500+ Dope Rap Playlist Names For Hip Hop Lovers

I am a big fan of rap music and have a long list of it on my phone. Once I thought of trying my friend’s choice of music only because of the playlist names which she had. Though I didn’t like the songs but playlist names were really impressive and I copied them. Here I am sharing with you all such appropriate names for rap playlists. These are The Turbulent Rain Cats And Dogs, Finer than Mist, I Really Don’t Want to Know, Unfiltered and Unapologetic, Unstoppable Energy and Music is cheaper than therapy.

While all the dope rap songs were put, we needed some good rap playlist names that made anyone go like wow, once they see it! Hence, I started wandering over the possible names. If you are a fellow rap lover looking for some cool rap playlist names, this article got you covered! 

Rap Playlist Names

Firstly, we looked upon some general rap playlist names as one of my friends, Alan, really likes to go with the standard and most common ones.  Well, standard rap playlist names are based on what the rap is about, basically, its genre and niche.

For instance, for motivational raps, something like ‘Motivation Jam’, for party raps, it can be ‘Rock the night away’ and the drill keeps going on.

Here is the list that helped Alan and if you are also a basic kind of person, you’ll also benefit: 

Mellowest Raps of all TimeNow or neverMinor Rap Luv Mix
The True Blue SoundtrackLove messengersBack in the Day Raps
Ghetto SwagEnjoy your coffeeRap Masterpieces
GET ON THE LISTFresh startLit Trap Music
Champagne & PoolsOwn todayGods of Rap
B-Boy Day Dreamin’Free HumanityHardest Drill Rap
The flip sideTogether foreverSummer Jamz

Cool Rap Playlist Names

When it came to naming my playlist, I inclined over some cool names. Being cool and sassy is the whole point of rap music. Also, a creative and cool name would draw more music fans to my playlist.

Hence, I shortlisted some cool rap playlist names like ‘I’m in the zone’, ‘Blues Guitar’, ‘Trap nation’, and ‘Mind meltdown’.

If you also want your playlist to get a cooler look, take inspiration from the list given down below: 


sleep queenTHE ENDRap Monsters
Bando ChroniclesSongs that give ClosureHip Hop Anthems
Rhyming OverloadConflict Resolution 101Fierce Riddims
Trip in HeavenMy EMO PhaseCan’t Stop Tha Funk
Endless LovepUNK rOCKDriving through the Rains
Trap MusicGetting HighLeft me right here

Good Rap Playlist Names

When naming their playlists, people can get pretty choosy. Even after listing down the above names, Simone thought that these names were not good enough for her exotic playlist!

Well, I don’t tend to disappoint so I searched for more good and catchy names for her playlist that she absolutely loved.

Here are all such good names for your next rap playlist, if you also want to explore more options: 

Seattle hip hopTrill SeekersThoughtful names
Fade MuffleBurn LivingDark names
ImpulsesI Am DopeEmotive names
Up and ComersFIRE Hip-Hop MixStylish names
Radionic ImpactWhoop WhoopInnovative names
Electronic BoostAbstract namesUnique names

Spotify Rap Playlist Names

As it seems, everyone loved my playlist and it was recommended to be released over on Spotify! As elated as I was, now I needed to find a name that could look good on Spotify.

Well, to get more views and likes over there, I needed a name that is a mix of being cool and professional, also, it needed to be unique so that my playlist could stand out among the rest.

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For instance, ‘Chaotic Grooves’, ‘Go hard or Go home’, and ‘Trap and Bass’.

If you want to create your playlist over Spotify, you can choose names from below:  

Dark SoundscapesCybernetic AmbushFeel Good Raps
Climax RootsQuantum CreepsDot Dot Dash Dash
Breast ElectricRhythmic AnaphoraHeaded to the Beach
Tripping on MemoriesAncient Telematicsgood raps, and dope tracks.
Gimme a Break DrakeUberzone ProtoclashBuck Zilla
You wanna play rough? OKMile PurpleOld School Eminem
Space MagnetoMagic MomentsBling Rap Collection

Hip-Hop Playlist Names

Some of my friends made mixed rap playlists while some made them specific, like hip-hop or major party songs. For hip-hop playlists, we obviously need some energetic and groovy names, which give the vibe of rapping your day away!

Are you also a hip-hop playlist owner?

If yes, then you will surely like what is in this list of hip-hop playlist names down here:

All You Have Is Nowrap and Bassfrench rap
Rap/pop feverAll About that BassSummer Vibes Rap Songs
Try This Rap Songs MixMini NikkisSelected Beats
Cold Winter NightsThe Night is Young2 am + 30 degrees
Gangsta RhymesA-dialogueClub Hits
Green BumGangsta RhymesBeta State

Rap Playlist Names For Party Songs

As for the rap playlist for party songs, it must be that influencing that it builds up the whole party! It is preferable that you choose a more happy and positive name for this playlist, as it is for party songs that are made for people to forget all their worries and take a drip trip!

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It can be something like ‘Rap Mania’ or ‘Still mad feat’, Have a look at the complete list I made for such kind of playlists: 

Bling ThingsBring My CheeseDrip Trip
Conscious Hip HopEpic DodgeStill Mad feat
Funk is funkChill RapSomething To Keep You Going
New Trap Bangers (2017)Modern Hip HopWhite Girl Rap
Hip Hop Pool Party – Vol. 1Post Malone VibesNikes and Newports Vol. 1
Be Easy, Be FreeHip Hop QuestTouch the Sky
Booty TunesHotline BlingMusic Is All We Got
Blow Your Mind RapsHoe BaitRizzle Hood

Best Spotify Playlist Name Ideas for Every Mood

Now that everyone’s rap playlist name was decided, we wondered what would be a playlist named that has songs for basically every mood!

Well, this requires you to see and consider all kinds of names, unique, cool, funny, sad, cute, lofi, chill, or rap, and whatever adjective you think suits the vibe of your playlist, name it that! I compiled 270+ best Spotify playlist name ideas if you also have a playlist fit for every mood! 

Funk is funkGods of RapMellow Vibes
New Trap Bangers (2017)wishing you godspeedThe Game
Hip Hop Pool Party – Vol. 1trap quadW.E.D.
Be Easy, Be FreeMotivation Jamking kylie inspired.
Booty TunesRock the Night AwayLate Night DJ
Bring My CheeseFlex Mane MessiahsFlorida Rap
Epic DodgeUpcoming Rapperschilling to some hipster rap.
Chill Rapmoney trees$$$$$$

How To Come Up With Good Spotify Playlist Names

Did you like the above-name suggestions? Well, my friends surely did and now they want to know how to come up with such good playlist names. If you are also curious, here are some ideas: 

  • Your playlist\’s title might be made clearer by including the genre.
  • Make sure that the title is brief and memorable.
  • Adding non-offensive puns to names can also help.
  • Think of what music reminds you of and try including that in the name.
  • Take inspiration from fellow creators, especially famous ones. 

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