What Everybody Ought to Know About the Dangers of Drinking Unfiltered Water

Water is a household staple; it is a need of everyone. How sure can you be now that your water is safe for consumption? 

There are many ways that unfiltered water can potentially harm your health. A water purifier is the way that is the most efficient and effective on how you can ensure water drinkability.  Only let safe water flow through your faucets!

What are the health risks of using drinking water that is unfiltered?

From cleaning the house, the food you and your family eat, up to keep the hygiene, water is needed. Various health risks and dangers can occur if you don\’t put your safety first. Purchasing a water purifier is both an investment and a safety measure. 

Water can be easily contaminated by various harmful organisms such as giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium, and vibrio cholera. If you are also unsure of the pipes where the water comes from, it may also contact some contaminants that would increase the danger of drinking tap water. 


People infected with this disease may have got it from contaminated water that has substances from feces. This contamination may occur in lakes, rivers or ponds, which is the main tap water source. Salmonella can also enter water tanks, especially after a flood. Symptoms may occur such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps, and sometimes it doesn\’t incur any symptoms at all. 

Hepatitis A

This is a highly dangerous disease that can seriously affect your liver. This doesn\’t just come from drinking contaminated water but can be transmitted through close contact with a Hepatitis patient. The symptoms such as loss of appetite, fever and abdominal pain can go away in a few weeks but will worsen and last for months if not treated properly.


Most commonly called \’crypto\’ and it targets to harm your intestines. The parasite called Cryptosporidium lives in the infector\’s feces and can be transmitted not only through drinking contaminated water but also through contact with the water. The same common symptoms may occur, such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting. At the same time, others don\’t develop any symptoms at all.


This is somehow related to Salmonella but a more life-threatening version. The bacteria are called Salmonella Typhi and can usually be found in chicken and eggs. The spread of this disease can be through consuming contaminated water or your food being washed with contaminated water. Typhoid is very severe and widely spread in the whole world.


Cholera is known widely to be one of the most dangerous and highly infectious diseases that have chances of being transmitted through water. Vibrio Chloerae is the bacterium responsible for this disease, and it can go sewage in water pipelines and severely affect the direct water supply. This possesses common symptoms that, if not treated properly or rapidly, may even cause death.

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Every household needs water in cooking, cleaning, and hydration; it is a staple for living. So, it is best to consider buying a water purifier of your own to ensure your family\’s safety against water-borne diseases and infections. Stay hydrated, and drink safe water!