50+ Beautiful Witch Names For Girls

Though witches, bad or good are feared by all, we often use this term as a common colloquial, yet, during Halloween, all that is forgotten. Suddenly witch costumes are seen flooding the markets. There are witch hats and brooms and people actually shop for these. Why? Well, because this is the bell for the Halloween season!

During Halloween, many people choose to dress up as witches for the theme parties. There are lots of options for such people. You can opt for the sexy witch look, the evil witch style, and of course the famous witches. But your costume and FX makeup will not enough be enough to seal the deal for the upcoming Halloween. For more information on costumes be sure to check out 

50+Beautiful Witch Names For Girls

To make it grand the next Halloween, you have to excel in the naming department too. But how can you come up with amazing witch names? Well, one way to find famous, good, funny witch names or evil witch names is by going through the various spellbooks. Begin your preparations early, and head out to the libraries to find out whatever books you can find on witches or you can take inspiration for dark witch names from your favorite witch movies as well. 

But let us make your work a little easy. Here you will find a list of witch names that you can take inspiration from. So, let’s conjure some names.

Female Witch Names:

Since most women plan to dress up as witches, its important to select a few names that suit your character for the day. Always remember that a good character-building in any play or theme lies in the small details. In that light, if you are dressing up as a witch, you do not want your friends to call you by your name for that day. You need something “witchy”!

50+Beautiful Witch Names For Girls
Jadis Tia DalmaMaleficentGlinda 
Sarah SandersonElphabaMother ShiptonSabrina Spellman
Agnes SampsonMarie LaveauPhoebeAggie Cromwell

Witch Doctor Names


Though most people choose to opt for the witch costume for the Halloweens, why don\’t you take a different route and try something different? Something like a witch doctor maybe? Of course, wizardry is a profession in itself, but why not make it something interesting? You can try anything. A doctor, fireman, judge and all in the witch category!

Witch Last Names

While picking a fascinating witch name is still easy, it gets very challenging to select some witch surnames. As mentioned to you earlier, if you want to win that prize and make your costume believable, you have to select names and surnames that match your character for the night.

But often finding surnames for witches get tricky. Even if you do find the names, you will have to search far and wide for the perfect surnames. But, we always try to make it easy for you. Here are a few surnames that you may consider: Useful halloween tagline slogan

Aggie ShelleyRowan Winter
Lucinda Le BlankCamille Delacroix
Ethel MallorFaye Ripper
Brigid La CroixFortuna Howler
Anemone Le DouxIndigo Drach
Juniper MonroeIngrid Diablo
Sapphire BarkridgeOdessa Deamonne
Seren SnowBellona Christanti
Briar ShackletonBelladonna Trevils
Tarja DelarosaPearl Morgan

Witch Names and Meanings

While selecting any name from the lists provided above is an option, you want a name that has a meaning. Selecting just any name may not be advisable, because often they do not set the right tone for the character you are planning to play. Thus its ideal to select names that have been derived from the occults. 

Pagan names are always different from Biblical names. While Christian names are associated with biblical saints and figures, Pegan names are often linked with nature, folklores, Gods and other natural elements. Many of the Pegan names are inspired by ancient stories and are often charged with magical powers. Some of the names mentioned below were not magical, to begin with, but they got associated with witches in the modern time and gained power. Some Top smoothie shop names

Eoin ChristantiHaley JonesAileen La Croix
Keanu ChristantiVenus HowlerAretha Soulton
Erik PickerinMelusina WillowLilac Creighton
Ward ClovenFay SharpeZena Hunt
Lars TalbotAmaryllis BreedloveNiobe Borges
Bardo DepraysieLavander MagnusAzami Wraith
Lazar AddingtonEsme RedwoodZena Shadowend
Dante SnowElvira BlankleySapphire Delacroix
Fontayne Le BlankOrchid RiddleMaude Jinx
Damek StrainPrimrose CaligariDahlia Wraith

 The list below contains unisex names thus they can serve as nice couple names too. 

Beautiful Witch Names

For those who don’t know it, witches can be very beautiful. They are gorgeous to look at and are not necessarily evil. Thus, you don\’t need to pick out names that are too dark. You can opt for nice names that give out positivity. Here are a few names for consideration. 

Sybil FangFaye BlackmanHelga Blankley
Deville VossenIndigo De VilMaev Le Torneau
Lilith ChristianNimue DeamonneZena Vexx
Winter EverbleedCoral JinxEsme Fadington
Arabella La CroixFleur CroweGuinevere Breedlove
Paris ArgentFawn Le TorneauAggie Helion
Euphenia CaneSamara WyrmJuniper Barkridge
Isidora KeelingTiara CreightonElvira Highmore
Ebony ChristianMaud KaneMarilla Christanti
bil Tempest
Kalliope MoonfallFranziska Craft

Evil Witch Names

If you are planning on sticking to the typical evil names, we have got a list for you here. 

Mystia DrabekAmelie KillianLux HookIsidora Crimson
Kalliope WhitmoreHayley NatasAilana CrossBellona Periculum
Aileen DreadScarth WolfSasha EbonywoodKeeva Grimsbane
Guinevere CarpathiaAmelie KnotleyBernadette GnashBryony Christanti
Paris BrackUrsula StoneViolet GraemeFerox Thornton
Arwen WoodIsobel Le DouxNina KillianTabitha Delacroix
Albertine BarclayEstrella DelarosaKarin PericulumBernadette Youngblood
Louise DiablosCliona Von SteinFaye AshPepper Shadowsoul
Branwen SephiranAutumn LovelaceHedvig BreedloveRowena La Croix
Circe ChristantiCamilla VoidSilver WolfmoonLevana Steros

Tips For Finding Perfect Witch Names

Selecting a witch name for your next theme party will not be difficult anymore since we have provided you all the possible options. However, selecting any random name from the list will not be effective. The name you select must match your character and your costumes. Thus here are a few tips that you can use. Unique name a wizard Aimals

The tone of the theme: As mentioned earlier, witches can be good too. But if you want to stick to the evil ones then hunt for dark witch names. Plus, select makeup that is Goth and dark in some way. 


With all the names and tips, selecting an ideal witch name will not be difficult. Props play a major role with any witch look. So, make sure you select the right props to bring out the character. All the best!


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