Fixed: Vortex Mods Cannot Be Deployed [October 2023]

Are Your Vortex Mods Stuck on the Ground and Unwilling to Lift Off? Don\’t Stress! You\’ve arrived at the ideal location for solutions. You may fly past the vortex deployment hurdle with the help of the treasure trove of fixes that MiniTool Partition Wizard has put together in this post! Let\’s Prepare Your Mods for a Once in a Lifetime Adventure!

We are certain you must be aware of the directory functionality, where you can easily customize your stored mods.  In case you did the customization, you might not need an explanation here. But, for a clear confirmation let us tell you about the default track.

Let us take you in-depth to get your issue fixed within seconds, we start our readers with the most important question that you might be now thinking about –

Where does Vortex store mods?

Vortex is designed to work seamlessly with Nexus Mod. It facilitates finding, installing, and playing mods; it also teaches you about new files. Vortex Mod Manager is essentially an open-source mod manager with a user-friendly interface that lets you download, install, and manage various game mods.

Windows XP, as well as Windows 7, 8, and 10, support this. Sadly, users have reported that when attempting to deploy the game mods, they are having problems with vortex mods not being able to be deployed or vortex deployment failing.

The Default Track Is-> %APPDATA%\\Vortex\\skyrim. Moreover, downloads (this includes mods with .7z packed format) are stored in-> %APPDATA%\\vortex\\downloads\\skyrim.

But What\’s %APPDATA%? This can be explained as a track that later automatically gets replaced with \”c:\\users\\<your username>\\appdata\\roaming\” when applied in the navigation line of Explorer.

What Are Causes of Vortex Deployment Failed?


Well, You may face this failure deployment in your Vortex Mod Manager in case you have the corrupt JSON deployment file.

Going through many community forums, we also found that this failure can also happen due to the WinRAR application\’s corrupt installation.  Moreover, recently, several individuals confirmed that the failure in deployment might also be caused due to the presence of a high number of games and mods folders on different drives.

Having said that, it is pretty evident how crucial it is to identify the process the failure.

Fixes Of Vortex Mods Are Not Working [2023]

To fix Vortex mods that won\’t deploy Update Vortex and mods, check the Mod Folder path, clear the Deployment Queue, check the Mod File Integrity, and reorganize the Mod Priority. Enjoy lag-free gameplay!

Step 1: Check the Mod Folder Path

Verify that the Mod Folder path is correctly set to the location where your mods are stored in the Vortex settings. Update it to the proper path if it\’s not referring to the right directory. By doing this, you\’ll make sure Vortex can locate and use the mods in the specified folder.

Step 2: Delete the Deployment Queue

Sometimes, Vortex may experience problems with the deployment queue, preventing proper deployment of mods. In these situations, open Vortex\’s Deployment section and clear the deployment queue. Then, attempt installing the modules once more to see if it fixes the issue.

Step 3: Check the integrity of the mod files.

Make sure the mod files are clean and unharmed. Redownload any damaged mod files or, if a feature like this is offered, use Vortex to check the files\’ consistency. Mod deployment can be hampered by corrupted files.

Step 4: Reorder Mod Priority

The deployment could fail if certain mods conflict with one another. To fix problems, change the mods\’ priority or load order in Vortex. To ensure that the most crucial changes take precedence over others, place them at the top of the load order.

Step 5: Update Vortex

Verify that Vortex is running at the most recent version. Bug fixes and enhancements that can solve deployment problems are frequently included in updates. Try deploying the modules once again after updating Vortex to the most recent version if you are still using an older version.

Step 6: Look for updates to the mod manager

Updates may be necessary for some mods to work with the most recent Vortex version. To make sure the modules you\’re trying to deploy are compatible with Vortex, check for updates for those mods and install any that are available.

If none of the aforementioned methods succeed in fixing the issue, you might need to ask the Vortex community or support forums for additional assistance with your particular situation.

How Do You Deploy a Vortex Mod?

To do this, there are three main methods among which the first one is said to be the most prominent one. These methods are-

1. Hardlink Deployment

What\’s This? Well, To have a clear understanding let us first explain to you how File System works. 

It works in a way where it stores the file in two parts, these are:-

  • The actual file data
  • The index containing the filename

Now, here comes the Hard Links at work. To the index pointing to the new location, it creates a second entry. However, it\’s been pointing to the second location it still references the original file data.

Is it done? No, after this Vortex in the mod install part adds your mods. Further, it also makes a hard link that gets directed to the mod install location when deployed.

2. Symlink Deployment

The second method is named the Symlink deployment method which means a symbolic link. These are referred to as special files which contain a reference to the other file.

These links are said to be supported somehow directly by the low-level API.  This operating system\’s API makes a change in the user command which when said to open a symbolic link will eventually get directed to the referenced file.

3. Move Deployment

This deployment method is said as the latest deployment method because it\’s still in experimental mode for Vortex 0.16.8.  That means it can only work by default where the most prominent method Hardlink deployment is not supported.

Among the three this deployment method is said as the simplest deployment method with no deployment links that need to be created. How Does It Work Then? Applying this method will simply move the files to the game mods folder from the Vortex Mods folder.

