German Quotes about Love and Marriage

Many people believe that German is a completely non-romantic country, mostly because the German language doesn\’t sound very gentle and romantic. Because of this, there is an opinion that native speakers of the German language simply cannot be romantics.

Of course, this is nonsense, and we all understand that everyone can be romantic. We all fall in love, get married, create families, raise kids, and want to be happy. A few people know that Germans on dates give each other presents when they confess their love.

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No doubts that each culture and nation has its own cultural peculiarities and traditions. For example, in Russia, men always pay for girls on their dates.

In Germany, people believe that both people are responsible for building relationships, so, everyone should contribute. Moreover, German women may get offended if you don\’t allow them to pay half the cost of dinner.

Thus, we must adapt our first date behavior to make sure that our dates with representatives of certain cultures will be perfect.

Love is a mysterious and incomprehensible feeling. Even greater often, people are unable to explain what this word means to them. Thus, we all desire to love and to be loved, but only a few of us clearly understand what this all means.

This is why we have so many witticisms and proverbs about love and marriage. Each country is unique in its own way, with its traditions, its history, and people.

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Even inside one particular nation, you will never be able to find two similar families, because we all see happiness in our own way. We picked up some German quotes about love and marriage. So that you can understand how the German people see love.

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1. It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship makes two people feel unhappy in marriage

Many German quotes have a similar meaning. The Germans believe that a marriage can be happy only when two lovers are also friends. A friendship between husband and wife has been mentioned in many different novels by various German authors.

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They also think that romantic relationships should begin with friendship. As you know, we become friends only with those who share some interests with us. On the other hand, love appears when two people share views on life. A marriage based on friendship and love is truly strong and happy.

2. Marriage is about being in Heaven and Hell at the same time

Even the happiest people and couples have quarrels. This quote carries a similar meaning. In a couple, people are both happy and unhappy at the same time. We feel unhappy when we have quarrels, for example, when we don\’t understand each other, or when we can’t find a compromise. On the contrary, we happy that to be together with our partners. Happy to see how our partners become successful.

3. By hurting you, I am also hurting myself. Because, for me, we are a whole one.

Of course, we don\’t want to hurt our loved ones. But in any relationship, such situations may happen. And when this happens, we also feel pain. This is what the Germans consider to be true love. When two people have become one, and share not only joy but also each other\’s sorrows.

4. Love is a duet, not a solo. As soon as one stops, the love song ends

There must always be mutuality in love. Without a mutual interest to be together, contribution to the relationship, and, of course, mutual feelings, you will never be happy with your partner. If one person doesn\’t understand this, then love perishes. Because even if you share feelings for each other, but only one contributes to the relationship, your feelings are doomed. Remember, love is a duet, and you have to sing your song together.

5. Love must be voluntary. Because you can give yourself to someone else, only if you have something to give.

You cannot force someone into mutual love if they don\’t love you. One must always remain sincere and honest. Don\’t try to please your partner in everything. Don\’t adapt to the desires of your partner. You, there is always someplace for adaptation and respect, but you should never change your personality entirely. If you see that you don\’t fit each other, then maybe it is better to find someone else. Therefore, love should always be based on sincerity.

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