85+ Cool And Unique Planet Names

My kid recently received the project \”Planets\” because he enjoys drawing as well, and he is currently creating a drawing of it. He asked me what I should name that planet so I gave him several fantastic and unique names like Oscar, Delta, and Titan. And he just loved it!
Similar to this, you may come up with a number of excellent suggestions in this article for your kids if they ask.

Fictional Planet Names

While the MCU has utilized fictional planet names in several of its films, it\’s not the only one to do so.

Many other sci-fi films have included invented planet names to heighten the story\’s mood. Taking a look at the names of planets in other films, here are some examples:


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Cool Planet Names

It\’s possible to have several reasons for looking for fantasy planet names. If you\’re a writer, you\’re probably looking for imaginary planet names for your next work.


Not to worry! We\’re here to assist you in coming up with original names for planets. Here are a few names for planets that you may find appealing.

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Fantasy Planet Names


We must also talk about the issue of fictional planet names because planets orbit the sun. When extending the fantasy world narrative, there must be numerous fantasy planets.

Dangerous & spiritual business names

Badass Planet Names


We\’ve heard about aliens. In some films, aliens are shown to be good, whereas, in others, they are shown as wicked.

You\’ll probably need some cool planet names if you\’re creating a video game or novel about malevolent aliens.

The Universe\’s Coolest Planets from Film

  • Vogsphere – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Caprica – Battlestar Galactica
  • Coruscant – Star Wars
  • Worlorn – Dying of the Light
  • Gallifrey – Doctor Who
  • Mars – The Expanse
  • Cybertron – Transformers
  • Dagobah – Star Wars
  • Krypton – Superman
  • Ego – Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Terra Prime, aka Earth – Star Trek
  • Arda – Lord of the Ring
  • Dune aka Arrakis – Dune
  • Solaris – Solaris

Planets, stars, comets, and other celestial bodies that have been discovered in space are all under the supervision of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are good names for planets?

Most planets have a code given to them rather than a real name. Although some planets already have a name, this generator uses those plus a little influence from classic works of fiction to come up with a random name for these worlds.

Although there are many different names, some are more suited to actual life, while others are better suited to a certain planet. Whatever your preference, you\’ll have lots of options.

  • Xagoth
  • Ethiea
  • Vezuno
  • Anerth
  • Naabos

2. What are some fantasy planet names?

A planet serves two primary functions in a fantastical setting. A planet may serve as both a setting and a backdrop for a story, with its own distinct culture and history for the people who live there.

Second, it is a part of the natural world. It is common for celestial bodies in the sky to have religious or astrological meanings. When the planets are aligned, magic is more powerful, and people are more likely to have good fortune.

  • Deres
  • Erius
  • Xiollian
  • Tor
  • Eaopia

3. What are cool alien planet names?

It\’s possible to have several reasons for looking for fantasy planet names. If you\’re a writer, you\’re probably looking for imaginary planet names for your next work.

Readers and gamers alike might be enthralled by frigid planets with ice swords showering down or cold deserts. A deadly lake can also be added to the globe as a swiveling twist.

Don\’t worry, we\’re here to help you develop creative names for planets. Here are a few ideas for planet names that you might like.

  • Base Naming 
  • Script Pl         
  • Basket Naming          
  • Clement Naming
  • Nomad Pl

4. What planet does have a beautiful name?

Saturn\’s rings make it an incredibly gorgeous and huge object. Titan, for example, is one of the moons that call it home.

Saturn is one of the most well-known and visually stunning planets in our solar system. The rings of Saturn dwarf those of any other planet in terms of size and accessibility.

With a radial diameter of 120,000 kilometers, Saturn ranks as the second biggest planet in our solar system.

Every 30 years, it completes an orbit around the Sun, traveling at a distance 10 times greater than Earth. Compared to water, Saturn\’s density is just 0.7 times lower than that of Earth.

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