YouTube Marketing Trends Done Right in 2021

If you want to learn more about YouTube marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will share with you very interesting and important tweaks for your YouTube marketing strategy. 

Publishing a video

Before uploading a video, make a description for it with the entry of keywords (up to 5000 characters), make a title with the main key (up to 100 characters), select one of 15 categories, open comments, specify the video language, and write tags. Name the file itself taking into account the keyword. You can use clickable timestamps in the description – this increases the interest. Also include links to your website and social media groups so users can subscribe right away. You need organic presence to get better results in the SERPs of YouTube. Start your journey without organic reach at first – you can buy high-quality YouTube subscribers that stay active and engage. You’ll get organic rankings and traffic from YouTube search but at first you need loyal, active and real subscribers.

This is standard practice, but exceptions are possible. So, the key request does not always play the main role when choosing a title: the more entertaining content you prepare, the brighter, catchy and intriguing the title of the video should be.

Share the video on social media

If in a text document you share a link to a site, then users often perceive it as spam. But people are more loyal to videos. If you make an intriguing video thumbnail, then views are guaranteed. The main thing is that it is placed in thematic \”living\” communities.

Work on adding content regularly

You should have a schedule for the release of videos. If subscribers are interested in your channel, then they will wait for the video to be released. Do not upset them. If for some reason the exit is delayed, warn about this in the last video and indicate the reason – this will be a manifestation of courtesy and concern for users.

A channel with a lot of videos has a better chance of success. Therefore, work not only on quality, but also on quantity. For example, if your main video comes out once a week, then you can upload small teasers, footage from filming, funny events, etc. in the middle of the week. This will warm up the audience\’s interest.

Collaborate with video bloggers

There is nothing better for promoting your YouTube channel than a recommendation from a well-known and reputable blogger. With this method of promotion, a young channel can become popular in a matter of weeks. But here it is important that the blogger likes your channel, because a successful person will not compromise himself and advertise everything.

In one of our cases, we talked about the results of promoting a customer\’s brand through postings on social networks and on popular YouTube channels. The advantage of such a promotion channel is in a prolonged and cumulative effect: the video continues to gain views of subscribers long after the end of the advertising campaign, and therefore leads to targeted traffic to the customer\’s website.

Use comments actively

First of all, communicate in the comments with your audience, do not forget to answer questions, thank you for your advice and constructive criticism. It\’s a good idea to create a separate section with video responses to comments. Also comment on other videos, subtly recommend your channel.