Discovering the Best Girl Skins for Your Minecraft Character

If you’re anything like me then you probably change your Minecraft skin every few days. And it’s not because I’ve become bored with the older skin. But rather I am just too excited to play as my favorite hero or villain. 

Because that’s the beauty of Minecraft and the skin system. It allows us to live out our fiction fantasies and show off our dedication to our fandoms. And in 2023 I will be focusing on using skins based on my all-time favorite female characters. To that end, I’ve compiled this list of the best girl skins for Minecraft. So you too can join me in playing the badass heroines and villains of modern fiction.

Princess Leia

Star Wars is one of the most beloved movie series in history. Filled with amazing lightsaber fights and incredible characters. And no character is more badass than Princess Leia. The daughter of Darth Vader and leader of the rebellion, Leia has been an inspiration for many people since she hit the silver screens all those years ago. And her popularity has never wavered. Which is why she is one of the most popular Minecraft skins out there. 

Black Widow

The MCU is undoubtedly one of the most popular franchises in cinema history. The interconnected nature of the films has a huge appeal to fans of the comics. The most popular characters in the MCU are the core avengers. Especially Black Widow. The former KGB agent turned Shield spy helped stop an alien invasion of New York. And she makes for a fantastic Minecraft skin for taking on some of the craziest custom game modes.


Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of the defining cartoons of my childhood. So when the sequel show was released I was over the moon with excitement. The Legend of Korra delivered on everything we hoped it would. An incredible story. A look into the future of the four elemental nations. And an incredible new Avatar in the form of Korra. And she makes a great skin for Minecraft.


Portal started off as nothing more than a puzzle game with a sassy AI talking to you as you were forced to complete her tests. But Valve could never have anticipated just how popular it would be. GLaDOS was the undeniable reason for the series\’ success. Without her there most likely would never have been a sequel. 

But equally as important as GLaDOS is the heroine who overcomes her testing. The silent protagonist who the player takes on the portal adventure. Chell. Rocking her signature orange Aperture Science jumpsuit and long-fall boots. And her Minecraft skin is equally stylish.


While the Master Chief is the primary star of the Halo franchise, he isn’t the only hero that the fans love. There is another character who has been there since the beginning. Who arguably made sure Master Chief could save the galaxy. And who eventually turned against those who she once served.

Cortana is the genius AI and best friend of the Master Chief. She appears as a humanoid but made of a series of holographic numbers. Which means her Minecraft skin is instantly recognisable and stands out. 

Princess Peach

If we are discussing female gaming icons then we of course have to look at one of the most famous. The icon in pink. The rule of the Mushroom Kingdom. The obsession of Bowser’s master plans. Princess peach. 

In the past Princess Peach was written off as a bit of a damsel in distress. And this is a fair assumption as that was the role she used to fill. But the more modern Mario games have been giving her a bit more of a role. She is now a powerful, competent ruler who defends her kingdom with grace and decorum. And she is always styling in her pink dress. Which is why she makes such a good choice for a Minecraft skin. 

As a side note you could also spring for her Princess partner in fashion. Princess Daisy. While Daisy is often relegated to the party games and Mario Kart, she could easily find a second home in Minecraft as your new skin.