From Scaley to Swag: 299+ Cod Nicknames

Who’s unaware of the famous battle royale game of India named Call Of Duty (COD), which is a tough competitor of the PUBG mobile game? This game has such a massive fan following that you simply can’t ignore the fact that it’s one of the busiest mobile games in India right now. And, in this line of fans, my childhood friends are also included.

Both of them are seriously crazy about this game and can play this game for hours. It’s thankful that the battery of the phone also goes down, otherwise they will play this game endlessly even at night also. This game has not only made kids crazy but adults too.

I watched many office-going men and fathers in metro and public places who played this game very interestingly. 

For all the crazy audience of this made-in-India game, we designed a classy list of COD nicknames that definitely gives your character a mesmerizing look.

So, if you want to change your character’s name in any font then pick out one perfect name for your COD character quickly and enjoy your game. 

Funny COD Names

COD Mobile game has around 300 million downloads on both android and iOS users and the count is still going on. We all know that games are made for fun and affect our mental health and we are here to uplift your funny mood by sharing a bunch of funny COD names for your gaming character.

These names will definitely leave an impact on fellow players, so why waste time just go and get a quirky name quickly.

Grim NoobJazbaat warriors
Hawk EyeLastEye
ConartistAssassin Creed
WarlordsAbnormal Vigor
Bruised SoulFear

Cool COD Names

The world’s leading first-person shooter video game franchise was released in 2003 creating havoc in the gaming universe. In the beginning, only the World War || zone was there but now the game has changed over the years.

Superb new worlds are unlocked like Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space setups.

These new setups will become more interesting if you will crown your character with a cool COD name from the below list. 


Haweli ownersFatálStorm

Good COD Names

We have created a beautiful list of good COD names and this list is specially made for the decent and brainy players of the game. It’s difficult to accept that this game has some decent players, but yes, some players are very smart and decent.

If you know any dual-personality player then entitle it with any of the following names listed below! 

Risky HawkeyesHungry Chicken Seekers
Sniping LegendsSpanking Legends
Hawk MastersGrim Leaders
Risky WhiskeyBlind Assassins
No scoping CampersNinja Dharmaputras
Drunk ShankersBulletproof Sharpshooters
Chilled SamuraisLagging Experts

COD Names For Girls

This game is very popular among the girls also, and they are also crazy about this game. For girls, here is a list of some selective COD names that show some attitude and give you a bold look. It definitely makes your profile attractive and you can easily win the game.

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So, check it out! 

CinderellaKilling Kissers
Gun DiggerBloody Mary
Her MajestyPrincess of PUBG
Leading LightVirgin Girl
Queen BeePink Leader

COD Names For Boys

Boys are mad at games since childhood and when it comes to action games they are always at the top. They play this game endlessly and want to enhance their profile and one of the best ways to make your profile attractive is to give it a classy name.

But, now the hustle of finding a suitable COD name for boys ended as we bring a superb list that includes some selective COD character names.

Just check it out! 

Unwanted HeadshotsFiery Destroyer
Bigshots of GameRapid Ninja
Love to KillRapid Pwner
All KillLegendary Noob
Punisher’s ApprenticeElite Baiter
Lost BloodWild Wrecker
Sweet KillsElectric Sprayer
Blood SlurpsLucky Sharpshooter

Best COD Names

This section of the article is for the best players of the mysterious game. It contains a lot of mind-boggling names that encourage you to play disastrously and will scare the competitor badly.

Just read out the names mentioned in the list and don’t miss the chance to rock on the battleground. 


Bad BoysPredators Unleashed
Walking PegasusKiller Romeos
The_MessiahSystem Detonator

Sweaty COD Names

Naming your character isn’t an easy thing. You can win the matches easily but naming your profile is quite tough.

And as naming is the only thing that impresses the other players so we have prepared a list of some selective sweaty COD names that definitely down the guard of a competitor. Just add one more win to your account by taking a sweaty COD name from the list.

Benoit BawlesCan’t Won’t Don’t
Noobies ChoosiesBen O. Verbich
LesterBlood Bashers
Mortified CoercionSilent Sprayers
We Smell BloodWalk Alone Bravely
SteelheartCall of Death
Keen Team SixSuper Duper Clone

 Awesome Names For COD

The most popular game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision is majorly known for its intense and realistic military actions. The game has some awesome series and in April 2021 named Vanguard sold over 400 million copies and was verified by the Guinness World Record.

This isn’t just a game it’s an empire and the members of this great deserve an awesome name.

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So, here we are with a list of awesome names for COD users, read it out! 

Buster Himenzure Bulls
MargolemDeath Raider
Axial Pro Boss尺ΛЛƓƐ尺
MercenariesImpact Super Duper
Knuckle Associationdamsel in distress
windbreakerOutOfTheBox Killer Player

Pro COD Names

In the beginning, I mentioned my two crazy friends who are huge fans of this bloody game and now they are serious pros at playing it. Sometimes I think they can play this game more perfectly than the creator itself.

Hence, for these types of players, we have customized a list of pro-COD names that puts a powerful impact on them and polish their skillset.

Grab it fast! 


NemesisIce Storm
Eagle EyeJungle Fury
PredatorLone Wolf
Ghost ReconMarauder
Storm ChaserNightfall

Amazing COD Names

Every player wants to amaze their friends with his gameplay and username. Being amazing while gaming isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Here is some good news for all the COD players who are on a quest to find an amazing name.

Here is a list that includes amazing COD names that will surely give you a catchy look. 

Jasbaat warriorsDixie Normous
Goddess Master GodSuper Duper Campus
CommandoFluffyDixon B. Tweenerlegs
KiraQuantumLeap Pro Boss
Maarenge MarengeMajesticFiz
Joe MechanicDick Pound

Nice COD Names

Everyone isn’t a pro at this game, some are newcomers and they found it difficult to choose a perfect name for their profile.

Your sleepless discovery comes to an end as we brought a fabulous list of nice COD names. So, just grab one and enjoy the game. 

Demonic CriminalsLast_laugh
Punisher’s ApprenticeCall of Demons
Killer RomeosChicken lovers
ProHeadshotswag king
Evillious EnergyGlistening Prestige
TechnicianNight Watcher
Hatch Pro BossKiller Player Collections
Annihilatorturtle neck man

Sick COD Names

Your username depicts your personality, other players get to know about your behavior by the choice of your username.

Hence, it’s always good to choose a proper user name and this section will help you to find it. One has to research a lot and many times you didn’t get anything at last but now you are here so just scroll down the list and opt for the best name. 


Sky HunterSpy Catcher
Urban WarfareSafari Sentinel
Cyber WarriorTerror Tracker
Assault LeaderJungle Scout
Demolition ExpertOcean Defender
Rapid StrikeDesert Raider
Spy HunterArctic Sentinel

Creative COD Names

Unique things always attract more and more audiences and similarly, a unique user name attracts more crazy COD players.

That’s why we made a list of creative and unique COD names that helps you to grow your game and hit the target.

Check out the list and choose the most creative name for your game. 


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