199+ Powerful Kitsune Names Ideas & Suggestions

I was looking for number 13 related aspects. There I learned about 13 kitsune which correspond to different elements—celestial, wind, spirit, darkness, fire, earth, river, ocean, forest, mountain, thunder, sound, and time.

Apart from their magical powers which grow along with their age I liked their names among which few were real and rest were mystical like Adele, Chimera, Himani, Kiyoshi, Nozomi, Fumio, Chinatsu, Kaeya and Minoru.

As magical as these sneaky “Tricksters” mythically are, Kitsune is just like any other pet. So, like every pet, Kitsune are in need of a loving name that you can call out to.

Names For Kitsune Adopt Me

Kitsune, the legendary pets, are relatively new, but always in demand. A typical kitsune costs the player 600 Robux. Hence, your kitsune holds much value to you. Embrace your magical pet with a kitsune name from the list below.


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Female Kitsune Names

The Female kitsune of mythology, kitsune-Tsuki, are fierce foxes of magic. For your female kitsune that has a colorful mythical past, we have the prettiest female kitsune names for her in the list below.



Kitsune Names Pathfinder

Kitsune are known for their elemental arts. Their shape-shifting spell is a wonder in their native continent of Tian Xia. Known for their playful deceit and magic, these mischievous foxes too need a name.

You can worry less now, as the kitsune Pathfinder provides an array of kitsune names, applicable to all their nine races, for you to brood over.


Japanese Fox Names

Kitsune, in ancient Japanese culture, is considered a fox symbol of wit and cunning. If you want to embrace their mythology through naming your pet, we have curated a list of great Japanese kitsune names, embodying their tradition.


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Powerful Male Kitsune Names

Kitsunes, on their 100th birthday, shapeshift to strong male humans. They take on the world with their light pranks and wise acts.

So, pick your male kitsune name wisely from the list, that exudes magic and light in itself.


Doink CuteNambiaLavishBurple Cute
NamoramaAstronaut CuteEnjoyBuddy
SugaryWink CutePumpkinToot
Bubs CuteBuddiesNamlazaMagic Cute

Cute Kitsune Names For Your Pet

Yes, kitsune exude wisdom and power with their magic indeed. But let\’s be real, it was the cuteness that made you adopt your very own kitsune as a pet.

Let us help you find the pur-perfect name for your adorable fox with the cutest kitsune names we have gathered here.

Joy CuteJoyDaintyChomp Cute
Bumble CuteMonkey CuteChildNamocity
Recess CuteCreative CutePaddywackRavishing
PerkyKids CuteLittleButtons Cute
Chubby CuteioPower CuteJive

Kitsune Names Mythology

Among its magical anthropomorphic creatures, the kitsune are the most enchanting ones to come across in the world of Japanese mythology.

The mysterious realm around kitsune has many interesting named characters. We picked out some of the best kitsune names from the mythology of the Japanese fables.


HerbLavish NeonRunnersAmbrosial Neon
PlushSwift NeonLegendaryMirror
Cheetah NeonLuxe NeonBooth NeonPerformance
SouthpawListWreaths NeonThrill
LazaTrekSociety NeonExquisite
HideawayChew NeonVirtualOrange Neon
Shotgun NeonSoilSonicCapital

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Kitsune A character Or A Pet?

It is safe to assume when we talk about a pet being both cute and having amazing magical powers, you are bound to confuse the two. Let us clear the air out for you in the following points:

  • Kitsune as a character first emerged from the Japanese mythical realm.
  • The folklore of yōkai suggests these anthropomorphic creatures are innate symbolizations of wisdom. They have been embodied in various tales.
  • Kitsune’s mythical nature is endowed with trickery and cunning.
  • Kitsune are most known for their elaborate set of nine long tails. The number of tails they have , the smarter their actions entail.
  • Kitsune’s strong characterization has led to it being a pet that players like you and us purchase in the multiplayer game, Adopt Me!

2. What Are The 13 Most Common Types Of Kitsune?

Kitsune in themselves are robust creatures and make great pets for you to adopt. Mythology has given birth to kitsune’s variety of portrayals, through different creations of art and literature.

They are now fairly common as pets for you to adopt and observe. Among the many, in the following,we have chosen 13 of the most common types of Kitsune that you might come across :

  • Tengoku (Heaven, Celestial, Light, Prime)
  • Kukan (Void or Dark)
  • Kaze (Wind)
  • Seishin (Spirit)
  • Kasai (Fire)
  • Chikyu (Earth)
  • Kawa (River)
  • Umi (Ocean, Sea)
  • Yama (Mountain)
  • Mori (Forest, Woods)
  • Sanda (Thunder)
  • Jikan (Time)
  • Ongaku (Music, Sound)

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