What Is the Best Fit Career for the “Jack of All Trades”?

Are you a new graduate, or have you graduated many years ago? Most of us can relate to the frustrations of looking for the ideal work that will help us excel in our endeavours and achieve our career goals. Every year, schools and universities produce competitive graduates who are finally ready to enter the workforce. They will begin looking for jobs that are a good fit for their skills and education. Some occupations have a set of career paths that are already pre-determined and must be followed. A doctor selects his field of expertise. A teacher applies for subjects he trusts to teach. A communication graduate may pursue a career as a broadcaster or writer, but what about graduates who pursue administrative positions? And, are jacks-of-all-trades?

The administration department is every organization’s backbone. All administration jobs are considered assets that contribute to the organization’s smooth operation and linked to every different task in every department. A company would be chaotic without administrative personnel, and productivity would suffer greatly. With that, people in this department should have a diverse set of skills that will enable them to support the entire organization.

Having Great Communication Skills

It is one of the essential soft skills for administrative staff. Not only do they have to answer a lot of phone calls in a day, but they also have to interact with people both inside and outside of the organization. 

When conducting phone conversations or participating in meetings, verbal skills come in handy. It is fundamental to speak clearly and in the appropriate tone. On the other hand, writing skills improve the quality of office communications, such as writing emails and memos with proper grammar and in a professional tone.

Basic Technological Skills

Being an administrative staff member also requires knowledge of using technological tools, as technology is one of the most valuable aspects of running a business. They should be familiar with Microsoft Office and other similar applications used by the organization to keep the system organized. Most of the time, they will also be assigned a task that requires the use of multiple office machines, such as sending faxes, scanning documents, preparing for executive presentations, and entering data into the company’s system.

Superb Organization, Planning, and Time-Management Skills

One of the greatest strengths of administrative personnel is their ability to handle multiple tasks while still being able to complete all deliverables on time.  And to be able to do so, one must be exceptionally good at organizing and planning. They must keep track of the calendar, schedule of appointments, and updates on the ongoing projects. At instances, the task requires organizing office files, and they can be physical or digital. Aside from these things, administrative staff should be able to develop office procedural systems and be prepared to deal with various office issues that may arise.

The abilities above are just a few of the soft and technical skills that a person seeking administration jobs should possess. Administrative jobs are sometimes regarded as the least important roles in organizations, and their presence is sometimes overlooked.  But in reality, to do the job successfully, one must really be a jack-of-all-trades. An effective administration department will lead to increased workplace productivity and efficiency. It is a job with a wide range of responsibilities that gives a person a wealth of experience and learning opportunities.