4 Essential Factors to Look Into When Searching for the Best Data Centre

Sydney is known for having the greatest economy in Australia. It is recognized for having some of the biggest companies in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, education, and trading Data Centre4 Essential Factors to Look Into When Searching. 

New South Wales’ Central Business District is also the largest in the country. Even the surrounding areas like Parramatta, where some of the biggest information technology companies are settled, are bigger compared to other state capitals in the country. Since these companies know the importance of keeping all their pertinent files safe, they would invest in a data centre in Sydney to ensure that all the data they keep are protected from different breaches. 

If you own a company that uses large volumes of data for seamless operations, here are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best data centre in Sydney. 

Factor #1: Location

One of the major points to bear in mind each time you are looking for the right data centre for the company is the location of the structure. While some would settle for in-house data storage to save money, others choose off-site options for more benefits. 

If you go for an off-site data centre location, you need to make sure that your resident IT staff can drop by the facility in the fastest possible time. It should also be located in a place with secure electricity to avoid constant power interruptions. It is also essential to remember to find a data centre that is far from the earthquake fault lines.  

Factor #2: Dependability

The data centre where you will entrust your important data should have a reliable power source. They must have adequate generators within the facility to make sure that there is enough backup in case an unexpected power interruption happens. 

The facility must also have several cooling systems installed all over the place. Since servers usually generate high amounts of heat, it must have a sufficient cooling solution to avoid possible downtime. Also, the facility should have efficient redundancy systems to assure you that they will continue their operations while in the middle of an emergency. 

Factor #3: Security

Since you want to make certain that you will have an intensified cybersecurity protection, you need to find a data centre in Sydney that has the strongest security possible. It will be your guarantee that you will never encounter cyber-attacks or data tampering. 

Aside from cybersecurity, your chosen data centre must also have reliable physical security. The service provider must be able to stop any unauthorised access, theft, or intentional destruction before it can even begin. The facility must also have plenty of infrastructure protection, video surveillance, and security staff all over the building.  

Factor #4: Reputation

You must always look into the difference between the marketing image of the data centre and its actual reputation. They might be promoting their services as the best in Sydney, but their performance proves otherwise. 

To check this, you can do a little background check about the company. You can research their reputation by reading online reviews. You may also ask for feedback from other clients. This practice will allow you to come up with the best evaluation if the data center is credible or not Data Centre4 Essential Factors to Look Into When Searching.  

Aside from these factors, you need to have a thorough discussion with your IT team to know their requirements when looking for a good data centre. Your staff will be able to pinpoint, which are essential for your operations, so always consider their thoughts regarding this matter. Most importantly, you need to feel confident about your choice since you will entrust all the crucial files of your business with the data centre.   

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