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Are you finding some amazing ideas? Well, if you are starting your new business that too social media business then you must want a name that would attract people. Nonetheless, appealing features must be at the top of your requirement list.

You must be wondering how to choose a name like on which basis. First of all, you need to decide what kind of business you own and then you decide the name accordingly. 

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The name you would be choosing that should be innovative and flaunt your purpose as well. In fact, you need to think exactly what kind of name you want. Like you want it to be simple or something extraordinary. That would be your choice and we will let you go with your choice. 

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social media name ideas

Social Media Name Ideas:

If you want to name your business that will seem appealing to your customers and at the same time, it will give them a hint of what kind of service you provide.

Of course, it is necessary because if you are not enough clear to your customers and how ould they understand? However, we have made a list of a few names that will hold great meaning as well as look attractive. Let’s find out them below. 

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Social MediumsRapid ResponseReachMeRight Tune
Social ShoutBrand BuildersCrowdlyVivid
Strictly SocialShare FairInbound MediaOutreach Media
Outstanding OutletEqual SharesSharemeViral
Medium ShareFollowed FriendsDigiCupidBuzzTalk
Media MessageReaching EarsZoomNow Podcast
Social Media MediumsReach And ReadBinary DiaryShareIt
Say It LoudSound OffsSharePointSocial Shout
Fortunate FollowsInstant InformantSpectrumClickMe
Follow Back BoysSaid On SocialMateVidzSnapTalk

Nicknames For Social Media:

Nicknames are necessary, right? If you are looking up to a great way to make your social media business successful as well as popular then you will have to follow a few things. First of all, you want people’s attention but you also want them to know your business with a unique name. 

To be honest, you will not always be able to name your social media business with something great because of the availability. But, that is not the case with nicknames. So, you should be considering the nickname as a very important part. 

social networking name
Social CallThe Melting MediaFor PerformanceNicknames Inquire
The Influencer’ DelightThe Social ScandalSocial SimpleSocial Tele
Social StatusAdvice NowSocial OriginNicknames Crown
Linked UpCopycat MediaNicknames AcquireSocial Acquire
Like UsPost For YouFor DirectHigh Media
The Marvel Of SocialsOld School SocialsNicknames PushNicknames Drive
Coordinate NowHearsay MediaFor SpireNicknames Promo
New MediaThe Media ManifestMedia InvisionNicknames Line
Count The ClockFull DisclosureNicknames FlowMedia Infinity
The Real Social MediaSocial News NowFor PersonaSocial Loud

Social Media Company Names:

Do you think that a competitive analysis is very much important? Well, we would suggest you do that. When you are starting a new business that too regarding social media, you will have a hell lot of competitors and your aim should be to stand out among them. For that, you will need to have research and a lot of research. 

You need to understand why their business name has worked for them and what name should you choose to make it work for you as well.

nicknames for social media

Hence, we have a list of suggestions that you may follow without any hesitation. You should check them out and they all are mostly available if you aren’t too late. 

Social Media MavensStatus UpdateSource MediaSocilux
We Mean MediaThe Social ClubMediumCompanylux
We Get LikesWe Get FollowersPathfinder MediaCheck Names
Clean SocialsThe Social ReportNameCornerstone Media
Social Media AdvancedBroadcast SocialsTarget NamesNamex
The Media GuysThe NumbersLaunch MediaVelocity Company
Likes Are LikesPost Now!Credit SocialInform Media
We Know MediaSweet SocialsDrive CompanySmash Media
Click MediaThe RundownSky CompanyLoop Names
Numbers MediaInfluence MeNamopsMediadeck

Social Networking Name Generator:

Do you wish to generate a name for your own social media business? Well, it’s not only you but there are a hell lot of people who want to generate their own name that will have a special connection with their heart. It’s not something too much to ask for. 

Moreover, there are a few tools that will let your generate your own favorite name that you have chosen and they will also show you the availability for the same. 

social media company names
The Social ArmXtra MileNetworkingnClick Networking
Olive MediaHappyDayzeDesk NetworkingMetrics Social
Picture Of ParadiseLivinRightSimplify NetworkingSplit Social
White LighthouseWell SpokenStatus NetworkingNamelada
Snappy TapEcoBurst SocialsStrive NameCrew Social
Life LollingD View From HereSociivaShout Name
Socially Linked InDolce SurgeStrive SocialBuild Social
SociaVenturesOuter RouteSource NameUnite Networking
SooZooDeclare ItMomentum NetworkingChat Networking
Revived MediaLink DrumImagine SocialInform Social

Social Networking Name:

Name that should reflect your service as well as should be close to your heart. When it comes to your social media business, you can not simply jump into anything and keep it as your company’s identity. So, we have come up with a few names that will woo you. Let’s check them out!

WeconnectTravel ConnectSocitasticConnections Social
BookconnectOlympus OnlineSpread NameSource Networking
SnaptalkPlanet ZoneSocioryxPitch Social
ChatnowArt ConnectRelevant NetworkingNamenetic
BuzzappVia ChatPursue NameSource Social
ChatboxToo ChatCell NameSociprism
TapchatSocichatSocizoidSimple Social
ErandchatDaily BuzzFollow NameInteraction Networking
Sociallink SocialgossipNitro ChatNamearaProvider Networking
SocialelitePoetopiaAnalytics SocialNetworkingorama

Social Media Management Company Names:

If you are looking for some of the Best Social Media Names then you should consider what type of name you want for your new business. If you do not have anything specific in your mind then you need to choose from some name suggestions. We know it is going to be hard and that’s why we have picked up some great names and listed below. 

social media name ideas
Fit TravelerCognizantManageazaChat Management
SociallyMardi GrazzOrigin SocialSociquipo
Social Gifts Of MineMarket ChatOptimize ManagementNexus Social
Mingle LynxDigi DreamzQuest CompanyKey Social
WalkableOut On This TownMediaoramaCentral Media
Social IllusionGlobetrot TechContact MediaManageocity
Interaction FusionDoom BurstSatellite CompanyReach Management
Digital PyramidIn Da MomentInflux NamesNamopolis
Thread ITSocial SwaysCarrier NamesValue Management
Tested & True Social MarketRed LavaConvert SocialZen Names


The name should be very important for a business as it holds the entire responsibility to make a shoutout and who doesn’t want that? We have come up with a lot of ideas and you can adapt any of them hassle-free. You do not have to worry about it too much but the name matters. You can have faith in us and of course, on your research level too. You need to check on your competitors. 


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