200+ Best Technological Company Names

You must have heard the proverb before- What’s in a Name?! Though it might be relevant in life, it is not a practice that finds relevance in the Marketing and Branding industry.

Technology Business Names or Business Names in any other industry, names have essentially been an important part of the branding procedure for businesses irrespective of the industries. More so now than before.

So, if you are looking for an impactful name for your tech business, you are in the right place.


Given the competition and the average attention span of human beings which is less than 8 seconds, there are a lot of factors branding experts keep in mind while suggesting Tech Company Names.

For example, an IT company’s name must have something about its uniquely featured services in its name to not only stand out from the rest but also scream its USP at the first attempt.

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Follow the article to find suggestions for Technology Business Names from our Tech Company Name Generator based on the factors considered by top branding experts.

Search Engine Optimized Tech Company Names

SEO experts believe, using keywords in the name can help the business website rank easily on Search Engines. But saying that isn’t the end of the story. The keywords can’t be one that is heavily searched and have already got many websites using it in their names.

In such a case, ranking becomes more difficult. Instead, choose a keyword that is relevant to your business and yet not extremely competitive.


Naming is a process that can’t be finished off just like that. Every step requires equal thought. Just like how choosing search engine optimized Tech Company Names is not enough. The name not only has to create a brand image in the target audience’s mind but also be different than the competitors.

Although, many of the competitors have named their business on the same factor. Creative twists help. If you are one of those looking for easy SEO ranking and more organic traffic on the company’s website, here is a list of Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions for your inspiration.

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Automotique NationKernlowRadiance SoftwareGolden Master Tech
PC PrivyOmniSoft TechnologiesTrained in TechDown Memory Lane
LiktinConsultancyCornerstone Information TechnologiesBetage Studios
GamsherJentirBytes and Bots Chip CheckersComputer Cargo
Mouse MaraudersNano Quantico TechQwazRenenergy Fusion
QualovSpeedlight SolutionsTech ProsCloud Soft
Oval SolutionsAmtrixCobazBasic Batches
Brain BalanceRadioactive ApplicationsDunzerDesktop Pros
HitckaLeezMaverick’s Tech ShopTech Theory
Neocyber TechnologyTracking TechPhil’s Plug and PlayHybriques Technology
Technological Company Names

Product Or Service-Based Technology Business Names

Few Brand Strategists believe in names that speak of the service. This also works out because, in times of competition and small attention span, the target audience seems to forget the names very easily.


But, when a startup chooses Tech Company Names that indicates and points out the tech product or service the company provides, it becomes easier for the people to remember the name because it is their need.

This is the reason why finalizing on Technology Business Names that connect and resonate with the needs of the target audience works best, according to the Branding Gurus.

Follow the list of Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions to take an inspiration or pick a name directly for your tech startup based on the product or service you provide.

Contopia by Loginno
Time ManagerAutomate.meFuturalis SolutionsCreatique Inc
CompuConnectGeek LuminoBinary BossesNeft
Encode ProsSbotProGoGreenNationale Digitale
Formula FantasticAuto TechCookies and CryptosGenius Tech
Top TechTrek TechDiginaturalisBluelight Suites Software
LyrungMeganilShanrayInvictus Technology
One Stop TechSolar New solutechTech TamersFusionTech
A+ AutomationTop Notch TechSky High TechJumper Jack’s Tech Repair
Start TechKnow it All TechnologyGreen Touch SolutionsEcologiq Solutions
FuturatechCode Red TechnologynextGen Technology Co.Intrino
Technological Company Names

Easy & Cool Tech Company Names

In contrast with branding experts of yester years, modern-day branding strategists suggest cool and offbeat names. Offbeat names stand out and are attractive. These qualities make the names stick to the minds of the target audience but along with that gives a modern feel to the image of the company. (Also Choose A Science Club Name Here)

Cool Technology Business Names are easy to spell, modern words that create an image of the startup as a place run by young and fresh talents, something that many clients desire nowadays.

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Follow the list of the Cool & Easy Tech Company Name Generator to find a perfect name for your tech startup that describes your company’s personality the best.

