Unique And Creative Design Ideas To Make Your HDB Design Stand Out

Every one of us wants a home that is beautiful, comfortable, and trendy. However, we also want something unique and different from the rest of the houses. Something that when people see it, will make them go: Wow! Achieving such a feat in interior designing is not a difficult task; rather it is a creative one. You have to get your creative juices flowing and come up with ideas that are unique and add a different kind of touch to the interior.

Creative and unique ideas do not have to cost you a lot as well. You just have to plan ahead and incorporate those ideas during design and renovation and you would be able to make a home that stands out among its peers.

In this article, we will discuss some of such creative design ideas that you can adopt as it is or take inspiration from and come up with your own themes and styles that will add a unique and creative touch to the interior. We will be taking inspiration from different design portfolios of Space Factor. Space Factor is an experienced interior design firm of Singapore that excels in taking their client\’s preferences and requirements and translating them into reality, especially HDB interior designing.

So let’s read ahead and see what these brilliant and creative ideas are.

Install A Reading Light In The Bed Headboard

One unique idea that you can incorporate into your bedroom is to install a reading light within the headboard of the bed. Usually, we see lamps on the bedside tables or indirect lighting on the ceiling. However, with this idea, you can install a spotlight or indirect lighting within the headboard to create a unique effect. Consider the following design portfolio by Space Factor where a similar light is incorporated into the headboard. You can see a small horizontal compartment in the headboard where the light is installed. This compartment can also be used to showcase small decorative items or a book to give a unique appeal.

Create A Magical Loft In The Living Room

One idea that may require a little more planning but is totally worth the effort is to create a small loft or designated area in the living room. One way to give an even more unique appeal to such a loft room is to add some stairs that lead to this room on top of some part of the living room. As can be seen in the next portfolio by Space Factor, the living room has a higher than normal ceiling. On top of the TV console, we see a small loft with glass partitions with wooden stairs on the side that lead up to the loft. Isn’t it the most creative and magical thing that you can add in your living room? You can even decorate it with a theme. For example, for a girl, you can add pretty pink cushions, drapes, and other cute accessories to give it a more personal and creative touch.



Add Movable Carpentry Pieces

Another unique idea to add creativity into your home is to add carpentry pieces that can easily be moved according to your requirements. This kind of carpentry is also a good choice for smaller homes since these pieces can easily be stowed away whenever they are not required to create a spacious area. As an example, notice the following image where we see a sleek bar-type table that also houses two carpentry pieces beneath it. When you need some tables or sitting stools, you can use these pieces. When not in use, you can just put them back underneath the table to create a clutter-free and clean space.



Add A Disappearing Shelf Cupboard

One more creative idea that you can easily add in your living room or bedroom or even your kitchen is to add a cupboard or shelf that doesn’t look like one on first look. Confused? Well, to put it in simple words, it means that you create a wooden or laminate wall or a decorative accent wall which hides beyond it a cupboard or shelves. This creates a magical illusion where you just see the elegant and beautiful wall. But when one part of it is opened, you see a cupboard that can be used to store different items. When things are put away in storage, it also helps to keep the room clutter-free since you can store all the extra items in the cupboard without anyone noticing it. As an inspiration, consider the following image of the portfolio designed by Space Factor where a storage shelf is housed behind a beautiful piece of carpentry. When its door is closed, nobody can even tell if there is something behind it. This is an amazingly creative and clever idea!



Install Wooden Beams In The Ceiling

A simple yet creative idea that you can incorporate in your home is to add wooden beams at some distances in the ceiling. These wooden beams help to add a resort-type effect in the interior which not only looks beautiful but luxurious as well. In the following image, you can see how these wooden beams are placed on the ceiling. Spotlights are added on these beams to further create a modern and elegant look. The wall also features wooden tiles along with a wooden floor which all blend perfectly well together to give resort style vibes.




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