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How Do I Manually Add Games To My Vortex?

Adding a New Game To Vortex A Tough Job? Honestly Speaking, not much if you are aware of the right way. But before modding your game with the Vortex make sure with a few things that most important is that it must be detected and also managed in the Games tab.

This is because it includes a wide range of popular titles with their extensions. And this isn\’t limited here using community extensions can nearly support all games.

Note- Why is your game, not in the game tab? In case you cannot find your selected game in the game tab then this must be the unavailability of the game extension.

To add your selected game in the Vortex first search the game in the game tab and then simply select the \”ADD TO VORTEX\” option, Done! 

A troubleshooting guide for cyclical rules

When you integrate an increasing number of mods, it\’s inevitable to encounter the error message “Plugins cannot be sorted due to cyclical rules.” This is a standard part of the modding process, indicating that Vortex’s built-in sorting mechanism has stumbled upon a concealed conflict among mods. (It’s worth noting that Vortex has the capability to autonomously relocate mods to different groups when this issue arises, significantly reducing the likelihood of this problem occurring.)

  • Select “More…” to open a dialog box detailing the error. While I can’t provide a visual representation, this box will list the mods entangled in the conflict. The message itself might seem perplexing at first glance—don’t let it bother you. Focus on identifying the names of the mods, paying special attention to the most recently installed ones.
  • Exit the dialog box and navigate to “Plugins” on the left sidebar. Locate the plugin corresponding to the most recently installed mod mentioned in the error message.
  • Alter its group designation to “Default.”
  • Clear the error message. Remember, the message won’t disappear automatically, so it’s crucial to do this prior to sorting. This ensures you can pinpoint when the issue has been resolved.
  • Hit “Sort Plugins” and allow Vortex to attempt the sorting process again.

Should the message reappear, proceed with the next most recently installed mod, OR opt for a mod name that consistently shows up in the error dialog if you’ve noticed a recurring pattern. Continue this process until the plugins sort successfully. Afterward, you can gradually reintroduce these plugins to their respective groups, one at a time, identifying the one responsible for the error.

You might find a minimal number of mods that must remain in the “default” group, but rest assured, this won’t cause any issues. During this conflict resolution phase, stick to using group assignments.

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Fine Tuning

With all mods successfully installed, grouped, and all cyclical rule issues resolved, it’s time to optimize your load order.

Vortex employs an enhanced version of LOOT for automatic sorting, eliminating the need for manual LOOT installations and runs. Instead, I advise using xEdit for optimal mod compatibility. While xEdit might initially seem daunting to light or novice mod users, it’s not as complex as it appears for conflict identification, and it ensures a stable load order, helping you maximize the benefits of each installed mod.

  • Download and install Fo4Edit, following the provided instructions.
  • Upon initial run, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to select specific plugins. By default, all should be selected except for Fallout4.esm and the official DLC files. Adjust the settings if they differ from this.
  • (Update Dec 2018: The UI has undergone changes since the previous version of xEdit, but all options should still be accessible.)
  • Click OK and wait for xEdit to load. (While the loading time has improved, it still requires patience.)
  • Once loaded, right-click anywhere in the plugin list in the left panel. A menu will appear. Select “Apply filter.”
  • A new dialog box will appear. Select the appropriate settings, leaving the rest blank.
  • Allow xEdit to process once again. This might take longer than the initial load. Use this time to engage in other activities. Even if the program becomes unresponsive, resist the urge to force quit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Identify Vortex Deployment Failed?

Ans. As per some reports, you will encounter this error suddenly when you try to deploy your game\’s mod after a system crash. There are two other problems where this issue isn\’t limited to. These are:-

This is confirmed by many users who encountered this error while setting up Vortex to use it for the very first time. other than this many users also confirmed this error to occur while changing the settings of mods.

Q2. Is Vortex Or Nmm Better?

Ans. Confused! Which one to choose and Why? Well, as per user reviews both Vortex and NMM are equally good in every aspect, the edge Vortex has over NMM is that it comes with inbuilt loot rules.

But recently there are a lot of users who recently switched to Vortex from NMM. And for sure it\’s due to inbuilt loot rules.  The only thing Vortex needs to change is to come up with the ability to drag-drop load order.

Q3. How Do I Fix Conflicting Mods In My Vortex?

Ans. It is quite simple and easy to do, just follow the below steps one by one and wait for the result-

  • First, make sure to list Mods in the same order they are being installed.
  • After installing, you must redeploy for the changes if you have added any rule in the load to get into effect

Going with the above two steps you will notice two buttons on the toolbar present at the top. These are-

  • Purge– Which when used removes the installed mods.
  • Deploy– It simply reinstalls the mods in the same order you specified.

Done! These will surely help you out fixing mods conflicts in your Vortex.


Solutions always exist if you are willing to step on them. Thus, hope this good read has given you all the knowledge that you need, starting from the vortex mods cannot be deployed issue to listing out the best ways to fix it.

Let us know how your experiment went by acquiring all the information through this read.

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