690+ Cool Werewolf Names Ideas For Male And Female

Werewolves are infected humans with the ability to turn themselves into wolves through the process of Lycanthropy. The werewolves are either born or humans turned into them when bitten by a werewolf.

Their power is somehow linked with the full moon, under which their shapeshifting is uncontrollable. Werewolves are bone crushers with giant claws that can cut deep like cursed daggers.

Werewolves are not very controllable with their transformation, and they cannot remember what they did when they were in a wolf state.

They are quite aggressive to a certain point where they sometimes kill their family, friends, and loved ones when the chance is provided or, if no human is present, would attack themselves.

Werewolves’ healing power was way much faster than normal humans. Their frustrating behavior left them with several self-inflicted scars and pain if they found no humans.

When we start sniffling in Greek mythology and name the origins of the werewolf, there are all sorts of names related to wolves and the moon.

Since they were half-human, they had normal human names with last names. After all, if you are interested in werewolf names and looking for one, we have some fascinating names.

Werewolf Names Girl

Female werewolves do exist. However, they were rare and mostly werewolves were men, but they had their place in the stories surrounding these creatures. There are not many examples in books. Girl werewolves do have the same power that the men have. Below are some of them.

Retro  Programmatic  Magic  Harvest  Choice  
Haute  Pasha  Cavil  Passport  Aura  
Amore  Sightsee  Blossom  TRUE  Place  
Exchange  Range  Vex  Pursue  Fall  
 luxProto  Commune  Castaway  Boulder  
Sidekick  Eden  Invasion  Signal  Lust  
Engaged  Scrub  Pursue  Controller  Solve  
Foundry  Phantom  Genie  Affinity  Accomplish  
Ware  Line  Heaven  Praise  Sail  
Horticulture  Advice  Cache  Reflex  Lord  
 ifyEffect  Symbol  Operation  Wispy  
Core  Hotline  Rocket  Rock  Plants  
Board  Lotus  Metric  Publicist  Smart  
Record  Grounds  Inspire  Cuisine  Buxom  
Phoenix  Groomers  Aspire  Net  Fed  
 oontJoy  Artists  Shares  Enlivening  
 queAccelerate  Cog  Exceptional  Orc  
Sooth  Drive  Boost  Opal  Diamond  
Bareback  Mane  Brisk  Cleric  Hang Time  
Bro  Invest  Transat  Mite  Concept  
  • Overload
  • Mart
  • Wanderlust
  • Stretch
  • Mayhem
  • Swank
  • Film
  • Sight
  • Turn
  • Grander
  • Daily
  • Mob
  • Dance
  • Supply
  • Rocket
  • Guardian
  • Poppy
  • Sterling
  • Force
  • Point

Werewolf Name Generator


The crucial part of generating werewolf names is that they are humans too, which means their names are similar to humans. There are still several name types used for writing the below names and some less known common styles.

 ryPatch  Saga  Tec  Central  
 cogScour  Microfilm  Candy  Realtime  
 yaPeta  Growth  Tulip  Dent  
Marksman  Dreaming  Fluffy  Buzz  Destiny  
Feminine  Flex  Exemplary  Stock  Supplies  
Ghost  Compass  Frontline  Busters  Lucky  
Professionals  Cater  Namaste  Outrider  Glow  
Rank  Millenium  Mixed  Dart  Advanced  
 lyHeadquarters  Mart  Plush  Urban  
 ologyBrisk  Willow  Grow  Pursuit  
  • Guardian
  • Accelerate
  • Rank
  • Meter
  • Phantom
  • Boost
  • Spiffy
  • Surveyor
  • Rabble
  • Launch
  • Explore
  • National
  • Shutter
  • Sculpt
  • Mystic
  • Insignia
  • Estate
  • Turismo
  • Rangers
  • Label

Badass Werewolf Names

Werewolves have never failed in mesmerizing us in fiction and mythology. They were the embodiment of badass. Their toughness and intimidating nature were much more efficient than normal humans. They need badass names just like the below names to maintain their reputation.

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  • Rave
  • Plumping
  • Trend
  • Blink
  • Sense
  • Stream
  • Voyage
  • Bomber
  • Wholesom
  • Wayfarer
  • Emporium
  • Mob
  • Drift
  • Crooks
  • Lavish
  • Enjoy
  • Live
  • Concept
  • Project
  • Throw Down

Male Werewolf Name

Werewolves are fascinating monsters rich in lore. They are pretty exciting, and males are mostly the Alphas. They were the creator of an excellent situation involving excitement, fear, mystery, and horror and are always fun. Certain male werewolf names are mentioned below.

