150+ Cool & Catchy Spice Shop Names

If you are considering opening a spice business, then it might turn out to be lucrative in the long run. Around the world, especially in the UAE, the spice business is considered one of the most profitable business options. Know More About record lebel names

You need not own a shop all the time, a home-based spice business can also function well if it’s marketed and served well. One way of marketing the business is by dealing in spices that are used in the local cuisine. (Also Choose Best Pillow Company Name Ideas)

As our lifestyles have changed, our food habits have altered as well. The buying power of people has increased and likewise, the spice they use in their food has also changed. 


Spice is an important ingredient in any recipe as the taste of the food depends to a great extent depends on the type of species being used in it. To that end, not only are spices important, they are exotic and a crucial ingredient for the food industry.

This makes it all the more essential to start a spice business. However, to shine bright in the spice market, you need the right business name, and here are a few options. 

Spice Shop Names

Since spices have a lot of health benefits they have been important since ancient times. In ancient times, people would apply spice paste to cure various ailments and diseases, and some of them are even effective today.

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Spice Shop Names

For instance, cloves or clove oil can be used to cure toothache. Though they are grandma recipes they still work and starting a spice business will give you a benefit there. 

Spicy velvetBlack & spicypeppa PepLayleville Spices
Dorian SpicesFlavicaVirgoliss SpicesMc Cormick & Co
MintyFloraStefanie SpicesPreumaSpicesGoodMade
DwenFest SpicesThe Great American Spice CompanyJoy SpicesCassa Pierre
NatureTHriveSuperiya SpicesCalder SpicesNaturePIck
RoyalShire SpicesImperiaNatuLive SpicesCoda
ObekoSurespiceAlison SpicesRhythm
Rocky Mountain Spice CompanyBeneVivaceQuintus
PepperSmithFlaviaTastySignPacific Spice Company, Inc.
SkaSuperfresh SpicesHaveAll SpicesMoo

Things To Consider While Selecting Spice Business Names

Naming a spice business, like any other business requires a bit of research. But no matter what you do, the following two factors might find its way into your naming process. 

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Creative Names

No matter what you do, make sure that your spice business name is creative. This is the most important factor that one should keep in mind while leaping to get this particular business started. 

Spice Shop Names
MagnumJoySpiceMc Clancy SeasoningsMcCormick & Company
Ultymate SpicesKing’sBronson SpicesFiona Spices
GreenEthicsPrimaOrga baySpecify
Simply tastyMc, MummenNature Blum SpicesChill
SpiceTranceGreenVibeAlton SpicesThe Great tasty
NatureWaveSpiceMaster SpicesFlemben SpicesBlissStar Spices
Spice Huthappy listRehan Spices CorporationSpicy Wind
TooTastySpicesMaceo SpiceAltisMajestix Spices
ZydecoEastertly SpicesCassaDalesDayBreak Spices
Fuchs North America IncSupremecyNatureGramhomePride

Attractive Names

The name that you select must be attractive enough to draw the attention of the crowd, thereby helping you to stand out. However, while selecting the names, make sure you do not copy from anywhere. Tasty tiki bar names

CappacaleZelssyGrandma’s HouseMonterey Bay Spice
TroyTrail SpicesKitchen QuestPickberrySpices USA Inc
JoyJoss SpicesFirefly SpicesJackClef Spices
MidLand SpicesPureGlaze SpicesTampico Spice CoSpringSense
MesmerraVegastix SpicesEliteStar SpicesGingerCrew Spices
Starmarx SpicesSilvoStex SpicesDelsin SpicesNatureSpire Spices
TrueBondAmella SpicesGreenSporeOtoya Spices
Every spicesThe OriginNatufly SpicesGlissando
DuetFeel SpicesAveBuddy SpicesGoldStrong SpiceshappyBliss

That’s the last thing that you can do to damage your business beyond repair. Your business reputation is sure to take a slump if you copy the name from one of your competitors, thus eschew from doing that. 

Name Suggestion For Spice Business

The name of your business is a critical element and your brand image depends on it. By selecting a creative name for your spice business, you are ensuring that people notice your brand and eventually become your customers.


But while selecting the name of your brand, make sure that you select names that have a professional touch. While cool names can be remembered easily, they take away the professional factor from your business.

On the other hand, too much professionalism in the name can seem to be boring to a particular stratum of customers. Thus, a balance needs to be drawn to find the ideal point. The following names below can be looked into. 

GreenBLiss SpicesBadia Spices IncEliteFest SpicesSupereva Spices
RoyalNest SpicesNoteSaffronUrbanTasty
Elegant bay SpicesTempoLyricCookingSense
Rago SpicesSpiceAxisWisconsin Spice IncTake
Lisa SpicesMcCarthy Spice & Blends CoJoyMore SpicesTwiist
AllegroMasterMadeEspire spicesThe Nutmeg Spice Co.
PurpleSenseCapuanoFreddoDerben Dangy
OmaggioAgedLOve SpicesMcCormick & CompanyWella Molly
Penzeys SpicesGeller SpicesMayerville SpicesGoldenCrown

How To Start A Spice Business?

Setting up a spice business requires taking a few steps to consider. Here are a few things. 

  • Business Plan:

Map out a clear plan to be a successful entrepreneur. This helps one to identify the specifics of a business and discover the unknown. A few important things to think out are:

  • What will be the startup or ongoing cost?
  • How long will it take to reach a break-even stand?
  • What will be the name of the business?

Costs involved

Costs involved in starting up a spice business is quite low and depends on the type of spices you will start with. For instance, if you want to keep rare spices like Saffron, then it will involve high costs going up to hundreds of dollars for an ounce.

Spice Shop Names
LibrettoOpenZest SpicesBirdyn SpicesRiverMark Spices
FloraOccoRicco SpicesMoonBay SpicesSonore
SpiceWingsRightSure Spicescape spicesDe’pise
Mountain PepperElite SpiceDayMade SpicesVespers
HarpSubtleAlphen SpicesMerlin Touch
Grabit SpicesLovinCoast SpicesTocsinBrio Spices
Easton SpicesSouthSpiceSplendidCrokos Spices
Bryan SpicesFragmaticYifat SpicesMysteva Spices
White Weiss SpicesSoloAnn David SpicesTaco Bliss
FoodMynkSprintFloraSpiceBuddy SpicesLegato

Thus, it\’s a good idea to avoid these types of spices in the beginning. Focus on the essentials like a spice grinder, that costs a little over $25. 

Once you have considered the cost involvement to set up the spice business, the rest falls in place eventually. So, relax and look at the various avenues to market your spice business.

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