200+ Names That Mean Hunter Or Huntress

I was busy with the decoration for my sister in law’s baby shower. The whole atmosphere was wild and fun filled. Since she likes wild animals. Her favorite animal is the tiger. Also she wants to have a cobra as her pet. She asked me to decide on a name for the baby which signifies hunter.

For that I watched many series to find unique, creative, good, funny, cool, sweet , brave and amazing Hunter names. Zarola, Winda, Sedna, Pakhet, Neith, Mielikki, Kacela, Fianna, Dali, Cyrene, Britomartis, and Auryon I chose if it will be a baby girl and Todd, Rigel, Odin, Nodens, Makya, Hearne, Cocidius, Artemas, and Arawn if it will be a boy. Let\’s see which name will be finalized.

As its name implies, it is not an easily available pastime, despite the fact that watching animals hunt for their prey or participating in recreational hunting are both amazing and entertaining activities.

Hunting is a recreational activity for us, but it is also an essential part of nature since animals use it to limit the population of wild animals and maintain the balance of life.

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Girl Names That Mean Huntress


A lady is already known as a fierce huntress. Women have an amazing aura that amuses everyone, and if you are one such character, then give your character a strong female hunter name to help her feel like the hunt\’s queen and to develop the confidence she needs to face any challenges. It is best for all your interests that you give your character some unusual names, such as those that indicate hunter or archer.

These names are attractive as stand-alone names just like Diana Petrone, but also have interesting meanings. To help you out, here are a few such names for your hunting queen to think about: To help you out, we have specially picked up the best hunter names for girls.  

1. Sedna

Who was of American descent, was the \”goddess of sea life and hunting.\”

2. Skadi

The goddess of hunting, is an archer, and her name is of Germanic origin.

3. Zarola

An Arabic name that means \”hunter.\” Famous for its battles with lions.

4. Neith

\”Goddess of the Hunter\” of Egyptian descent

5. Nerrivik

The mother of the sea was a supporter of hunters and fishermen.

6. Hearne

A popular name meaning “hunter” with English origins.

7. Makya

The term \”eagle hunters\” is common in American culture.

8. Mixcoatl

A distinctive moniker for one of your character\’s hunters.

9. Atlanta

A heroine from Arkansas known as the \”Virgin Huntress.\”

10. Auryon

Hunting is the meaning of the American name Auryon.

11. Nijalik

Nijalik was a \”goddess of hunting\” in Inuit mythology.

12. Devana

\”Goddess of the Hunt\” in Slavic mythology.

13. Diana

The term \”Goddess of the Hunt and Moon\” is of Roman origin.

14. Pakhet

The \”fearless God of hunting\” was Pakhet, who was of Egyptian descent.

15. Thracian

The Thracian goddess of hunting had a name that was simple to pronounce: Bendis.

16. Brielle

A name with Mexican roots that means \”hunting ground.\”

17. Adira

Adira means \”noble, valiant, and strong\” in Hebrew.

18. Alessia

The name Alessia means \”hunter or defender\” in Italian.

19. Artemis

The Greek name Artemis means \”Goddess of the hunt, animals, and the outdoors.\”

20. Mielikki

The Finnish name Mielikki means \”Goddess of Forest and Hunting.\”

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Boy Names That Mean Hunter


Boy names for hunter characters are simple to come up with, but such hunter names may quickly become overused or common and you may lack a unique charm. Giving your character a fresh, and crisp name from our suggestions can be an interesting idea. The following names are the ones that reflect their love and enthusiasm for hunting, you may make them stand out.

Here are a few unique names with the meaning \”hunter\” for male characters. Choose from the list of boy\’s hunter names that are provided below.

1. Arawn

It is a mythological ruler and \”god of hunting\” who has biblical roots.

2. Actaeon

Actaeon is the name of the hunter from Greek mythology who, upon seeing the goddess Artemis bathing, was changed into a deer and later devoured by his own dogs.

3. Huntley

Huntley is an English name that translates to \”hunter of the meadow.\”

4. Nodens

The Celtic name Nodens is related to \”hunting and healing.\”

5. Nyyrikki

In Finnish mythology, Nyyrikki was known as the \”God of Cattle and Hunt.\”

6. Chase

Hunting and pursuing are inextricably linked, right? This name had to be included in our list of baby names with a hunting theme. Chase means \”to hunt\” in English.

