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The logo is the force of a website, and without this force, the site is not only weak but is simply incomplete. One should know that if you have a well-designed logo on your website or business, then it would be memorable and self-explanatory to the potential customers.

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This post is going to help you find out the best logo maker and logo creator websites on the internet. The web is indeed filled up with hundreds of logo making utilities and applications. Still, you must also know that not all logo creators are capable of designing a custom logo for free. The website tools mentioned below are the best ones to serve this purpose!

Best Logo Maker website tools!

Below we have shortlisted the top-notch logo maker services after fully testing them.

Logo Maker by SmallSEOTools 

The logo maker tool by SST can easily be navigated from the design studio of the website. This tool is very much reliable and accurate in its working. This tool is free, and it requires no registrations or signups for you to use it.

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You have to open the tool on your browser, and there you will find different categories of businesses. You have to select the category in which your business falls. You will be moved to a tab where you will find tons of templates. You have to go through all of these logo template designs and then select the one that interests you the most. You can create a custom logo by editing and customizing the template in the dashboard of the tool.


The logo creator tool by Hatchful is another online tool that belongs to the famous Shopify platform. You can create your very own logo designs and templates in four to five clicks. This logo making tool is known to be best for beginners and well as professionals as this tool is both easy to use and reliable in its services. In this tool, you also have to select your niche and your look before starting the customization. The tool would ask you your brand’s name and the platform for which you want to design the logo. Based on these answers, the tool would provide you with the perfect designs!

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Design Hill Logo Maker

The tool by Design Hill has a lot of unique and desirable features which makes the tool more accepted on the web. We want you to know that this is the only logo maker tool which is capable of making not only attractive but also informative logo designs. You have to open the tool on your browser and select the five favourite design styles in which you are interested in. based on your selection the tool would get you predesigned templates. You can edit your favourite one by using different features and options of the tool!


Canva is the best graphic designing tool that you can find on the web. This designer tool can also be used for making logos, and you must know that this logo maker tool is best for beginners as well as professionals. Canva can help you make a logo from scratch by using different designing elements, and you can also get predesigned templates with this tool. You have to select your website type and other relevant details for making the perfect logos. You can easily help yourself in downloading a logo in PNG, JPG and PDF formats! Tasty tiki bar names

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a very excellent logo designing tool that can help beginners as well as professionals in getting attractive logo designs. You must know that AI powers this elegant tool and its working is quite different from other tools in this list. This online tool will ask you different questions about your brand and based on your answers. It would get you predesigned templates that are most suitable for your business and are having relevant details as well. You can easily edit your favourite logo template and download it on your device. 

Graphic Springs

Graphic springs is another designer tool that can be used not only on desktop systems but also on smartphones. All the features of this tool are desirable and interesting; using them, you can create the most attractive and professional logo for your brand. This tool can help you get a scalable logo with just a few clicks. The logo that you make with this tool can be used on all sorts of platforms. If you don’t have the money to pay a professional logo designer, then this is the best tool for you. This tool comes with a free version but with some limitations. If you want to get full features of this tool, then you have to hook up with one of the pricing plans of this tool!

All of these logo creator tools are easy to use and are best for both small businesses and large companies!

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