Ultime Guide On Where Is Vault 81 In Fallout 4

Do you know where Vault 81 is in Fallout 4? It is possible to find this by going to Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, located on the west side of Diamond City. You can see Vault 81 available on the lake\’s west side. So, if you want to visit Vault 81 in Fallout 4, you can spend your time quite well as you will be able to discover many priceless characters & items. If you have queries regarding the Vault 81 terminal to unlock the door, you should know that players need three fusion cores if they want to get inside Vault 81. As a player, if you want, try to convince Overseer McNamara who can let you in “as a fellow vault dweller”.

Therefore, you don\’t need three cores. But you should carry three cores and hand them over for entry when you don\’t have a great Charisma skill. For opening the door terminal, the task of the user is to interact with the terminal that can be found on the reception desk. Then, the user needs to choose the option: \’Open Evacuation Tunnel\’. Make sure that you are looking for the small caged area that is located in the corner of the room and grab the pistol before you leave through the new-open doorway. 

Vault 81 Location


Its location is central to the Commonwealth. But the exact location is simple to miss because it is tucked away. You can see a few quick travel points close by, but it relies on the landmark which you have unlocked already. If you have begun your adventure just yet, you should pull up your Pip-Boy map and find the marker after that for Diamond City. You need to mark this early in the game on your map. Then, you should talk to Mama Murphy, Trashcan Carla.

Otherwise, you can pick up the Wasteland Survival Guide magazine that you can find in Gorski Cabin, located in the southern part of Concord. Whether you have found Diamond City, ensure that you are very close to the location for Vault 81. Now, you need to find a small lake on the Pip-Boy map, and this lake is located to the northwest of Diamond City. Chestnut Hillock Reservoir is another name for this location.

Hence, you should make your path first because Vault 81 is nearby and located on the lake\’s west side. You can collect a few useful magazines inside Vault 81. Once you complete the Short Stories side quest, you can get a Grognak the Barbarian issue #5 comic from the classroom. You should do this before you begin the Hole In The Wall quest or you have to ensure that you save Austin Engill once prompted to.

In Vault 81, it is possible to choose Taboo Tattoos issue #16 from the inside of Horatio\’s barbershop. Remember that it is necessary to do the quest to obtain the new companion Curie and to find the Medicine Bobblehead. After that, what you can do is work through the Hole In The Wall Vault 81 quest before you try to buy the Overseer’s Guardian. As a result, it is possible to get a 10% discount at the Depot.

How to Get to Vault 81


So, how to start the vault 81 quest journey? As soon as you go to the Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, you should follow the way around the lake\’s outside edge. Ensure that you are careful enough because swarms of blood bugs, bloat flies, and stingwings linger there. You can see them near the small cabin on the lake\’s south shore because a Brahmin corpse called Bess remains outside its front porch. Once you dispatch the insects, you should make your own route which will pass the cabin and up the path until you reach a little fork in the path.

In addition, you can see a few tiny tire walls and disused barriers, which can be seen at the fork\’s edge. This path will head towards The Fens. Remember that you should ignore them all and turn around to head back up the sloped road directing to a fenced-off area.A fenced-off enclosure located at the top of a small hill is home to burnt-out cars & dilapidated shacks. Then, you can see an opening after making a path to the rock wall, which is the area\’s rear side. After entering the opening, you can see a cave taking you inside the entranceway to Vault 81. 

Other Routes to Vault 81


It is also possible to get to fallout 4 vault 81 secret areas when you follow the train tracks to the south from Oberland Station, in case you find the settlement. However, for the Mass Pike Tunnel West, it is essential to move North from here to find Chestnut Hillock Reservoir. Otherwise, you can go to the northwest, so that you can reach the entrance to Vault 81. However, it is necessary to drop down to the lake\’s level to find this.

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Q1. How do you trigger the Vault 81 quest?
Ans. You should first open up the Pip-Boy at the entrance to begin the conversation with Officer Edwards and the Overseer via the comlink. A high Charisma stat enables you to emphasize your status in the conversation as a fellow Vault Dweller and to open the door by convincing the Overseer. 

Q2. Can you get into Vault 81 without fusion cores?
Ans. McNamara gives advice to the player character that it is essential to have three fusion cores to enter the Vault. These cores are actually used as a payment. However, the Survivor can pass a Hard speech check. If they want to part with the cores, the overseer will compensate for 100 bottle caps.

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