Catchy Environment Slogan and Taglines

Not every time you talk about “green” does it mean a dollar bill. Though that type green is crucial for survival, there is yet another type of green without which life on Earth would be impossible!

We are talking about nature, the very existence of life. One, on which we base our daily living. A healthy and green environment is necessary for all in order to live a full life.

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It is the only gift that we can leave back for our future generation. All the property that we think we are keeping back for them will be useless if they do not have healthy air to breath and healthy food on their plates.

However, in the pursuit of living that dazzling life, we are killing the environment around us. The more we use the air conditioning, the more trees die due to the chlorofluorocarbons. The more we get drawn towards buying our dream car the more carbon dioxides get added to our environment. We are the root of all evil. We are ultimately the destroyers.

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While some people are taking a lot of steps to ensure and restore environmental well being, a chunk of the population is not aware of the problems. Can only environmentalist slogans, environment slogan, and environmental slogans fix these issues?

We will not know till we give it a shot. They say Pen is Mightier Than The Swords. They say words are more powerful than nuclear weapons. So why not resort to these words to solve this great peril which is threatening death for the entire human race?

But where will you use these environmental slogans or slogans on environment protection? You just cannot possibly paste them on your Facebook wall and expect people to miraculously work on environmental protection. It has to be thought about action.

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In fact, you will require a continued process to raise the standards of environmental awareness. In that light, campaigns can be resorted to.

Catchy Environment Slogan

Campaigns are the best means you can use to let people know about the environmental problems staring directly into our eyes. In addition to that, you can also use campaigns to let people know about the various environmental problems such as Global warming, Pollution and how it is sure to impact our health in the long run.

But shooting long and boring speeches about these issues will not be of any help. You need some catchy slogans on environment protection and environmental phrases. In fact, environmentalist slogans and slogans on the environment are the most memorable part of the entire campaign. People tend to remember these environmentalist slogans easily and that makes the campaign a success.

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But to achieve your final goal, you need to come up with some really attractive environment slogan and environmental slogans.

You need to come out of the box and think beyond “Go Green” or “ Keep Clean”

So here are a few options to get your brain churning:

  • Renew your life. Renew your fuel options.
  • Move forward with a fossil-free future
  • Say no to fossils.
  • Fossils are the things of the past. Move on
  • There is nothing called the Peak Sun. Take your stand now.
  • Trust us, there is no damn future with limited resources.
  • If they don’t renew, you will not be left with any to use.
  • If not for anyone else, do it for your own child.
  • It takes ages to form but takes only seconds to use.
  • Oil spills are spilling all over your future.
  • Breath the air that won’t make your soul choke.
  • Drink the water that won\’t kill you from within.
  • Will you let your child drink this water?

Pass the gas. Build the future.

If they run out, you will be left with nothing but smoke.

  • Killing Mother Nature should be a punishable offense
  • Greenhouse gas will remain trapped and limit your chance of survival.
  • You will die green. Not with money, but with poison. Take action now.
  • Cheap fuel will make you seem like an Idiot.
  • Burning Fossil Fuels-Imprints of Destruction that can never be undone.
  • Do you have the fossil habit? Its time to kill it now
  • They are not plenty. They are limited.

While there are concerns about the air around us, campaigns must also be launched for the purpose of preserving water. Water pollution too is a matter of big concern, and here are a few environmentalist slogans to be used in water specific campaigns:

  • Life is impossible without water.
  • Liquid Life.
  • Clean the water bodies for the sake of your bodies
  • A rich man needs as much water as a poor man. We are all equal in this regard.
  • If you save water, it will surely save you back.
  • You are sure to whither due to the lack of water.

With the water and the environment taken care of, you also need to launch campaigns to ensure the general protection of the environment. It might not seem very interesting to many, but its importance must be highlighted.

In that light, there always remains the need to come up with quirky slogans on the environment and environment slogan to grab the attention of the mass. While you may have some great ideas of your own, here are a few slogans that you just might want to use:

When you save the Earth, you save yourself.

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The only solution right now is less pollution

  • Understand the hint hidden in your carbon footprint
  • Are you contributing to cleaner air?
  • Keep it simple. Your health is far more important than your fancy car.
  • It\’s worth saving the Earth. Mars is not open to humans yet.
  • Save the Earth or leave the Planet
  • Feed the planet. It will nourish you in return.
  • Are you leaving behind something more than just money for your children?
  • Your children too deserve to breathe in some fresh air
  • Wild is any day better than being defiled.
  • When you save a tree you save 100 lives

Saving the environment must not just remain a theory. It must come out of the environmental studies books and become an everyday practice. Our Ozone layer has a huge hole punched in it. Our snowcaps are melting. The apocalypse is not far away if we do not take a stand.

Thus make your environmentalist slogans reek of urgency. It’s the only way to save the Earth.


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