Outer Worlds Console Commands

Life is not a game but gaming is my life. As much as a video gamer loves his games, he loves exploring new commands, cheat codes and all kinds of new stuff about their favourite game. Outer Worlds Console Commands

If this resonates with you, keep reading because your wish is about to come true!

So, we decided to treat such gamers with some exciting piece of information that will make your game a lot more interesting and help you in playing better than before.

And if you are in need of this exclusive information, you must come along with us and see what we have got for you!

The World Of Commands

“After the wheel, the next best invention is the play station.”

Those who think playing games is easy and it doesn’t require any hard-work should meet our readers and learn from them how much it takes to be a pro gamer, isn’t it?

But we know you have more important work to do rather than explaining your struggle to non-gamers and that important work includes grabbing new cheat codes and searching for new commands for your favorite games.


Console Command To Add Perk Points

And if your favorite game’s list includes outer world, here is a list full of all the console command to add perk points prepared exclusively for you:

To add perk points the code you need is- “PerkPointsAdd <amount>”

  • For adding perk points to companion’s code, insert – “AddPerkPointsToCompanions <amount>” the command.
  • For changing FOV code use – “fov <amount>”
  • For changing the armour level insert – “SetArmorLevel <level> 1”
  • Changing the weapon level requires – “SetWeaponLevel <level> 1
  • To change the level, you need – “SetLevel <level>”
  • If you want to change your stats use – “RpgStatAddModifierDebug <stat> <value>”
  • The code to change variables is – “variablename <amount> (r.MaxAnisotropy 16)”
  • If you wish to start the quest, use code – “QuestStart <questname>”
  • Your completing quest code is – “QuestComplete <questname>”
  • To unlock companion, insert code – “DebugUnlockCompanion <companionID>”
  • The flycam unlock code is – “toggledebugcamera”

So, you doubt regarding the commands?

Wondering, does the outer worlds have console commands or not?


Hope we have made our point so far, but other important thing that you need to know has lot more insights of the game.

let’s explore more!


Well, let us help you with some quick and trendy to follow to get your solutions:

  • Run ‘The Outer Worlds’ on your PC and go to the main menu.
  • Alt-Tab out and then run IGCSInjector.exe and let it update the game for you
  • Now, close the .exe and go back into ‘The Outer Worlds’.
  • Press on the Tilde key to the left of \’1\’ to open the console.


Done with the commands but the outer worlds cheat engine discussions are still pending.

Don’t worry as we are going to spill the beans on the same, right here right now!

The Cheat Code

“Keep calm and play station on.”

We know what you need so you can be the pro. Considering the same, updating you with the other essentials of the game, here’s how to install and use the outer worlds cheat engine:

  • Install Cheat Engine from the web and double click on the CT file to open it.
  • Next, click on the PC icon in the cheat engine so that you can select the game to process.
  • Now, keep the list and by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1 you can activate the trainer list option as well.

Next is, all the details on the outer worlds cheat table that you need and these are the options that are available so far in the cheat table:

  • Attribute pointers during character creation
  • During character creation set available skill points to 7
  • Infinite ammo clip
  • EXP multiplier
  • Infinite HP
  • Always have max durability
  • Save anywhere on supernova difficulty
  • Fast travel anywhere on supernova difficulty
  • Set companions essential on supernova difficulty
  • Items weigh zero
  • Have high carrying capacity
  • Override item quantity to add on pickup
  • Make console command GivePlayerAllItems only give you specific category of items
  • Pointer to difficulty (View Settings)
  • Pointer to bits (View Character Menu)
  • Pointers to player current and max health
  • Pointers to companion current and max health
  • Pointers to player EXP, player skill points available, player perk points available
  • Pointers to player skill and bonus skills
  • Pointers to player reputation

If you play games on ps4, you need to know how to use console commands on ps4 and the straight answer here is that the console commands are not actually available on console versions of the game on ps4. Outer Worlds Console Commands

Although, it can be used for altering content while you are in-game, but it’s difficult to use them as cheat codes.

Hence, console commands cannot be used in the console versions or in Survival mode in ps4 or otherwise as well.

Reader, do you know how do you get infinite money in the outer worlds? Are you in need of infinite money?

Then you must know that the cheat is the only way that essentially allows you to earn unlimited amounts of money in this game.


In the game ‘The Outer Worlds’ the duplication glitch is specifically a neat cheat that allows players to duplicate droppable items as much as they want and make money out of it.

In order to receive millions of bits, this cheat can be used to sell a boatload and receive money in return.

And you know, you can use this money to buy weapons and other essentials to keep you game interested and to open new levels for yourself.


A game isn’t simply a game to play. It needs your time, attention, and smartness to crack cheat codes and if required, search for them as well. Also, when you know how to earn a lot of money in the game using a cheat, don’t think twice and just do the needful. Having said that, gamers have a lot to deal with in today’s trend

Hope this good read has saved you a lot of time and effort in research and provided you the best details you were looking for.

So, keep playing, keep exploring, and hit the gaming!

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