Design  Friendly  Welove  Grind  Trace  
Urban  Super  Spotter  Engineered  Outright  
Valor  Acre  Otaku  Soul  Energy  
Brainy  Tornado  Control  Base  Farmhouse  
Oust  Able  Distortion  Perspective  Premiere  
Rebel  Horizon  Pots  Creativity  Mudra  
Trade  Physical  Attractive  Cove  Invest  
 opsInfo  Ara  Watcher  Relevant  
Explore  Outskirt  Contractors  Repay  Temple  
Purifying  Logic  Touchback  Jawa  Ecru  
Ascend  Choose  Lane  Splendor  Claw  
Electrifying  Sweet Pea  Quest  Nest  Frontier  
Hearth  Comfort  Anatomy  Zip  Addict  
Powder  Awaken  Drive  Motion  Sunrise  
 syCorps  Lust  Crispy  Huddle  
Breakdown  Ace  Ape  Certain  Skep  
Frame  Target  Legacy  Success  Bricks  
 deckUnleash  Cloud  Model  Ace  
Ruby  Genetic  Revolution  Assemble  Absolute  
Vulnerable  Linear  Wage  Adrenaline  Engine  
  • Gain
  • Affection
  • Meadow
  • Sunrise
  • Moonshot
  • Quake
  • Innovate
  • Pop
  • Round
  • Dynamics
  • Infinite
  • Drip
  • Anchor
  • Vision
  • Strip
  • Invader
  • Benefits
  • Swift
  • Nursery

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Werewolf Names In The Order

The order is one of the best and favourite werewolf series I have come across. The werewolf hide choose its master in the series, and all werewolves formed the pack. Here are the werewolf’s names that were in the series.

The order is one of the best and favourite werewolf series I have come across. The werewolf hide choose its master in the series, and all werewolves formed the pack. Here are the werewolf’s names that were in the series.


Icon  Poly  Sashiko  Patch  Golden  
 scapeSphynx  Maestro  Slurp  Active  
 lanceBarter  Star  Plantopia  Cabana  
Tower  Elevated  Precision  Den  Slingshot  
Smart  Pure  Share  Swan  Overdrive  
Collect  Ash  Bunny  All Day  Hustle  
Associate  Cookie  Color  Heaven  Misguided  
Pinnacle  Equity  Reflect  Rumble  Ally  
Beam  Grain  Hera  Genesis  Raw  
Relief  Nest  Interact  Create  Lucky  
  • Union
  • Drip
  • Genesis
  • Shot
  • Pulse
  • Ariel
  • Acclaim
  • Phalanx
  • Vital
  • Gloss
  • Cloud
  • Credit
  • Ocean
  • Palace
  • Trendy
  • Develop
  • Radius
  • Guardian
  • Label
  • Tractor

Famous Werewolf Names


Some werewolves had a way of finding fame and making their stories cemented in history. They all contain fear, grief, bad omen, and horror that can give you goosebumps. Such werewolves’ names are written below.

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Forever  Rings  Care  Altitude  Lens  
Brilliant  Outpost  Relax  Dharana  Vinyl  
Inside  Arcas  Lush  Foster  Lynx  
Whiffle  Haste  Dream  Operator  Support  
Push  Brilliant  Clever  Remedy  Venture  
Radiate  Mod  Ablestar  Awaken  Swingman  
Radiant  Agent  Cut  Marksman  Frisson  
Mountain  Empower  Deluxe  Canon  Plus  
Stack  Hunter  Ace  Bikram  Air  
Drill  Commune  Arcadia  Together  Dreaming  
Saint  Kiss  Loop  Cellar  Force  
Drawing  Portray  Vanguard  Omega  Predator  
Bargain  Excellence  Seedling  Transfer  Nintendo  
Source  Sightsee  Hero  Kids  Hour  
Insight  Crew  Expat  Bright  Kronic  
Successful  Enrich  Birdseye  Aisle  Star  
Uncensored  Bounty  Promote  Goodness  Clutch  
Collect  Joint  Soil  Baker  Shadow  
Tenacious  Palace  Moonlight  Coco  Swank  
Homestead  Bud  Filter  Country  Coco  
  • Flow
  • Dazzle
  • Stream
  • Verse
  • Creative
  • Just
  • Lights
  • Finesse
  • Flex
  • Strength
  • Altitud
  • Bubs
  • Sticker
  • Active
  • Think
  • Boar
  • Waves
  • Point
  • Workshop
  • Allegiance

Alpha Werewolf Names

As we know, wolves always move and attack in packs. Similarly, in the werewolf pack, the leader is an Alpha werewolf. Alphas are much stronger and fiercer than betas. Some of them are written below.

