What to Do If You Need TV Aerial Repair

An excellent way to protect your family and your investment from damage caused by bad weather is by choosing an experienced, trained and insured TV aerial repair company. If you do not wish to spend the money on an expensive replacement, then this can be a very affordable alternative. The right company will also have the necessary equipment to complete the job quickly and easily.

TV Aerial Repair Service

You will want to find a TV aerial repair service that offers both satellite and aerial installation, as both require different techniques and skills. Satellite installation requires specialist technicians who will have the correct experience and tools for making the best possible repairs to satellite dishes.


Aerial installation, which involves erecting and repairing the television set from the ground level, is best carried out when local weather conditions are conducive to doing so. If the weather is bad, it is best to avoid this activity and wait until the weather clears.

Things to Do

In order to have an aerial repair performed, there are a few things that should be accomplished first. Firstly, make sure the cable lines are clean and clear of any obstructions. It is also important to check the position of the aerial on your TV screen. If you are not happy with the position, it may be necessary to relocate it.

After all the above tasks have been completed, call your chosen TV aerial repair service and ask for an estimate. Make sure that this estimate includes any special requirements such as power, electrical and plumbing. If any are missing, it may cost you more than if these were present at the time of the service.


When the aerial service arrives, assess the damages and determine if any repairs are necessary. If repairs are required, the cost will depend on what the repair is. If your satellite dish is broken, the repair cost could be far higher than if it were simply damaged.

Minor Repair

If the repair is minor, you should allow for the time needed to be spent to get the repair done right the first time. You should only need repair services performed when damage to your television set exceeds two hours after the damage was caused.

Major Repair

If there are no major problems, you may consider hiring your repair service to come on more often to ensure that your television set is always operating smoothly. With the right expertise, you should have no trouble in using your television for many years to come.

The repair service that you hire should not charge extra for their repair services. This should include their initial inspection of your set, the equipment, and the wiring in order to ensure that your satellite dish is not in need of repairs.

Before calling the aerial service, be sure to check the reputation of the company by reading consumer reports on them from Consumer Reports Online. These consumer reports are based on actual experiences of real customers who have used their services and are able to give unbiased reviews.

You should also make sure that the TV aerial repair company that you contact is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been in business in your state for a long period of time. You may also want to make sure that the repair service has a guarantee in place for their repairs.

If you choose a repair service that does not offer a guarantee, it is important that you do some research online or in your local phone book to find a reliable company. Make sure that they can provide proof of certification.

Once you have contacted the repair service, you will be asked to send in the damaged satellite dish for repairs. Once the repairs are complete, it is up to them to return the dish to you for you to install if you want.