Salesforce Training: Four Things to Know

Salesforce is a leading CRM software that is used widely by all businesses. Building a career in Salesforce is interesting and the key behind the success of every Salesforce professional lies in the analytical skills, programming skills, and the ability to ask the appropriate questions, willingness to learn and put more effort, and confidence. 

With new clients signing contracts, the demand for Salesforce professionals is increasing day by day. This clearly shows that it has become a lucrative career option and more companies are seeking skilled and qualified Salesforce experts with practical experience and proven knowledge. Thus, this is the right time to enhance your career with Salesforce training

Here are a few things to remember before you start learning Salesforce. Let’s take a look into it below, 

How to get started with Salesforce Learning? 

Once you decide to learn Salesforce, the first thing that comes to your mind is \”how to get started with Salesforce learning\”. If this is your issue, I could say the best platform to learn is visiting Trailhead. You can go through as many trails as you can and all of which will guide you

on what you want to learn. Besides, Salesforce\’s \”Getting Started\” portal is another excellent alternative to get started. 

When you move forward through Trailhead, remember that this leading CRM software has developed into more than a CRM, and Salesforce software best suits the company\’s needs these days. Considering what Stratten Waldt says is \”When someone thinks of CRM, they are likely to think that Salesforce is something different. But, it is a customer relationship management platform that can help the sales team for the proper and well management of an organization”. And he added that he would learn it from the end-user perspective and as well as from the administrator. 

Is it Worth Learning? 

With Salesforce CRM becoming the most extensive, efficient, and productive CRM solution, it is used extensively in more organizations as it provides businesses a benefit by offering them a 360-degree view of their users. Salesforce CRM provides an excellent way to close deals quicker and monitor marketing campaigns. 

Furthermore, it helps businesses to resolve customer complaints in a shorter time than earlier. All these and more perks of Salesforce make it crucial for any business that needs CRM tools. Companies are looking to hire an expert and certified professional to get the job done. Thus, if you\’re aiming to work in a Customer Relationship Management environment, then learning 

Salesforce is crucial. 

According to the IDC report, by 2022, around 3 million jobs will be created by the \”Salesforce Economy\”. In case, if that doesn\’t happen, it\’s evident that it is likely to create more jobs, especially when more organizations implement cloud apps. 

You can go through the Salesforce interview questions to get your dream job as a Salesforce professional 

Best ways to learn Salesforce 

As I said above, Trailhead is one excellent way to learn about Salesforce. If you choose Trailhead, the good news is that it has everything you need and the flipside is there are plenty of trails. With tons of trails you can take through Trailhead, it is easy to pick the right modules for you with the use of the search and filters option present over there. 

Apart from the company\’s official method, you can also opt for courses and training programs that guide you to become an expert Salesforce professional. Nguyen says \”Udemy is an

excellent platform to enhance your Salesforce skills as they have plenty of useful Salesforce courses. 

Nguyen added: To prepare for certification exams, I suggest visiting Focus on Force, which provides up-to-date study guides and exams to practice”. You can also discover resources for diverse Salesforce certifications, including Advanced Admin, App Builder, Platform Developer, Admin, and much more. 

How long does the Salesforce Training last? 

It depends on what skills you have, how quickly you learn, and how much effort you put in per day learning Salesforce. With proper commitment and training programs, it could take 3 to 4 months to acquire Salesforce Admin skills, more than 5 months to undergo training to become a Salesforce Developer, and 6+ months to acquire skills to become a Salesforce Consultant. 

Whatever I said above is the minimum time it takes to learn Salesforce and to become proficient in Salesforce, it\’s recommended that you never stop your Salesforce learning journey to remain well-versed with the current news. 

Finally, it all depends on you and the skills you already have. There are plenty of job opportunities existing and you can opt for one based on your skills and experience. 

Check out the Salesforce tutorial for beginners to learn Salesforce from scratch: Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners | Salesforce For Beginners | Salesforce Course | Intellipaat 


Certification in Salesforce serves as proof of your ability and enriches your reputation among peers. It can easily enhance your career and aid you in exploring new opportunities or looking for a promotion at your current company. 

Salesforce-certified individuals are one of the most in-demand professionals and the opportunities are huge too. If you\’re aiming to build a career in Salesforce by joining any course, then the above-mentioned tips will be helpful to kick-start your learning.