Best Superhero Slogans & Taglines For Your Adult life

Superheroes have been one of the most memorable parts of childhood to some, of teenage to some others and of all times to many. The proof? The performance of Marvel and DC movies in Box-office. And one of the biggest reasons for the craze along with many other elements is superhero slogans. 

The crowd of superhero movies is ageless if you\’ve noticed. But despite the age differences, the one thing you\’ll experience the biggest cheers on is the Superheroes Slogans at the movies.

Superhero taglines have become more famous superhero sayings, especially after the movie adaptations when fans actually wait for that one dialogue when the superhero mottos or one of the famous superhero sayings or one of the popular superhero slogans gets finally uttered by the superhero himself.

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Superhero Slogans


Superhero Slogans are now part of everyday lingual and many of us are not even aware of it. You might not even know that the phrase you love using that you heard from somewhere is actually one of the most loved Superhero Slogans.

The point is that comics used to be a big craze at one point of time mainly 90s and before but since the Television boom, the craze for comics decreased and after the internet boom, you will hardly find any kid of today with a hobby of comic collection. 

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The interests have now diverted to playing Pubg and Candy Crush. Despite the change in interests, there are people still alive who had the habit of talking about their favorite superheroes and who desperately would try to fit their favorite superheroes slogan in any conversation for the pun effect.
Picking up a few such fans and picking their trade dialogues is nothing new. Rather you would be shocked to find just how many of them would you know of even without knowing the origin.

Superhero SlogansOrigin
Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they’re told. Catwoman
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.Incredible Hulk
You wanna get Nuts?Batman
I hope, Justice is found here today. Before Justice finds you.Daredevil
Give me a Scotch. I’m starving.Iron Man
Up, up and away!Superman
Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot.Batman
I am the best there is; at what I do.Wolverine
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!Spiderman
Avengers AssembleAvengers
Up in the sky – look! It\’s a bird! It\’s a plane! It\’s Superman!Superman
Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
With great power comes great responsibility. Spiderman
Here I come to Save the DayMighty Mouse
Wonder Twin Powers ActivateWonder Twins

Superhero Taglines

There’s a difference between Superheroes Slogans and Superhero Taglines. Superheroes Slogans are more like famous superhero sayings, that the superheroes are famous for but Superhero taglines are a different story altogether.

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There’s a difference between Superheroes Slogans and Superhero Taglines. Superheroes Slogans are more like famous superhero sayings, that the superheroes are famous for but Superhero taglines are a different story altogether.

The Superhero taglines are more of their identity, a part of their name that defines their character or the superhero mottos, unlike the superhero slogans the superhero taglines and superhero mottos can hardly be heard in the story.

Superhero Taglines / Superhero MottosSuperhero
His Past. Our future.X-Men: Days of Future Past
You’re welcome.Guardians of the Galaxy 
A new age begins.The Avengers: Age of
This July, heroes don’t come any bigger.Ant-Man
Change is coming.The Fantastic Four
Protect the law by breaking it.The Green Hornet
Revenge gets ugly.Jonah Hex
It’s not the armor, that makes the hero. But the man inside.Iron Man
Courage is immortal.Thor
When patriots become heroes.Captain America: The First Avenger
The legend ends.The Dark Knight Rises
The untold story begins.The Amazing Spider-Man
Prepare for heavy metal.Iron Man
In our darkest hour, there will be light.Green Lantern
One man still has the edge.Blade II

Superman Slogan And Superman Catchy Phrases

We could keep talking about various superheroes but if we start calculating the number of Superman slogans we get in the most popular section, Superman would clearly win the game.

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Best Superhero Slogans & Taglines For Your Adult life

So as a tribute, pointing out the best Superman Slogan and the most popular Superman Catchy Phrases won’t harm anyone only rather make the Superman fans jump with happiness. Superman is one character, whom you like or not, you will not be able to avoid him.

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One of the most popular superheroes with one of the largest fanbase worldwide, Superman has got many popular Superman catchy phrases in its pocket. Listing the top ones hereunder:

  • Faster than an airplane, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!
  • Fights are a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!
  • Great Krypton.
  • It\’s a bird, It\’s a Plane, It\’s Superman.
  • Great Caesar\’s ghost!

While the fandom for Superhero slogans which very largely continues the legacy of the superheroes in the regular linguistics of people in different regions is endless, a major chunk of that would be of Superman. While this could start debates, let us quietly thank both Marvel and DC for adapting these comics into movies, which has led to the revived craze.

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