Why is the Android Phone Ideal For Playing Any Mobile Games?

Be it iOS or Android, no one platform is inherently superior to the other. Both have their features and aspects in which they succeed. However, there are also some aspects, which do present some limitations. To help you find the answer for why the Android phone is the ideal platform for playing any mobile game, we will try to draw out a comparison between both iOS and Android.

Before the now-prevalent pocket computers took the whole world by surprise, the smartphone scene was still haywire, up until the past decade. In 2007, following the introduction of the first-ever iPhone, the whole smartphone scene was chaotic. This was when almost every enterprise was trying to get a share of the smartphone world. Back then, several operating systems were fighting to achieve supremacy. This confused the customers as they did not know which operating system to pick and how.

Till now, people are indecisive. So, now, let us start the reasoning and try to figure out why according to us the Android is a superior platform for game lovers.

No restrictions on Android

If you are an iOS user, you must be aware that Apple tends to pass a new rule every once in a while. Consequently, thousands of mobile apps are removed from the App Store.

‘There are so many games that I used to play on my iOS phone, and they worked very well, but they used to be lifted from the App Store the following day without any warning, and that was quite disheartening,’ shares Neil, an educator who offers ‘do my finance homework’ services.

Well, we agree with what Neil just stated and would like to point out that such a rule does not exist on the Android smartphone. Google rarely ever intervene with the games present on the Play Store, as opposed to the iOS. In most cases, if a gaming app is on Google today, you will find it on the platform even a decade from now unless the license has been canceled or if there is a major uproar surrounding the app.

In general, most Google-banned applications are all non-mobile titles. Hence, if you love a particular Android game, you can be sure that you will have access to it until the creator discontinues it.


About half a decade from today, players who did not wish to waste their money on sports found playing on Android a relatively easier alternative. However, today, the situation has changed. Despite that, some games bill the customers for both Android and iOS games.

However, there is no denying that iPhone users spend more money on games than Android users. Games do not charge differently. You will have to bear the cost regardless of the platform used to avail of the top sports functionality. Yet, the truth remains compared to the iOS App Store; Google Play has way more games.

In all honesty, if there is a paid game, it will be paid on both Android and iOS platforms. In some cases, the rates may be variable. However, if you need a free play, then you will have a wider variety on Android over iOS, comments Joe, an online linear algebra tutor.

We agree with what Joe just stated here and would like to add that if you do not mind a little gamble or are okay with spending a few bucks on a decent game, you will love the iOS interface of gaming, maybe a little more than android.

Also, some publishers only publish their games on App Store. Some of these apps are quite superior to the Play Store and are not usable on any other platform.


IOS gameplay experience is indeed very stable, but it is not the most customizable. In fact, it is not customizable at all. All iPhones come with a streamlined design, which is certainly the best one for a phone.

Don’t we all enjoy a certain level of customization? Well, I do, and so for me, Android is truly a better platform because iOS lacks severely in the customization,’ shares Julie, an educator who offers statistics assignment help services.

On the other hand, Android provides the users with the flexibility to an immense degree of customization. Some OEMs, such as Huawei, put their rigid skins on top of the OS just like the iOS. However, in that case, the Android user still has the flexibility to launch a more flexible launcher, such as the Nova Launcher.

Consequently, users can enjoy a stock Android experience, regardless of the phone. It does not end here. If you have a rooted Android phone, the degree of customization will be high. However, there is a certain vulnerability of voiding the warranty potentially or even destabilizing the system.

As is clear, both Android and iOS are two contrasting platforms when it comes to customization. In general, Apple follows the philosophy of – if it is not broken, there is no need to fix it and provide a homogenous, clean experience. In contrast, Android has an open-source nature. So, it will provide complete flexibility to the programs and the users. Having said that, Android is indeed a winner as far as customization is concerned.

So, these are only a few reasons why gaming in Android is a better experience than iOS. The reasons are endless, but these are the most pivotal ones, according to us. Have more such reasons defining the supremacy of Android over iOS? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to share some more reasons with our fellow gamers.