Small business ideas which you can start at the University

Are you out of ideas for trending business ideas that you can start up while in school? Read through and get inspiration on how to increase your cash flow. Thesis Geek prepared a few small business ideas you can start-up quickly.

  • Social Media: Whatever social media platform is your favorite, you can utilize the opportunity to make money by advertising products for companies. It would be best if you worked with a brand that you are a fan of. If you are a foodie or food blogger, you can get in contact with kitchenware brands, or you can still promote more brands.
  • Start a YouTube channel or website: Once you have a website or a YouTube channel, you can start blogging or chatting about what you are passionate about. You will have to understand how to make money out of these channels.
  • Pet sitting and babysitting: If you are a lover of babies or pets, you can monetize your hobby. You can read up how to become any of them both. All you have to do is sit around and watch or walking the baby or pet around.
  • Reselling textbooks: This could become a great business for you while in school. All you should do is buy books from your college mates that are fairly used prices after the semester. You can resell to new-year students and make your money. You will have to sell less than the new copy but higher than you bought it.
  • Upcycle and sell for profit: You could make use of sites such as gumtree and Freecycle for upcycling your clothes and furniture. You can make money by upcycling your products.
  • Film screen club: You can up a film screening clubbing. You will require an empty hall. You sell tickets to your college friends, colleagues, and roommates. Ensure the film is screened on a large screen better still if the hall has a projector.
  • Start a delivery service: Beginning a delivery service is one means of making money from walking or biking. You can make deliveries from McDonald’s and beer combos, coffees, train tickets, and newspapers.
  • Growing and selling vegetables: This business idea is usually not so conventional. All you need to know is what plants and veggies or herbs can be grow around you. Once you commence, you can sell your products to friends.
  • Self-Publish a book: If you have a fictional story, you can self-publish a book. Like today, you can make your money from an e-book, or you can blog.
  • Becoming a freelancer: You can make use of your skills or passion for making money. Sites such as Fiverr and Upwork offer you the opportunity to monetize your skills.
  • Organizing students’ trips: If you and some college friends enjoy some festivals, you could organize the trip and make some extra bulks. You would be given discounts since you will be a book for a group.
  • Offer CV design or review services: This idea can be lucrative as most people need a second eye to look at the CVs. You can help people review their resume and also offer to rewrite resumes.


It is necessary to understand that all of these business ideas can be lucrative. You must first understand the needs of people around before launching in it. It would be best if you also understood how to run any business you decide to start up. Before you get started on your business idea, ensure you are fully informed.


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