Writing an Essay – 12 Tips to Achieve Flow

One comedian was once interviewed about his tips for successful writing. His recommendation for beginners in this field was very simple: take a pen and start writing. This interview took place a while ago. The modern version would be something like: open a Google doc and start typing.

Modern Life – Are the Good Old Principles Still Applicable?

His remark still seems quite reasonable in its essence. But was the comedian facing the same high-stress level and struggling with the up-to-date lack of time? Probably not. The pace of modern life is quite challenging. This article contains the top tips for achieving flow when writing an essay.

How to Get the Ball Rolling

The absence of energy and heavy workload do not help things. Having a custom writing service at hand is a great solution. But there are also some methods for writing a perfect essay without anyone’s help.

Awaken Your Creative Potential

There are several essential aspects to take into account. What can one do from a creative perspective? Check it out:

  • Read, watch, or discuss

Before starting an essay, research the topic and get inspired. You can choose the best way to go depending on your information perceiving type. Read some related articles if you are a visual learner. Auditory learners can listen to podcasts. It might also be a good idea to talk to someone who is an expert in this area. 

  • Listen to instrumental music

Choose a piece of classical music or any song without vocals. Turn it on when you are about to start writing. Such music does not cause distraction. On the contrary, it activates the zone of your brain responsible for focusing. Creating the right background noise helps to be productive.

  • Play the game

This tip might seem weird but try it. It is one of the key principles of improvisation called ‘play the game.’ Do not sit down to write with a heavy thought: I have to finish this boring essay by tomorrow. Trick your brain – yes, you can. Imagine that you are a writer who has to submit their work to the publisher by tomorrow – and gets a million dollars if they create a masterpiece. The right energy will help you to achieve flow.

  • Take a nature break

A gulp of fresh air is more efficient than a gulp of coffee. If you are exhausted, leave your workspace for a brisk walk. Listen to the birds singing, watch the snow falling, or smell the flowers blossoming – every season has something to offer. You will notice that this stroll was beneficial when you are back to writing.

Boost Your Physical Abilities

Another factor for consideration is your physical state. Although it might seem unrelated to essay writing, you are likely to change your mind after reading the next part of the article:

  • Supplement your nutrition

Consuming all the nutritional substances is crucial anyway. But it might not be enough when you need energy for essay writing. So add some vitamins, minerals, and food supplements to your daily nutrition program.

  • Drink enough water

Staying focused = staying hydrated. If you do not drink enough water, you risk getting headaches or brain fatigue. This is the last thing you need when your deadline is around the corner.

  • Fit in exercise

This recommendation nearly coincides with the fourth creative tip. Being fit is in direct correlation with a healthy mind. So, if the weather is not perfect for a walk, do some exercise at home. Some basic movements will give you the right distraction and energy for further writing.

  • Restrict the number of stimulants

Drinking a cup of coffee to wake up is one thing. Loading on multiple cups of coffee is another story. If the first one helps, the second one only exhausts your organism’s resources. It is better to avoid energy drinks for the same reason.

Enjoy the Writing Process

Writing essays is a dull routine for students. But if you introduce some of the techniques below, you will have to confess that it can be fun.

  • Find the right word

Remember: your goal is to create a masterpiece of an essay. Therefore, every single word matters. Use dictionaries or encyclopedias to ensure that the word you choose precisely conveys the meaning. Moreover, here is a little trick: use shorter words if you need to sound harsh. Compare the words ‘buck’ and ‘dollar’ to see what we are talking about.

  • Create a metaphor that works

People think in images because language is nothing else than a system of signs. If you find a powerful metaphor – the reader is yours. This image will remain with them forever. It is not always easy to create such an association. But see it as a challenge that makes the writing process exciting for you.

  • Read out loud

When you finish a paragraph, read it out loud. Feel the taste of each word at the tip of your tongue. Adjust the rhythm. Have you ever noticed that some Instagram posts grab your attention as soon as you start reading? Because they are voice recordings of spontaneous speeches converted into texts.

  • Play with the sentence variety

Your professor is your reader. And readers quickly get bored if all the sentences are similar in their structure and length. Try to avoid monotonous rhythm and identical structures. You kill two birds with one stone. Jungling with sentences will make your essay exciting both for you to write and for your professor to read. 

P.S. Look through the ‘Read out loud’ paragraph once again. Pay attention to the variety of sentence length and structure.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing is great fun if you know how to prepare. Knowing where to get the motivation and inspiration during the process is even more critical. Luckily, you have learned about all the necessary techniques. Now it is time to practice and master them!