7. Cocidius

The name Cocidius, which translates to \”fabled hunter deity,\” refers to the mythical god of war and hunting who was revered in northern Britain.

8. Fowler

Originally a surname for \”wild bird hunters,\” Fowler is now included in the stylish name category.

9. Gahiji

The term \”Gahiji\” is rhythmically evocative and lovely and comes from the Rwandan language.

10. Chasen

Instead of the once-popular last name, Chasen is now used as a first name. It follows a name with two syllables and has a chase-like quality. Isn\’t that a great moniker for a young hunter boy? A person with the tendency of pursuing something to the bitter end is likewise appropriately named Chasen.

11. Opochtli

Although it may sound difficult, the meaning is obvious. It is the title of the God of fishing and hunting in Aztec mythology. You can use it by shortening it. You can pronounce it as \”Opocht\” or \”chtl.\”

12. Odin

Odin is the name of Thor\’s father. It assumes many different forms, much like the ringmaster of a frenzied chase. It was quite well-liked in Norway.

13. Pager

The \”leader of the wild hunt\” was Pager, a person of Scandinavian descent.

14. Rigel

Rigel is a Greek word that means \”the left foot of Orion.\”

15. Hearne

The name Hearne, which translates to \”mythical hunter,\” is quickly gaining popularity outside of the boundaries of British and American society. This name\’s appeal is that it blends well with the majority of surnames. Additionally, it is the name of a Texas county.

16. Cocidius

A mythological \”hunting deity,\” Cocidius was of Roman ancestry.

17. Grosvenor

A name with Norman French roots that means \”great hunter.\”

18. Holter

Holter is a term for \”someone who lives in a holt\” and is of Germanic origin.

19. Huntington

Opt for Huntington instead of Hunter if you want to offer your child a well-mannered name for his birth certificate and résumé. Huntington\’s definition is \”Hunter\’s Settlement.\”

20. Huntley

The name Huntley, which translates to \”hunter of the meadow,\” is most famous for being connected to Brinkley\’s former reporting partner from a few decades ago. Huntlea and Huntley are two of Huntley\’s variants.

Hunting Baby Names

There are a few names suggested below because you enjoy hunting and are a hunter as well. You can select your baby\’s hunting name from the list of names that are provided under:-


Badass Hunter Names

The most memorable hunter names are strong and appealing to the senses, they evoke feelings of daring, enthusiasm, and a willingness to take on new experiences. A hunter is an independent spirit who defies confinement. He continuously picks up fresh knowledge about himself and his surroundings. He is a born leader due to his will and character.

ShadeMaimTraumaDevil mass

Good Hunter Names

Some of the good hunter names are given below:-


Hunters are always passionate about hunting and try to explore new things every time. By taking it into consideration we can understand that your love for hunting is so incredible that you even want to give your child names in relation to hunting.

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How To Pick Up A Perfect Hunter Baby Name?

  • You should not follow the trends
  • You should always remember that classic names are not still boring
  • You should take a look at your family tree
  • You should honor your culture
  • You should always look up meaningful names
  • You should contemplate all the possible nicknames
  • You should consider the importance of having the middle name
  • You should not forget about the initials
  • You should say it loudly
  • You should not take stress too much.

If you take the time to carefully follow the following instructions, choosing a name will be lot simpler for you.

By taking into consideration of the above steps there are some of the Good & Best Hunter Names are given below as suggestions.


Your hunting passion will be mirrored in the name of your baby! In literature, culture, and fairytales, hunters frequently emerge. Hunting needs specific skills, and we are hunting from the moment of our first creation. Most of the individuals are already interested as spectator players in hunting.

Intuition, technique, accuracy and then the attack is required in hunting. Hunting is scarcely plausible and thus encourages other titles for children. The infant names are sweet, as well as laborious. If you\’re mad about hunting and want to express that in your baby name, then look at the names above that say the same thing about your passion. 

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You have complete freedom in selecting the names of your hunting children or yourself. And if you think it will be simple, I can assure you that it won\’t be. However, if you take the abovementioned considerations and aspects into account, you might even find the name you\’re looking for in the list above.

\”I hope you will find the name as per your preference in the above lists.\”


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