A Talent for TechCreative Information TechHybrid TechGreen Solutions
TechnokingsInDesignMacro Mobile SolutionsLane Information Technology
Core ComputersiKnowHowCrisp-Pixels ComputersTatch
EnligOptimaMicro MadnessMachine Learner
Top in TechTicket to TechlandOdiseus SolutionsSalorix Systems
Access Point Tech ProsTechAwareBoztikTiznel
Total TechCore CutHunk CultivatorFlow Follow
Encoding EncountersBMA Technology CorpMike’s PC MashupSolarius Technology
ScretlProgressivaNano-Micro TechCryptical Software
Deep Dive TechOvid TechnologiesProcessor ProsOrbit Tech
Technological Company Names

Technology Business Names Based On The Target Audience

It may sound a bit awkward initially but Tech Company Names based on the target audience highlight their core values to get the maximum engagement from their target audience. Many brand strategists believe this practice to be the best given the current trend of the startups and their practice of smart work and efficiency.

Flash Video CamAvatar TechLeznitAmlin
Next DigicorpSuccess TechSquiltGreen Surface Tech
BezmiNaKnowMachine LearnerComputer Capers
Synerque IncTrace TechnologyInniviossionary TechMetrilogic Solutions
CybersifyExcept SoftwareTotally TechnoInMotion
Invikta TechnologyTech PartnersFlutchTangled Tech
DeployDashEnzayProfessional PC ParametersAstray Applications
Digital DecoderScientechTechncorpFiles and Firewalls
BarCraft TechThrive TechnologyComputer Task Group Inc.Kazma

In a scenario where none of the resources are wasted, nothing can be better than targeting the target audience from the beginning which is the business name. Follow the list of Target Audience based Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions for a perfect tech startup name that defines your core values.

Trustworthy Tech Company Name Generator

Experts believe that using the word solutions or a word that talks about a solution in the name of a company can help generate trust. The target audience finds the company with a solution based Technology Business Name to be more reliable. Follow the list of Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions to pick a trustworthy name for your tech startup.

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Next Information SystemsGalaktik SolutionsJennisEffectus Solutions
GoGreenComputer CastlePlentaQuantico
TechwareHostname: RepairTechTrustTechnoTrends
Smart Tech SupportDeployDoctorCapstone TechnologyHaute House Data
NexalookFiscal AnalyticsPulse TechTech Testers
Tech ConnectRenewergy TechnologyQuantic CorpDongle Tech Pros
Teachable TechNano KnowMicro KnowInnova Solutions
Favicon Tech ProsOn-Point PCsDravisGamma Tech
Buildie TechTecharius DevelopmentHorizon PC ProfessionalsSafe Mode Selections
Gigabyte TechTop TechnologiesObershHire-o-specialist
Technological Company Names

Story-Based Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions


Tech Company Names that express the core of your business product, the story of your offering are considered to connect better with the target audience. Here is a list of Technology Company Names Ideas & Suggestions by Branding Specialists for your tech startup.

Tech SolutionsAutocity404 FightersTech Trek
Avid AutomationSimTechElmitTony’s Tech Tools
IvulaHopper TechnologiesAuto HikeProgressive Technology Solutions
Hardware HeroesRahnBrain BoostAliva Tech
Encoders UnlimitedInTouch SoftwareQuantique CorpFurvy
HannitCentury ComputersGreen ProgressionNew and Improved
Giant TechKeyboard KingsTop Ten TechThe Tech Throne
Ten/Ten TechKlaspDigital Genius7th Tower Software
Petite PCsGreat GigsBring BrightAurora Apps
ChuplAuto CloudingCrenlyHashtag Web Consultants
Technological Company Names


Along with the above factors, consider not choosing words with negative feelings, be it zombie or aliens.

Though it looks very modern and hi-tech, it does not give out the right brand message. And while we consider brand messages so seriously, it is also important that we consider buzz words to make the name social-media friendly just like we did for SEO.

Hashtag Buzzers could be an example of Technology Business Names for companies in the Digital Marketing industry.


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