Updated Black Desert Online Failstack Guide

You all must be knowing about Black Desert Online. 

But confused about how to make its fail stack. Don’t worry!

We are here to give all gamers a brief guide on how to build and enhance fail stack in your BDO game.


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If you are a newbie in the gaming world, this good read will take you through all the information that you would not want to miss to become a PRO!

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And know,  What is BDO?


BDO is the game played on sandbox which is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It is developed and created by Pearl Abyss in 2015 and was made for Microsoft Windows particularly. 

And want to know the best part?

It can be played on a mobile phone too. 


Black Desert Mobile was launched in December 2019 worldwide. There is other 2019 released versions of BDO too!

  • Xbox One.
  • PlayStation 4 (known as Black Desert).

We, know, now you must be curious how to play.

Considering that, we have got your back! 

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BDO: Failstack guide:


First, we have to understand what is failstack.

Failstack is actually the indicator which shows that how many times you have failed in getting enhanced. 

Clearly, the more you fail, the more will be the fail stack.

But, here is Twist!

 The more the failed stack, the more is the probability that you will get success in upgradation.

Interesting, Right!

Widen your eyes, there is more to it!

  • Chance of Enhancement+ Chance of enhancement by Valk+ Permanent chance of Enhancement= Total number of Failstacks.
  • Total fail stacks are indicated by yellow numbers in the list of Enhancement Chances.

Feel FUN!

But, here are some terms!

Terms in Failstack:

Here are some terms used in-game which will be useful if you are a complete fresher and want to know BDO: Enhancement Guide:

  • Percentage: Chances of success of current Enhancement.
    • Chances to increase enhancement: Total number of Failstacks.
    • Chances to enhance Valk: Valk’s cry and Fairy’s blessing that will go up to 10.
  • Chance of Enhancement: Failstack of the player. The more you fail, the more will be the fail stack.
  • Chance of permanent enhancement: After completing Rulupee Adventure Log, you will get fail stack up to 4.

Now, when you know the baseline, let\’s know build the stage!

BDO: How to build Failstacks?

If you have to make fail stack, follow the following steps, and get fail stacks in your pocket!

  • In Velia, buy Reblath Shoes from Tranan Underfoe who sells shoes at a cheap rate. After that, collect a few Block Stone (Armor). To enhance, right-click on the stone. 
  • Continue till you have 22 stones in total. 
  • If you have a greater number of black stones (weapon), you have options to use Militia weapons too. Purchase it in Velia from Alfredo. The mission is to make a +14 fail stack. 
  • If you have to get the cheap fail stacks, then upgrade it to +14 or +15. There are 2% chances that 0 fail stacks will be there if you are using weapon/ Armor.
  • As we are using cheap gear, a fail stack will be built at less cost. 
  • Cost of Reblath shoes- 13k. 

Too much to take care of?

Tip to be considered:

  • Check the “Durability” option if there is. It will surely increase your chance of getting fail stack. 
  • Durability sometimes increases the difficulty of enhancement.


If you destroy your existing enhanced gear, it will build a new fail stack or will increase your existing fail stack.

Understood, the time flies here, but wondering what would be the money flow?

Here we are with details!

How much Failstack costs?

No doubt, fail stack is very good to use but these are not always free to use.


This cost you sometimes!

How! Here are the checkpoints!

  • Every single time your chances of enhancement is failed, you will be going to lose at least 5 Max Durability on all the things you are trying to upgrade. Along with enhancement mats.
  • If you want to get gear enhancement of DUO+ at a higher level, you are in reality degrading the item. As a result, the DUO has chances to become PRI when you fail. (Caution: Cron Stones can stop your fail stack to get upgraded.)

So, never follow any trick to get a fail stack!

It is highly said that never use accessories to get a fail stack. Because accessories are very costly. And moreover, if you will fail, accessories will destroy in seconds.

  • If you lack durability, you can maximize your durability by going to Blacksmith> click repair> Recover max dur.

You can also maximize durability!

Want to know how?

Quick Fix! Just by destroying another of the same type.

