Understanding the High Competition Levels in the Online Casino Industry

Online casinos exploded onto the information superhighway in the mid-to-late 1990s and have been popular ever since.  

Such popularity is understandable. Players have a massive choice of sites on which they can play. Of course, this is less good news for operators, who are offering their gaming services in a highly competitive market and have to keep their finger on the pulse to stay ahead of their competitors or at least keep up with them. Below is a look at competition in the online casino industry; at how casinos, including some of the top brands, stay competitive; and at the role of affiliates in the world of casino.

More and more competitors entering the battlefield

The online casino industry was always going to be competitive. Within years of the first online casino opening, several hundred had already materialised, all looking to get a slice of the action. Soon, online casinos caught on and now players can take their pick of the best online casino sites on which to play. Having seen how popular it has become, more players are trying to enter the market and existing brands are looking to establish themselves further and further in the industry.

Operators are fully aware of just how much competition is out there. Not only must they contend with brands that solely offer online casino gaming, but they’re also up against the fact that land-based brands have begun to enter the market as well. All of this makes it crucial for them to stay competitive so they can continue attracting players to their site. Players who have a bad experience won’t return: they can just click away and, within minutes, create an account with another operator, who will be only too happy to take in a customer.

Keeping competitive

Naturally, like many other industries, the online gaming industry has produced brands that are household names. You do not necessarily have to be an online gamer to have heard of them. Paddy Power, 888 Casino, Mr Green, Casumo and LeoVegas are just a few online operators you’re likely to have heard of. Then, of course, there are major players in the land-based casino world, such as Caesars, who have taken the logical step of branching out in the online casino space.

Big names such as these haven’t just made it to the top by accident. They’ve fought hard to get there and must employ a range of tactics to remain competitive. Here are a few things casinos must do to keep ahead of the pack:

Update their offering

Players can become fed up of playing the same games over and over again, which is why online casinos will regularly update and expand their offering. They know boredom is bad for business. They also have fewer overheads than land-based establishments, which allows them to invest more in their offering, whereas land-based casinos are restricted in what they provide.

Offer good bonuses, promotions and loyalty programmes

Providing good bonuses, promotions and loyalty programmes is all about making players want to play. Online casinos know that giving a little something for nothing with bonuses and promotions is an excellent way to attract players and encourage them to keep using the operator’s services. Loyalty programmes are a way to reward players for continuing to choose the operator for their gaming.

Provide suitable deposit options

There was a time when digital wallets and swift bank transfers were cutting edge for online casinos; now it’s expected of them. In the push to remain competitive, some casinos are now beginning to accept cryptocurrency in the push to remain competitive.

Market themselves well

Marketing makes a major contribution to being competitive. Email marketing and mobile marketing are important, as is affiliate marketing (addressed further below). Online casinos must also publish helpful or engaging blog posts on their websites and reach their customers by creating interesting posts on social media and running social media ad campaigns.

The role of affiliate marketing in the casino industry

Affiliate sites play a big, highly useful role for online casinos. The agreements between the affiliate marketers and the casinos work well for both parties. Working with these marketers allows online casinos to generate a lot of leads, who come from the affiliate marketing website. It is also a cost-effective style of marketing because the casinos can set their own terms.

Affiliate marketers are influencers who attract legions of followers that share a specific interest. These marketers receive payment based on the amount of sales they generate for their business partners (the casinos). Working with an affiliate marketer is highly advantageous because whereas social media posts and other marketing methods might not reach the casino’s target audience, affiliate marketers are speaking to these people directly through their website. They will discuss the top brands available, post reviews about the online casinos, make visitors to the website aware of the best online casino promotions and more.

The online casino industry spoils players for choice when it comes to choosing an operator and games to play. It is this wide variety which drives competitivity in the industry. Any edge an operator can gain, no matter how big or small, can be significant.