70+Awesome Wizard Names For Girls And Boys

My best friend, Zelda, is a big fan of World of Warcraft. She was looking for a few ideal names for her two kids. So, she came to me to get some suggestions. I\’ve suggested to her a few names like Emenazz, Ifyne, Azohra, Enishan, and Trogron. Among these names, she liked these two names Emenazz, and Azohra most.

You are not the only one. There are many who are smitten by the wizarding world and are keen on naming their kids after famous wizards and witches, However, you cannot solely rely on Harry Potter books to find the ideal name for your kid, right? Your research needs to be backed by some more research. To that end, we have come to your assistance. 

In this blog, we will cover the coolest famous mage names and badass wizard names. So let’s get started!

Female Wizard Names:

AdrazelleMorganAlwinaCal BlaireJoanna Beauchamp
EnchantressBathilda BagshotMabaa
Violet GrimmHela de HeksCinnamon MeilleureAngela LeonAmelia Bones
Joanna BeauchampIllyana RasputinCamryn Alicia BarnesLovegoodCho Chang
The Broom WitchMolly WeasleyThe Scarlet WitchChlomakiLavender Brown

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Why Are Human Wizard Names So Popular?

if you have noticed, there has been a sudden spike in the number of female mage names and dark wizard names


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A lot of babies these days are named after Wiccan characters and well-known wizards. Ever wondered why the sudden rise? Even since Merlin joined the count g, King Arthur, wizards have gained a position of esteem and popularity. Even we find mentions of wizards in ancient societies.

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The Shermans that we hear of are not only spiritual leaders but are also portrayed as wizards who use witchcraft, herbal rituals, and other supernatural elements to heal the community at large.

Even in the 21st century, Wiccan is a strong religion and is practiced by a lot of people in everyday life. J.K Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series was another pathbreaker that opened new doors of imagination and possibilities for those interested in Wiccan practices. 

Additionally, with the advent of newly developed computer games with state-of-the-art graphics and engaging games like World of Warcraft, more and more people are being drawn towards dark wizard names. 

Of course, we won’t know if magic exists in real life, but naming your child after a magical character does sound exciting. He/she is, after all, going to be your very own wizard/witch right? 

Names For Wizards:

BloiseGandalfGanon or Ganondorf


Famous Mage Names:

However,  you might not be looking for wizard names for your baby, so would this article be useless fo you? Of course not!! Not because you might choose to become a parent sooner or later, but for other uses of wizard names like wizard name generator dnd? 

Kingsley ShackleboltMustrum RidcullyPaul Daniels
Lews Therin TelamonRaistlin MajereSimon Magus
Logain AblarSauronTayschrenn
Richard RahlSaruman the WhiteTretiak

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Dungeon and Dragons, a.k.a DND is a very popular board game and is enjoyed by nerds thoroughly! If you are into this game you know you can play it for hours! There are decisions to take in every corner and the choices you make affect the journey of your character throughout the game. 

It’s more interesting when you play in real life. However, to play DND you need a workable character name, and since the game itself is called Dungeons and Dragons, a suitable wizard name s required!

The list of names mentioned below can come in handy to that end

Wizard Names Generator


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Wizard Name Generator Dnd:


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Wizard Name List:

Flynn JonBodhiAslan Thor
Phoenix GriffonCullenSirius Nespa 
FlowerinaAura Loki SansaDory 
Natura Merlin Demi ElixrFinn

Old Wizard Names:


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How To Come Up With Wizard Names? 

Be it for a video game or fo naming your child, there are a few basic rules that you must follow while picking out a perfect wizard name. In addition to all the names listed below and above, the following steps are going to make your naming endeavor easy. 

So let’s begin:

Does the name fit the person/character:

What do you think of the name Evan Thomas, or Eve Thomas? While Evan may sound too old and very Brit to a few, the name Eve is contemporary, even if it has biblical references. Overall, the name Eve Thomas is magical and has a crunch of contemporary to it. 


To say it in another way, the words, sounds, and connotations used in the name can be used to provide insights about a person or a character. 

Consider The Length Of The Name:

This is something that is completely dependent on you. While short names may work for some, it might not work for you. Remember we are talking both about naming your baby and your DND character. You cannot call your baby Pepper Pig, nor can you call your DND character Ozzy Mandious. 


There has to be some form of balance. To that end, try out abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes, and so on. 

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Listen To The Sound:

There are some sounds that are just better than others. But why so? Because they often involve repetition,  alliteration, and onomatopoeia. For instance, Humbert Humber is something that sounds better than Hubert. Why? Because the repetition and consonants keep popping and the use of the same letters attracts the readers. The same logic applies to Severus Snape and Bilbo Baggins. 


Nickname experiments:

You can use your nickname and combine it with a magical element and come up with a completely different name that is both engaging and catchy. The same combination can be applied to your DND names and to the names of your kids. 


Seek inspiration:

Why do you think some name sounds exotic or magical? Think about it. Well, mostly, people think this when it is a name that they are hearing for the first time, or if the name gives an essence of a distant land.  Nazareth of Twah, for instance, does it not sound very exotic? Well, that is because it is not a common American name like Jane and Emily. So if you are searching for magical names, it’s a good idea tO read through a few ancient Norse, Greek, and Celtic literature to come up with something unique. 


All these names are sure to keep you inspired while you are in search of the perfect wizard name. However, make sure that you pick something that is easy to read and understand.

Be it for a gaming character or that of your child, if the name is too complicated, another will not be able to comprehend it and all the effort that you had spent finding the ideaL wizard name will go in the drain, and sadly no magic can fix that! Thus, be magical and be comprehensible. All the best! 

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