The number of Max Durability lost depends on how much you have used enhancement consumable.


If you are having black stones: -5 Max Durability.

If you are having concreted black stones: -10 Max Durability.

  • The total cost of the fail stack can be obtained just by adding Black Stones and Identical gear for repair Fragments of Memory.

Losing your fail stack:

If the elements which are helping you to build your failstack upgrades to +15 by any happening, then you have to approach to the priest to reverse it and degrade with “Cleansed” worth 100k silver. 


That will put back your gear to +14 level.

But there will be a loss!

You have to start all these with a 0 fail stacks.

This is the most popular reason why gamers deny using the gear which is useless but is very important for the marketplace.

Have you ever tried it?

If it happens to level you up, then all you have to do is to leave cleansing and some element which they can sell.

 (For example famous green gear as in Heve helmets.)


How can you build Failstack Strategy?

Failstack number Strategy
1 to 22 Click +14 on Reblath Shoes
23 to 28 Click PRI on Heve Helmet
29 to 43 Click DUO on Heve Helmet
44 to 48 Click TRI on Heve Helmet
89+ Click TET on Heve Helmet


According to the table above, you can keep and sell any of the helmets above according to your preference that accidentally upgrades.

Failstack Building Tips:

  • Failstack Savings:
    • You can start all 4 Belt Slots of Nader, which will enable you to preserve almost 4 failstacks that will be used in all of your characters.
    • Each and every character can make a special failstack, which will be used in future.
    • Change characters, if your present failstack is not enough for your enhancement.
    • Purchase secret books of Blacksmith to preserve your failstacks.

We think that was clear enough for you all to understand!

When you are doing enhancement, there will come a saturation point where failstack will increase that much that it becomes compulsory to save it for later.  

There are a few arrangements for this!

  • If you can do tough tasks, then switch characters. It takes a lot of time. You have to port all the enhancement mats through your store and wait for the ending of the game.
  • If you get the belt of Nederr, it is a very big improvement. We advise if you favor it. It won’t take silver from you in return, unlike the Secret Book of Blacksmith.

Opt The Valk\’S CRY!

Valk’s Cry increases the failstack with +1. It adds to the chances of enhancement. It can go a maximum of 10. Here is a checklist!

Valk’s cry:

Costume of Pearl Extraction of Valk’s Cry Extraction of Cron Stone
Helmet 8 24
Armor 18 54
Gloves 7 21
Shoes 7 21
Main Weapon 12 36
Sub-weapon 7 21
Awakening Weapon 14 42
Total- 73 219


You know much, but too much yet!

Here is a way, How to gain loyalty from Valk’s cry?

If you have 100 loyalties, you are eligible to purchase Valk’s cry. You can’t go beyond 5 per week per family.

How to Gain Pearl Costumes From Valk’s cry?

If you approach Blacksmith, your pearl costumes will be transformed to Valk’s cry or Cron stones.


Furthermore, here comes a BLESSING TIME!

Do you know, using the Valk’s cry is a blessing by a fairy!

Want to know what it will Blessings by Fairy do?

It will increase the chances to enhance the valks by +1. It has to be kept in mind that Valk’s cry and blessings of fairy together can’t be more than +10.

But nothing is easy!



  • If you want, you can exchange Petals of Laila with Blessings of Fairy. 

Don’t know from where to exchange? 

Fairy Queen Theiah or Ceilyn. 

  • You can also gather Petals of Laila by Fishing, Gathering, and defeating monsters.

10 Petals of Laila= 1 Blessing of Fairy.

  • To use this element, you have to first complete the mission of “Traces of Edana” or reach “Lv. 30”.
  • On the right side of Herawen, Kamasylve Temple, Ceilyn is situated. 

Point to keep in mind:

If missions “‘Laila’s Scattered Petals” and “Mysterious Companion” are under continuation, the exchange won’t be initiated.

Advice to Rising

If you want to get the advice of Valks, you have to drop down an element on Sherekhan Necropolis. 

Wondering, who is Sherekhan Necropolis?

