The Advantages of Using Prefabricated Steel Frames in Your Construction Project

Have you ever seen a vacant lot being covered up because of a construction project and be surprised just after a couple of months that a building has already been constructed? The advancement of the construction industry has paved the way for projects to be completed in significantly lesser time. One of these advancements is the use of steel frame solutions

What are Steel Frame Solutions

Steel frame solutions is the practice of using prefabricated steel structures which are used for the different aspects of your construction project. The prefabricated steel frames are made offsite and then transferred to the project site when needed. Often, the entire frame is assembled in the manufacturer’s facility and transported only when the time comes to install them. If the structures are too massive, the contractors can choose to have key components transported and then assemble the complete structure on-site. There are many advantages in using prefabricated steel in construction which includes the following:

Durability. Construction materials such as wood and concrete are susceptible to being damaged by pests and the elements. On the other hand, steel can withstand the rigours of the outdoor elements and may last for decades without needing repairs and upkeep. Likewise, a well-designed steel structure is resistant to being damaged or knocked-down by high winds or mild to medium earthquakes that can level other non-steel-based structures. Furthermore, contractors that use prefabricated steel frames have access to advanced chemical compounds that can be used to coat the steel to prevent or slow down rust and corrosion

Efficiency. Pre-engineered steel frames with key components that are ready to be assembled right away will increase the efficiency of completing a build. This efficiency is beneficial to the client and the contractors. For the client, finishing a build efficiently will mean less labour cost and more savings. On the other hand, contractors can benefit from the efficiency of using steel frame solutions since the quicker you finish a project, the faster you can start building a new one. With prefabricated steel frames, contractors can complete a typical one-story building in as little as 2 to 30 days while a building of the same size built from scratch will take as much as 1 to 6 months to complete. 

Sustainability. Steel is one hundred percent recyclable, which means that steel manufacturing facilities can smelt old steel structures into molten steel to form other steel structures for future use. Likewise, the smelting down of steel does not give off toxic fumes that can harm the environment.

Lower Building Cost. The use of steel frame solutions can reduce the overall building costs by as much as 2 to 3 per cent as compared to using reinforced concrete. In real terms, the cost of using prefabricated steel has reduced by 14 per cent while the cost of using reinforced concrete has gone up by 16 per cent. Likewise, the durability of steel frame foundations will give you long-term cost benefits since properly coated, and reinforced steel can last without being repaired for more than a decade.

Steel frame solutions will offer benefits to both the contractors and the clients in terms of safety, durability, efficiency, sustainability, and cost. It is therefore important for clients to seek out contractors that offer prefabricated steel frames as part of their construction packages.