharmacyAliva PrescriptionGeneration Pharmacy
Little SproutCenter PharmacyXpress Lane PharmacyCherry Street Pharmacy
Grand HealthHudson SquarePharma BestNuCare Pharmacy
Northwest PharmacySmart Recovery Point PharmacyStayiessSkyline
Rocky’s DrugBeyond HealthifyExpress Food & PharmacyHopify Drug
Publix PharmacyClassified PharmacyPacific MedicalWindsor Pharmacy
90th Street PharmacyWellwiseFamily Drug MartHealthy Floyds

 Independent Pharmacy Names

Planning to start something on our own? Let your business name reflect your ideas. Some Good & Best gnome names

New London PharmacyPharma StreetSpot RxDahls Pharmacy
278 PharmacyHealthicoDiscount EmporiumRefillWise
Gastrogen PharmaWellness CraftAll Health PharmacyLife Pharmacy
Health ChemistNet PharmacyDakota DrugMedEasy living
City DrugGlobe PharmacyOutpatient PharmacyNutrico
Health Power HouseSureMediTrulyEffecto PillsLifeshave Pharmacy
The Rx AdvocatesWellbeingDrug LoftHuman care and beyond
Pavilions PharmacyReliable PharmacyABC PharmacyArrow Pharmacy
Heart Medical ShopFlorraxMedilane PharmacyCare Community Pharmacy
Marsh Drug StoreMed-X DrugRobust pharmacyUrgent

How To Choose Cool Medical Shop Names

To come up with healthcare company name ideas, you need to take a close look at your competitors and understand what logic have they used to name their business. Your mission is similar- understanding that logic and then using it to come up with a better name that will help you survive in the market. 

Brainstorm For Ideas

Make a list of all the names that you like. However, while making this list, be sure of the goals that you have in mind.

Make a five-year plan to make things easy. Do not delete any name in this stage. It\’s all about collecting the name that you like. However, do select names that are unique and easy to remember. 

Use A Pharmacy Name Generator


Once you have shortlisted a few names, it\’s important to make sure that it has not been taken or booked. For that, using a name generator can be a good idea. You can also take inspiration from the names that you find in the generator, however, do not copy the names from there.

Care Pharmacy HastingsFamily Fare PharmacyLifezestPill Pack
Avalon ChemistsHealth WarehouseHealth Element MedicalMediserv
MobiFast PharmaIngles MarketsPeople Choice PharmacyWalgreens
Gem DrugsWellbeing ComponentIntegra PharmacyBest Care Medical
Pharmacy DirectAlly ScriptsIvan PharmacyGenovese Drug Store
Hopify PharmaBuy-Rite PharmacyKeystone PharmacyRxtra
Royal Care PharmacySmart PharmacyNeighborcareStanley’s Pharmacy
Sand Point PharmacyAssuro PharmacyKings PharmacyRecovery Door
Urgent PharmacyHealthDirectRandalls Food & DrugIDL Drug Stores
CapsuleDowntown PharmacyGood Neighbor PharmacyEastlake Pharmacy

You do not want your business to shadow the business model of your competitor, and certainly, you do not want your customers to think in that way either. 

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Suggestions For Friends And Family

While you do your research to find out ideal names, asking your friends and family for suggestions may be a good idea as well. Many a time, they come up with interesting names that are unique and credible. 


Competitor Analysis

To survive the steep competition in this business, you have to analyze the models that your competitors have used. Only then can you come up with better names? However, do not try mixing names to come up with new ones. Most often such names make no sense and look like jumbled words. (Also Choose Spice Shop Names)


While naming your medical store, make sure you select small unique names that are easy to read and recall. You want your customers to remember your shop name while they are buying medical supplies, keeping a confusing name will not meet that criterion. So, select a  name that can outshine your competitors! All the best!


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