Pop It Trading Codes From Xox Studios (October 2023)

Here are the most recent codes for Pop It Trading, a Roblox game that harnesses the excitement of bartering and elevates it into a unique gameplay experience. Crafted by XOX Studios, this game empowers you to exchange goods with fellow participants.

Begin your journey with a Basic Dimple and gradually progress to acquiring race vehicles and trendy add-ons, many of which are reminiscent of other renowned Roblox titles, such as Backrooms and FNAF!

What Are XOX Studios Codes?

XOX Studios codes are unique alphanumeric combinations released by the studio, allowing players to access special content. These codes can range from in-game currency, and exclusive skins, to special power-ups, enhancing the player\’s experience and adding an element of surprise.

New XOX Studios Codes [100% Working]

This guide aims to provide you with the latest active codes, as well as insights into how you can redeem them and much more.

Code/KeywordAssociated Item/Reward
funkimunkiifree random item (new!)
fantasticplasticfree Barbie item (new!)
Whonewit?free random item
kreekcraftfree random item
12345free random item
b5nb5nfree random item
stokedfree random item
categgfree random item
doilookprettyfree random item
pingufree random item
miaminightsfree random item
letsgetweirdfree random item
heartburnfree random item
ewwwfree random item
holasoyd0rafree random item
b4nb4nfree random item
itsalive!free random item
metacarpusfree random item
kawa11free Kawaii item
meoooowfree random item
m3rryrandom holiday item
thursdayWednesday Adams toy
candyfree item
fifiFIFA toy
youspinmeflying hat toy
yodomeBaby Yoda toy
aredswordfree sword
daeggalphabet egg toy
halloweenieHalloween toys
callmemaybe3am toy
lachanclasandals toy
popit1yearbirthday hat
knockknockEie item
whaaaaaababy gato item
peptopink sauce toy
lasagnarainbow toy
[Hidden]Rainbow Friends toy
throneToilet toy
1337free item
m0dn4rfree item
madregatefree item
juegocontroller toy
fotitoInstagram toy
pájaroTwitter toy
100kYouTube toy
gubfree reward
cutebunny toy
Lightemupflamethrower toy
wthmonster toy
pineapplepineapple toy
portalPortal toy
farmerMagic Seed
r41nb0wRainbow toy
codefree reward
upupupLadder toy
90secFloppa toy
kittycat toy
popit!pop it toy
stuffistuffed animal
cupidbox of chocolates
noslendy note
takoslippy orange
Lootloot box
juaniday2021hot cocoa
susAmong Us toy
crystalcrystal item
spooky21spooky item

How To Redeem XOX Studios Codes


Redeeming your XOX Studios codes is a straightforward process:

  • Launch your XOX Studios game or platform.
  • Navigate to the \’Settings\’ or \’Profile\’ section.
  • Find the \’Redeem Code\’ option and input your code.
  • Confirm and enjoy your new content!
  • Ensure your game is updated to the latest version to avoid any redemption errors.

Old and Expired XOX Studios Code

While some codes offer lasting benefits, others are time-sensitive. Here\’s a list of codes that have expired:

  1. XOXSUMMER20:- This code suggests a promotion related to the summer season of a specific year, possibly 2020. It might offer discounts or special deals for summer products or events.
  2. STUDIOGIFT:- This code seems to be related to the year 2020. The \”XOX\” prefix might suggest a theme of love or affection, possibly related to Valentine\’s Day or a similar event.
  3. XOX2020:- This code seems to be related to the year 2020. The \”XOX\” prefix might suggest a theme of love or affection, possibly related to Valentine\’s Day or a similar event.

Stay tuned; sometimes, XOX Studios revives older codes for special occasions!

How Often Does XOX Studios Release New Codes?


XOX Studios typically releases new codes during special events, game milestones, or promotional campaigns. On average, players can expect new codes every couple of months. However, during festive seasons or game anniversaries, the frequency might increase.

Tips And Tricks For Staying Updated On New Codes

  • Official Website and Newsletter:
    • Tip: Always check the official website of XOX Studios. Many brands offer exclusive codes to their website visitors.
    • Trick: Sign up for their newsletter or email list. Brands often send promotional codes to their subscribers.
  • Follow on Social Media:
    • Tip: Brands often announce special deals and codes on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
    • Trick: Turn on post notifications for XOX Studios\’ social media profiles to get instant updates.
  • Join Loyalty or Membership Programs:
    • Tip: If XOX Studios offers a loyalty or membership program, join it. Members often get exclusive codes.
    • Trick: Keep an eye on member-exclusive events or sales where codes might be shared.
  • Use Code Aggregator Websites:
    • Tip: Websites like RetailMeNot, Honey, and CouponCabin aggregate promotional codes from various brands.
    • Trick: Set up alerts on these websites for \”XOX Studios\” to get notified of new codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many times can I use a code?
Ans: Each code is typically redeemable once per account.

Q2. I encountered an error while redeeming; what should I do?
Ans: Ensure your game is updated, recheck the code for any typos, and try again. If the issue persists, contact XOX Studios\’ support.


XOX Studios codes provide players with a unique avenue to enhance their gaming experience. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you\’re well-equipped to make the most of every code that comes your way. Keep an eye on official XOX Studios channels, and happy gaming!

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