A Newbie\’s Guide to Producing 2D Animation

Archaeological excavations, which revealed vessels depicting a galloping animal\’s gradual movement, allowed historians to argue that the foundations of modern 2D animation were laid 5,000 years ago. Since then, the animation itself and its 2D version have changed and improved significantly. And even today, plenty of animators and businesses resort to 2D animation. 2D animation videos are no less famous than their more sophisticated counterparts – 3D animationvideos are, but let\’s talk about 2D in more detail.

Simple 2D animation is a way to create a dynamic image that has only two values – height and width. The frame rate for two-dimensional animation can exceed 16 images per second. The short animation is popular in various fields, including marketing, education, science, entertainment. With its help, people can develop social projects, visualize any idea, and attract an array of potential clients. More than a hundred years of development have made animation one of the most popular information transmission forms. Hence, what is hidden behind the concept of 2D animation today?

Types of 2D Animation

Animation in two-dimensional space refers to the traditional way of creating animated films and advertising. In practice, the following types are actively used:

  • hand-drawn;
  • computer;
  • skeletal.

Thus, hand-drawn 2D animation is also called traditional. It represents the very first way to create a dynamic image. The process is based on the work of an animator who draws each frame. When the frames are \”glued together\” sequentially, the illusion of movement appears.

The rise of information technologies allowsmodern designers to embody the animator\’s traditional work in electronic form. 2D computer animation is a way to create a video clip using special programs, the most famous instances of which are listed below:

  • Adobe Animate. Motion designers use this software to work with vector graphics;
  • Moho. A cheap but top-rated platform for creativity;
  • Toon Boom. The software leading the list of the most effective programs;
  • Digicel Flipbook. Allows animators to create time-lapse videos;
  • Retas! Pro. A program for qualified professionals.

To animate a 2D character, a designer can use several methods – write scripts in the program, draw additional frames (sprites), or use a special kind of computer modeling – skeletal animation. It is carried out in such programs as Unity, Spriter, DragonBones, etc. This method involves a specific character layout, on which other elements are \”layered\” – movement, clothing, facial expressions, and other components. The skeletal method of creation requires a high level of skill from the animator, as it is necessary to \”enliven\” the existing layout and make it more real.

Features of2D Animation

The drawn dynamic image is based on frame-by-frame 2D animation. The designer has to draw each frame from scratch, taking into account all the details, from the contours and objects to the nuances of movement, otherwise the picture will turn out unnatural. The frame-by-frame method of creation is the most complex of all varieties, which directly depends on the animator\’s graphic skills, and it does not matter whether they draw by hand or on a tablet.

Unlike traditional two-dimensional \”drawing,\” computer modeling requires knowledge of special programs. Those applications that allow designers to create vector animation are the trendiest. The meaning of the vector method is similar to the traditional one. Still, the animator can move individual parts of the image (characters or objects) in the program and not draw them again. It simplifies the work of the motion designer, including due to less dependence on the artist\’s skills.

Strengthsof2D Animation

Thus, two-dimensional animation has the following advantages:

Aesthetic Appeal of the Image

A person perceives drawings better than three-dimensional polygons – even if 3D can ideally recreate reality, it requires substantial financial and time expenses. 2D animation can embody any artistic image, play with the design and style of images, be both very simple, schematic, and as fantastic as possible.

Simplicity and Flexibility

The two-dimensional image brings the plot and scenario to the fore. It represents a great benefit if the video\’s goal is to convey an idea, catch the viewer\’s interest and intensify thinking.

A top-quality two-dimensional animation is fascinating, as it evokes the necessary emotions and can be used to solve many issues – in business, entertainment, and education. The basis of high-class work is the professionalism and creativity of the performer. Darvideo Animation Studio is a team of specialists who create video content of any complexity at an affordable price. This company\’s talented team is ready to implement any of your ideas most appropriately, using both specific skills of animators and computer technologies.


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