Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself? (Updated 2023)

Due to different factors like power settings, connected devices, or hardware problems, your Xbox One may turn on by itself. It is advised to check the power settings, unplug any connected devices, and then contact Xbox support if the problem still persists.

Keep reading this piece, as you are about to explore many relatable issues that you might come across some other day.

Here is a list of questions for which the answers and solutions are ready for you!

  • Why Xbox One randomly turns on?
  • Xbox One turns on and then off?
  • How to fix Xbox One X won\’t turn on?
  • Power cycling Xbox One?
  • Xbox One turns on but won\’t boot up?

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Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself? (Guide Step By Step)


Many hardcore players love Microsoft’s Xbox One as one of their favorite video game consoles. To add to it, Xbox has many other facilities as it can record, share video clips even send screenshots to other players in a jiffy. 

And due to a lot of popularity, the Xbox team is continuously working towards modifying its consoles for better and making better versions available in the market as soon as they can.

Due to these constant upgrades, you might face an issue from the above list without you even touching it. But hey, you do not have to worry about it, we have your back. 

This can be due to several things and the below article will certainly help you fix it on your own. 

Let’s begin with the causes which can make your Xbox turn on by itself:

Step1: Power Button Sensitivity

The Xbox One’s power button is made quite sensitive. It can be turned on by even a dust particle or any other tiny movement near the power button. So let’s do one thing clean the power button with a dusting cloth and you will notice the issue vanishes in thin air.

Step 2: Cortana Or Kinect Could Be To Blame.

Cortana or Kinect can be the cause of your Xbox One turning on but not booting up. Cortana is a virtual assistant that can occasionally obstruct the system\’s boot-up process, while Kinect is a motion-sensing gadget that can occasionally result in the console turning on accidentally.

Step3: Xbox One’s Faulty Controller

The Xbox One can be turned on accidentally by using the controller anytime. Maybe you have a faulty controller or it is malfunctioning due to some other reason. So to check this, just remove the batteries from your controller and plug it back. If it works you are good to go else change the controller.

Step4: System Update

Are you the one who misses certain software updates just to save time or internet bandwidth?


If yes then you might also agree that you have not updated your Xbox for a long time, and then one fine day you just did it and now that is causing these spooky turning-on issues in your Xbox One.

So just make sure that auto-update is on your console settings and you ensure doing it regularly. 

Step5: Cortona Could Be One Of The Issues

If yes check if it turns on the Xbox accidentally while you take assistance from it. So try disabling this feature and making Cortona clear instructions.

All these are tried and time-tested methods of hardcore Xbox users from around the world, so apply them and get rid of them. And, if you find other causes and how to fix them, please do share them with us in the comments box below, we would love to hear them.

Apart from this you might have come across other issues and got into trouble at the wrong times, let\’s discuss them and how to get rid of them:

Xbox One Turns On Then Off Immediately:

Xbox users normally face this issue and many of you must be trying to find out foolproof solutions for it for a long time, right?

Xbox One X and Xbox One S are the newest technologies after Xbox One. These new gadgets are thrilling to use as they have the latest 4K technologies in the games. But it’s really hard to find any technology without any glitches, isn’t it?

It is really bad timing when you are playing the best game of your life and the Xbox shut down in the middle of it and it is not turning on. Before you lose your temper on your favorite console and the best game of your life, let us help you with a proper solution.

How To Fix Xbox One When It Won\’t Turn On:

Let us discuss the possible solutions that should help:

  • First thing first, check the power cable. Some users faced a similar issue and they fixed it by swapping the cable with another brand cable i.e. if you own this One S then you can successfully replace it with Xbox One X cable. 
  • This problem can be simply because of an erroneous game, try a different game, if you do not get the same issue, just do not play the game… it’s a software issue that may be from the game side of the Xbox compatibility front. 

So now you know any silly thing can stop you enjoy your favorite thing, so let us explore more and understand what else is there that you should know:

Power Cycling Xbox One?

By completely shutting down your Xbox One and then restarting it, you can sometimes resolve difficulties like freezing or connectivity issues. Hold down the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds or until it completely shuts down to power cycle your Xbox One. After that, unhook the power cable, wait a few minutes, plug the power cable back in, and turn the system back on.

Xbox One Turns On But Won\’t Boot Up?

You can find these steps in the Manual, but let’s see it here in short:

  • Press and hold the Bind and eject button, then,
  • Press the release and power buttons,
  • Now, continue step one for 10-15 seconds, it will power up the console and take you to the Xbox Start-up Trouble-Shooter page
  • And, resetting the Xbox and all other things will be taken care of by themselves.

Final Words

Games are to stay happy and entertained. So, don’t let the basic issues ruin the fun. Grasp the quick ways to sort out the issues and keep continuing the chilled-out time on your Xbox.

Hope the aforementioned information helped you to get back on with your favorite games. If it has, congratulations! You are a PRO!

Happy Gaming!

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