Duramax Head Studs: Optimize Your engine Power

Duramax Head Studs: You might not have heard of them yet, but these LB7 Duramax Head studs are changing the game when it comes to engine performance. What are they? They\’re little metal rods that go into your head and secure it in place while you\’re running your truck or car. These LB7 Duramax Head studs help optimize your engine power by ensuring that there is no slippage between the block and head. If you want a more powerful engine, then this article will get you started with some great information about how to use these LB7 Duramax Head studs!

LB07 Duramax Head studs are made of stainless steel, and are easy to install. You\’ll need a wrench or socket set, but that\’s all! Though these head studs were originally created for the LBZ engine (a GM truck engine), they work great with other engines too – like an LLY powered Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. To get started installing them into your vehicle, you\’re going to want to find the four most vulnerable points on top of your cylinder heads: two on each side at about 12 o\’clock position (right in front) and then one near where your oil filler is located. Make sure that there is no debris in any of those little holes before proceeding to insert the head studs!

LB07 Duramax Head studs are available in many lengths. You\’ll want to consider the length of your engine block, as well as how much room you have between those four vulnerable points on top of your cylinder heads and where they meet with the engine block, before selecting a set for installation. These head studs come threaded at one end so that they provide an easy way to keep them tight into place once installed; but don\’t forget to use thread sealant or some other type of adhesive if installing these because water may get introduced over time which will corrode all that metal!

LB07 Duramax Head studs can be used by themselves – without any gaskets or seals – if you\’re looking for a harder seal. However, it\’s much more common to find these head studs in conjunction with an aftermarket gasket and sealing compound like Mil-Spec Flat Moly Gasket Sealant (Part Number: MSDSUB97001) or Copper Head Bolts w/ Viton Seals & Lock Tabs (Part Number: MSDSTR007).

Be warned that if you\’re installing LB07 Duramax Head studs on your engine block by yourself, the process may take up to five hours depending on how many of them are being installed – and make sure not to forget any tools!

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Head studs are threaded rods with a hexagonal end that is inserted into the block and head to help hold them in place while new engine gaskets are installed. They\’re made from high-quality materials, come in different lengths for various engines, and work best when they\’re tightened down using hydraulic torque wrench or power tools like an impact gun.

In this article, we\’ll be looking at LB07 Duramax Head studs – standard Ford parts designed specifically for Chevy/GMC trucks built between 2006-2007 (LBZ) and 2008-2010 (LLY). This part can only be used on these models of vehicle if your truck has LLY heads as well. If you have 2007+ GMC trucks with LLY heads, you\’ll need LBZ Duramax Head studs instead.

The length of the head stud is determined by measuring from center to center on either side and subtracting one inch with a ±0.005\” tolerance. For example: A 14mm long head stud will measure 13.925\”. If your measurement falls within this range, then it\’s likely an acceptable part for installation in your truck engine bay! Keep in mind that all measurements are approximate so be sure to keep track of any additional lengths or tolerances during ordering just as another precautionary step before installing these parts into your vehicle engine bay. – You should take note also that some engines require more than one set (or \”pack\”) of head studs, so be sure to order two if you are unsure!


If you have a truck or car that needs some engine performance optimization, then Duramax Head studs are for you! These LB7 Duramax Head studs will help ensure that there is no slippage between the block and head, which means more power. You can find these little metal rods online at any of your favorite retailers like Auto Parts Warehouse. Whether it\’s an oil change or new parts needed to get your car running smoothly again, this article should give you all the information necessary on how to use these amazing LB7 Duramax Head Studs!