Home-based Businesses to Start on Shopify?

eCommerce has revolutionized the way marketing is done. It has also reshaped and reconfigured our buying approach. Today, many companies are selling products without a warehouse, physical store, or workers. They are doing this by creating an online marketplace using top-notch platforms such as Shopify. They can configure them with the help of good internet provider such as Spectrum business bill pay. After that, anyone can create a theme from Shopify and start doing their business.

Shopify is an excellent platform to create an eCommerce store. You may be considering it to launch your own home-based business. The success stories are many and the idea is enticing considering the ongoing coronavirus. Everyone wants to have financial independence and now may be your time. Read about some of the best home-based businesses that you can pursue on Shopify.

Buy in Bulk and Sell

One of the easiest businesses out there follows a rather simple approach. Simply buy a particular good, add it to your eCommerce store, and sell it. You can buy any product as long as it helps you break a good profit margin. Some of the things that you can buy in bulk include earphones, clothes, and phone covers. However, you can buy other items as well.

Homemade Products

If you are a creative person, love DIY projects, and have an interest in arts and handicraft, this is for you. People love to buy homemade products. Women, in particular, adore jewelry and decoration items. You can also create small minimalistic furniture items and sell them on your eCommerce store. In case, you do not have prior experience in making homemade products but the idea interests you, simply head over to YouTube. You will come across many DIY projects and ideas to get your business up and running. Mastering the art of creating homemade products is not that tough frankly. You can easily become an expert in a particular niche in a week or two.

Print On-demand Business

Many people like printed items. They love to have a phone cover with their name written on it. Others like to have coffee mugs with certain designs to show off. You can invest in an eCommerce store that provides customers with print services on a range of items. Shirts, mugs, phone covers, and wristbands are all examples of these items. In addition to selling these items to them, you will also charge them for custom designs that can be printed on DTF transfer paper. This business comes with a very strong model and you can start having returning clients very soon.

A blogger or a gamer may request you to create the entire merchandise for them. Similarly, a brand may approach you with a long-term contract if your items boast quality. You must market your business effectively so that you can start receiving a good number of clients early on. Embrace social media marketing and run ad campaigns to attract clients.

Training Services

You can also provide training services on your eCommerce platform. These can be about anything. You can upload paid video lectures in the form of bundles. These can be related to anything from writing to SEO and cooking to travel management. Providing access to some content for free will enable visitors to see the value you’re offering. This will motivate them to purchase a training package from you.

Along with the training services, you can also offer professional services to assist clients. If you’re a writer who has prior experience in creating corporate brochures, case studies, handouts, and company profiles, try your luck by creating a website. You will see that companies will approach you for your services. Similarly, you should offer services in the realm of digital marketing if you have experience in the field.


A clothing business can also help you enjoy lots of success. Write good descriptions for all your products. High-quality images will also help to facilitate sales. Offer good discounts on your articles to attract customers. Another thing you can do is offer customers the choice to design their own clothes. For this, you can charge them a little extra. And all you’ll require is a small printing machine. Not only will this make the customers happy, but it will also bring a large volume of orders to you. You can also head over to universities and sign contracts with student bodies. They often require shirts for events to wear at university events.

These are some of the best business ideas to launch a successful home-based business using Shopify. The eCommerce platform will allow you to create an interactive theme and integrate various payment channels as well. A user-friendly website along with good business propositions will allow you to make a good number of sales every month.


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