In Drieghan, there is a small place located which has more than 60 haunting areas along with the advice of 200 AP. This place is called Sherekhan Necropolis.

With that, here is a quick question!


Think, think!

Well, here is the answer!


Advice by Valks will give you fail stack immediately!

 But, the condition applies!

Your current number of fail stack should be more than your enhancement chance from Adventure Log of Rulupee.

This means, Failstack of 20-40 along with Dragon Scale Fossils.

So, let\’s exchange!


Exchange Rates of Dragon Scales Fossils:

  • The advice of Valks- 30 (+20).
  • The advice of Valks- 350 (+40).

A lot to Absorb?

Well, keep it in a book!

Want to know where you can get this really precious gaming book?

It is available in town at <Blacksmith> as Secret Book of Blacksmith.

The Need For Secret Book of Blacksmith: 

BSB is used to restore current chances of enhancement. It will drop down your present fail stack to 0.


But, no worries!

It will make you start all over again and store your failstack for an item which is more suitable for you.

No. of Secret Book of Blacksmith: What you will get:
20 Silver worth 1 million.
30 Silver worth 1.5 million.
40 Silver worth 2 million.
50 Silver worth 3 million (can get on Pearl Shop too).
100 From Pearl shop:

  • 200 Pearls for 1.
  • 1500 Pearls for 10.


Benefit To Secret Room!

If you are using this Secret Book, this will transform your chances of Enhancement into the Advice of Valks. This will make it equal to the Enhancement Chances of Valks. 

The points then displayed on the screen will depict the maximum chances of enhancement that you can store for the future. 

For example, if you are having the chances of enhancement as +41, you will not be able to use the -40 Secret Book of Blacksmith. You have to try one and only -50 Secret Book of Blacksmith.

Secret Book of Blacksmith: Number 100:

If you want to have BSB-100, you have to simply approach Pearl Shop. This will make you available 100 failstacks. 

BSB-50 is also available on Pearl Shop. But if you want to make it easy, you can directly approach Blacksmith only.

What are the prices of BSB?

  • 1 No.- 200 Pearls.
  • 10 No.- !500 Pearls.

There are some coupons also available if you want to redeem them. You just have to keep in mind that these are not available in the Loyalty shop.


How to share Failstack easily by using Naderr’s Parchment?

By using Naderr’s Parchment, you can easily open almost 4 slots under the Band of Naderr.

By using the Band of Nader, you can easily save up to 4 fail stacks for future use. You can easily use fail stacks when they are ready to use. The bands are easily available to all the players.

4 Slots of Nader opened:

  • The mission of the Black Spirit:
    • 58+ level
    • Tap on the Suggested button, to talk to spirits.
    • You just have to approach a few NPC’s. the mission is quite easy to complete.
  • 10k loyalties under 1st level.
  • 1.1k pearls each.

The penalty of Nader:

  • If under Nederr, you are keeping 100+ fail stacks, you will be fined for 10 minutes each. This will stop you from using your Naderr’s Band.
  • The chances of Valk’s enhancement will not be fined.

At last, there are chances of many players that,

How Many Failstacks To Use To Keep Balance?

It must be an underbalanced range. Neither more nor less.

There are some “Softcaps” that will reduce your enhancement chances from overflowing if it is going beyond the limit. In next Failstack.


For example, if you will set “Softcap” for weapons and armors to 60% chances of Enhancement, and if will go beyond that 60%, this will cost you a lot.

Well, players!

You all should keep the Softcaps in mind while playing. This helps them to keep an optimal range. This is the reason why players keep increasing and decreasing their fail stacks. 

You have to keep a proportional balance while playing.

While using a high fail stack, you have to keep the element on the low level of enhancement. Otherwise, it will waste your silver you spent to gain that high number of fail stacks. 

There are some levels of the game which have no Softcaps, like +15, PEN, TEN, and it is quite difficult to play without it.

Make your fail stacks and win the game.

At the end!

Failstacks is very convenient to gain and use it. Keep playing, keep practicing!

Well! Let us know in the comment section have you played the game yet or planning to play!