Summer party-themed Names

Though we are at the onset of Spring, the Summer will soon be upon us. After months of cold dull weather, we will finally be walking on sun rays. Finally, we can put away our overcoats and heavy sweaters and pull out our tank tops and shorts! Oh, I cannot wait to get that tan!

In addition to cute tops and fun skirts, there is one more thing that makes summer months super special. Any guesses? Yes! Bang on! We are talking about swimming pools.

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As soon as the summer months are here we jump into our nearest pools and splash around on the water. Water sports make the summer months fun, don\’t they?

Summer party-themed Names

Since you love jumping around the pool so much, why not make it sizzling this summer? How? By having a poolside party of course! We all host parties around the year. So, this summer make it special for your friends and host a themed party to enjoy the summer vibes!

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But what should be the theme? What do you name it? We have got all that figured out here! 

Summer Party Name

Summer party names must be fun, and so here are a few names that can make your summer party rocking. 

The Water SlideSummer FlingSummer ShineSummer Shindig
Cool Splash Aquaman’s BirthdayThe Bash Cool Water Dream 
Dawg Daze June JamboreeGet Sum 2020Sum Like It Hawt
Bootleggers BallHop ‘Til You DropLast Call Before FallCan’t Fight the Moonlight
Moonlit EveningBaewatch Hot DaysNight in New Orleans
THe WildernessBox Office BlissBorn FreeMidnight at the Oasis
Call of The WildBeauty In WaterMoonlight Serenade

Summer Event Names

Once you are done with the summertime party names, you might want to take a look at the themes that you can incorporate. However, you can do it the other way as well. Many people prefer to select the theme first and then take on the name. 

The Pool StoryToo pool to be truePoolside RomanceSummer Fun
Pooling It In THe DipThe Blue Waters Summer Drizzle
Music and Waters Summer LimeWater Park Bratz
Night of the Golden Dragon

Casablanca Hot This Summer Can’t Fight the Moonlight
Cherished Moments A Night on Treasure Island

Chinatown A Night on Broadway

Pirates of the Caribbean

Dance Spectaular Destiny Awaits Deep Blue Destiny
Return to Copacabana

Party Hard The Karma Pool Summer Gleam 

Themes For Summer Party:

Backyard BBQ

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This can be amazing if you plan it properly. All you need to do is gather your friends and family. Set up a traditional BBQ  and have picnic food in your backyard. This is very simple to plan and takes very little effort. This theme is ideal if you want to plan something in haste. 

Tex-Mex fun:

If you are planning on hosting a tex- mex party then do not forget the Margaritas, chili, and tacos. Though it sounds just like a summer gathering menu, you can transform this into a grand party with lemonade themed food and yellow-based decor. 

Themes For Summer Party


Turn your backyard into a carnival center with circus and country faired elements. This theme is ideal if you are going to invite kids to the party. The best part about the theme is that it leaves a lot of room for creativity. 

You can plan to decorate the dessert bar with amazing carnival-inspired treats like snow cones, cotton candies, churros, popcorn and much more. Some unique team names For You

Wine tasting:

Now kids and teens are not the only ones who enjoy a nice summer theme party. Adults also love it and so you can organize a vanity summer-themed wine tasting fest for your friends. Be it Chardonnay or summer-friendly pinot noir or a sparkling rosé you can enjoy all that at your summer party! 


Now with these amazing ideas, you are all set to party the coming summer. Read More About aasimar names


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