Want Cool Photos? Shoot a Poker Game

Everyday life provides a number of possibilities when it comes to taking a great picture. Architectural shots, and travel photography, can lead to amazing shots. Having said that, sometimes it can be fun to think outside the box.

Poker, for example, allows us to take advantage of the popular iconography like poker tokens and playing cards, associated with the game. There\’s also an element of unpredictability about poker which presents opportunities for some unexpected photos that radiate a natural charm.

Let’s discuss some more of the reasons why taking photos at a poker game can be an excellent opportunity.

Charismatic Players

Being a good poker player is about being able to effectively hide your emotions. In fact, the first image that may come to you when thinking about a poker game is people wearing baseball caps and sunglasses. Nevertheless, professional poker players can be very expressive at the end of each match and are among the most charismatic sports celebrities out there. Just follow their faces closely, wait for the right time, and you will get an iconic shot.

Follow Intimate Moments

When people think about poker games, they tend to picture crowded tournaments being broadcast live. The biggest poker event in the world –– the WSOP –– consisted of 88 events last year and naturally attracted hundreds of players to what essentially resembles a gaming convention in Las Vegas. However, poker games can also take the form of an intimate setting.

It’s common for friends to gather around a table and play a friendly game of poker. The atmosphere here can be a lot lighter, even when playing for moderately high sums of money because the players know each other so well. They feel a bit more relaxed and open to expressing their emotions, allowing for more playful and intimate shots.


The context in which poker games are played can vary greatly. You may find yourself in a small, badly lit room at someone’s house. If you bring the right camera though, this might be a great opportunity to experiment with darker images.

High-stakes poker, on the other hand, tends to be broadcast live, meaning that all the lighting equipment is already there. As long as you have the right credentials, you only have to approach the table of your liking, aim, and get some professional-looking shots.

A Synesthesia Heaven

Good photography can take advantage of other senses besides sight, at least in an indirect manner. Synesthesia, as experts tend to call it, is the process by which one sense activates a different modality.

By taking a picture people can associate with a specific texture, or smell, you may be able to make your images more engaging. Think about a player holding a drink, or playing with a poker chip in one hand. Just by taking a look, viewers may be able to experience vivid memories, like a memorable trip to Las Vegas.

Poker games may not be among your first choices when it comes to taking the perfect picture, but it can be an interesting exercise for photographers looking to enrich their portfolios. The right setting allows us to communicate sensations, and capture some unusual expressions. As long as you choose your setting correctly, you won’t be disappointed.