Passion  Conquer  Perspective  Pilot  Mart  
Crimson  Remedy  Ready  Roast  Supernova  
Planters  Hubble  Insignia  Integrity  Stone  
Cater  Zoom  Boffin  Visual  Sunrise  
Imperial  Fix  Triad  Hustle  Authority  
Blast  Ranger  Perform  Ruckus  Jet  
Self-Portrait  Romance  Rentals  Nouveau  Gurus  
Style  Lush  Assist  Charm  Cornerstone  
Canon  Sprout  Cottage  Objective  Enhance  
Deluxe  Barn  Champs  Tempean  Pooch  
Habit  Royal  Pitch  Artistic  Herbed  
Element  National  Rubicon  Night  Relm  
Lucid  Extra  Mach  Module  Tire  
Ville  Perspective  Curb  Portrait  Generation  
Crown  Harvest  Question  Holo  Inform  
Immerse  Calm  Boho  Local  Wise  
Kaiser  Intra  Dash  Hush  Foreman  
Noble  Gauge  Leader  Trophy  Terrarium  
Mill  Total  Level  Buff  Spectator  
Academy  Affordable  Grace  Agile  Ego  
  • Turf
  • Coco
  • Simply
  • Shared
  • Flor
  • Convert
  • Opolis
  • Bridgeway
  • Hazel
  • Econ
  • Recorder
  • Ready
  • Immerse
  • Directory
  • Maxi
  • Trend
  • Forest
  • Fortune
  • Timeout
  • Petals

Native American Werewolf Names


Native Americans believe wolves are animals of power, and many thought them the creator of the earth. They consider the wolves and humans as closed related kinds. The native American werewolf names present this relation.

Ops  Smart  Shrine  Ready  Baller  
Bright  Stretch  Spring  Nail  Insane  
Frame  Land  Delta  Concept  Unleashed  
Naturo  Anarchist  Propel  Void  Sage  
Aware  Ware  Ablaze  Rested  Airball  
Pop  Night  Focus  Vixen  Grow  
Circuit  Follow  Crossover  Records  Shakti  
Manage  Visions  Shout  Agena  Mantra  
Drift  Integral  Graze  Digi  Artistry  
Lance  Acute  Terraform  Greek  Foundry  
Purebred  Allegiance  Axis  Cup  Treat  
Development  Diana  Specialty  Butterfly  Vogue  
Live  International  Joy  Grace  Franchise  
Request  Flax  Friendly  Linen  Mindful  
Crazy  Share  Euphoria  Country  Ink  
Frig  Scout  Patch  Atomic  Beat  
Meadow  Pick  Franchise  Training  Grassland  
Scale  Dream  Odyssey  Ideal  Bodhi  
Sheen  Assist  Arclight  Omega  Fun  
Arise  Flow  Mueble  Urban  Boss  
  • Nomad
  • Blend
  • Ironwood
  • Task
  • Dale
  • Dream
  • Panel
  • Agile
  • Complete
  • Exemplary
  • Anew
  • Owl
  • Top
  • Ice
  • Side
  • Beam
  • Buzz
  • Rakish
  • Gains
  • Grain


1. What was the first werewolf’s name?

The earliest known werewolf legends were from Greek mythology. The first werewolf was the man called Lycaon. He angered Zeus, the Lord of Gods, by preparing him the meal from a human boy. As a punishment angered Zeus turned the man into a wolf.

Thus, forming the werewolf origin and the process of turning a human into a wolf is known as lycanthropy. Since then, the werewolf has appeared from time to time throughout history.

2. What name means wolf?

The following are the names from different cultures, languages, and countries which are translations of the name wolf.

  • Accaila – meaning she-wolf in Latin
  • Cana – meaning wolf cub in Celtic
  • Lowe – Meaning little wolf in French
  • Lupus – Latin
  • Bardolph – Bright Wolf
  • Tal – Red Wolf
  • Faoiltiama – Wolf Lady

3. What is a good name for a demon wolf?

Following are some good names for demon wolf with their meanings:

  • Hades – World of the Dead or Hell
  • Osiris – Uncertain, perhaps throne of the Eye
  • Midnight – Intense Darkness, the middle of the night
  • Sasquatch – a wolf with extra toes and hence is a bigfoot
  • Oni – Born in a holy place
  • Landis – Wolf from the Grassy Plain


The werewolf faced discrimination from the wizard community. It was hard for them to survive. Completely ignoring the werewolves, several anti-legislation laws were passed, leading them to poverty.

A few, like Remus Lupin, managed to pass through help. Due to their oppression, some hated the wizarding society and formed their own, infecting as many people as possible to increase their population.

Though in ancient times, a werewolf was considered high esteem and respected in many other cultures. If a human gets a wolf’s quality, he is considered successful. The enchantment and mystery of werewolves made them a famous theme in those days.

However, the modern culture of werewolves, made by several popular movies and shows like Underworld, Twilight, and Teen Wolf, is completely different. However, their names remained as inspiring as they were in the past.

The werewolf is one of those creatures that piques your interest every time we read about it or see a film. According to legend, a werewolf is a man who transforms into a wolf every full moon night due to a terrible curse.

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