Why Should You Buy a Foldable Smartphone?

Gone are the dlf when eyeing a great upgrade meant tying yourself to a two-year phone plan that might cost more than it was worth. You can now get a reasonable pf to a longphone without necessarily tying yourself to a long-term contract.

Well, while the world of smartphones has seen remarkable changes, none equal the impressiveness of the foldable smartphone. The Samsung foldable phone is one of the most significant breakthroughs in the mobile phone industry, introducing a category-defying innovation that signaled the future of phones.

Launched in February 2019, the first Samsung foldable phone unfolded the next chapter of smartphones. Since then, the tech giant has released improved models and variations, continuing to provide incredibly compelling foldable experiences to their customers.

In this post, you will find interesting things you should know about the Samsung foldable phone models in Singapore and, of course, reasons why you should consider buying one. Read on!

Things you should know about Samsung foldable phones

From the tall and skinny book-like Galaxy Fold that opens into a full-size tablet to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with improved multitasking features and durable, water-resistant design, Samsung is determined to win foldable phone skeptics.

Here is what makes Samsung foldable phones an excellent option for you.

1. Big-screen bonus

Samsung is committed to ensuring Singaporeans get a compelling foldable experience. That’s why they rolled out mobile handsets that fold out into a tablet.

No matter the Samsung foldable phone you buy, you get a phone-tablet combo. For a wide display, all you need is to unfold the phone, and you will see the tablet-like main display. Newer models come with wholly redesigned cover screens.

2. Improved design

There is no denying that Samsung foldable phones are thicker and heavier than the phone you are used to having in your pocket. All in all, the newer models are more slender and light enough to carry in your pocket.

What’s more, they are designed with clamshell foldable’s sweeper tech, which repels dust and other potentially screen-wrecking particles when in a folded state.

3. Designed for productivity and versatility

While every device that folds is already versatile, Samsung foldable phones are a great option for customers looking to remain productive. Not only do these smartphones promise to be true multitasking powerhouses, but they truly live their promise.

Samsung foldable phones are useful whether in their folded state or opened. In addition, the recent models boast stylus support to keep you productive.


4. Style and functionality

If you like fashion, you should not miss a Samsung foldable phone. These phones come with a compact design and a variety of new bold color options that are sure to sit into your lifestyle.

The newly redesigned cover screen is large, making it pretty easy to view notifications and messages without necessarily opening the flip fully.

With a Samsung foldable phone, you can also take selfies hands-free, thanks to its Flex mode. If you like doing things from the cover screen, you can still take quick snaps and record video when your phone is in its folded state. The most interesting part is that the dual preview camera allows the photographer and the subject to the frame before the photo is taken.


With every Samsung foldable phone, you get a better tablet. In terms of specs, everything is pretty much as you would expect. Overall, Samsung foldable smartphones are fantastic devices that anyone will be proud to own and allows you to switch between traditional smartphone and table-like UIs on the main screen.