80+ Unique Pinterest Usernames Ideas    

I love Pinterest! In Fact, it has grown to be a commonly used application now. Starting from minimalistic home decor ideas to academic tips and tricks, you get everything in this application. And so I absolutely adore the thought behind this application and cannot even spend a day without using it!

Also, the number of users and accounts on this platform is increasing day by day, so the username of your accounts plays a crucial role. To come up with a trend-setting username, choose your niche first and select names accordingly. Let me discuss more Pinterest usernames that suit your individuality whilst respecting the purpose of the account. 

TiedworksFaithfulaestheticsChilediamanteRing & Company

Cool Pinterest Usernames

Can’t figure out a suitable username yet? Try my way. When looking for Pinterest usernames, the first step is to decide on the niche that you will be willing to work on. Now, keep in mind that Pinterest usernames are always witty and sarcastic.

The username is regarded as a deciding factor since it is the first thing that the audience notices when they open your account. To create a strong impression, using cool usernames is the way to go. Names like ‘Workingfate’ or ‘tworkday’ can be perfect for your account if it is focusing on work ideas. 

Fun, right? Now take a look at the list of usernames given below!

TiedworksFaithfulaestheticsChilediamanteRing & Company

Catchy Usernames For Pinterest

Pinterest is best related to charm and aesthetic vibes, right? Therefore, the username should definitely be Pinterest-worthy! Whilst I was looking for names for my account, I realized that dark yet classic vibes suit this application the best. Remember, the username must reflect the idea behind your account in an obvious way.

To make your username more catchy, use random sarcastic remarks. For example, if your account provides book recommendations, then names like ‘toomanypapercuts’ can be a good option.

You can also use some abbreviated versions of words that go with your account.

Found that interesting? Now take a look at the list of usernames given below!

GlyphherowarsManonthehillThenearestcallupspotThe Silver Bullet

Unique Pinterest Usernames

Wondering how to come up with a unique Pinterest username? Try this out. Shorten your full name and then combine it with a term that is relatable to your account. For example, if your name is Anita and your account displays fashion boards, then you can keep your username as ‘Anissart’ (a combination of Anita’s art). Brainstorm your own ideas by seeking inspiration from the above-mentioned name.

If for example, your account shares edited aesthetic photos of a particular celebrity, then you can keep names like ‘harry’s diary’ by including the name of the person in your username.  However, do not go for a long username and make sure that it goes hand in hand with the motto of your account. 

Sounds fun? Now have a look at the list of unique Pinterest usernames given below!

LimerindMusimusiJupiterBright Lighting

Amazing Pinterest Usernames

Do you know what the main motto of Pinterest is? Providing inspiration. So, if you want to look for amazing usernames, you must choose something inspiring. The username should have the capability to blow your audience’s mind by showcasing your creativity and enthusiasm in your field.

You can even make short videos for sharing relevant information, ideas or tricks. So choose your domain, research a little about your competitors and create your own strategy. A username can be anything as long it is creative and visionary. Usernames that give off dark and serene vibes are trend-setting these days.

Found the ideas noteworthy? So, grab a look at the following!

MariaharevaloVideo Telephone CoFancyoutlookBirdsong
ZachflameTira MisuThepublicInsignia Products
FancifulfanaticsCall GrandmaCravingcakeDigestoffashion
JewelsgaloreAestheticallyrulingBedrockincOcean Fabric

Pinterest Usernames For Girls

Pinterest usernames for girls should not be too different from the normal ones. However, if your account is about nail art, make-up or fashion, then you can try this out. Use names like ‘brokennails’ to show your humorous side to the audience.

The name should be able to crack the audience up a little. This in turn will create a strong impression and increase your account’s reach. Some other names for girls are ‘flowerpuff’, ‘cottonandyou’ etc.

Now take a look at the following list of usernames mentioned below!

DejavudecorLeatherthropeFunshuttOcean Breeze
LemonchildMobile Cellphone CoPhoneprotectorsCheesewithfleas
CordinternationalSew & Fit AlterationsBoothdesignsCutespy


1. What is a good Pinterest username?

Some good Pinterest usernames are ‘burritosarecool’ and ‘milkiies’. 

2. What is a unique username?

If you want to create a unique username, you can use abbreviated versions of your name with some funny terms. For example, pufferfish and pocketofsunshine. 

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