Twitch Mods Not Loading

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” 

Right now, neither you are growing old and nor you are stop playing your games because we are here to stop the time and solve your Minecraft related issues.

What issues we are talking about in particular? The twitch mods not loading issue. How to solve it, why it happens and is there anything else to learn?

Well to find out what is about to unfold you have to brace yourself, come along with us and continue reading what’s written below to grab all the important details.

Loading the Unload

“It is in video games that many people discover their paradise. 

Are games your paradise too? A personal heaven where you can do whatever you like and however you wish to do it.

Is your heaven not loading due to some technical issue and now you need advice to load the unloading?

Well, in that case we can help you and tell all about Minecraft and twitch app.


While it sounds annoying, but twitch app can occasionally crash and there are several different reasons behind it. one can be if your cache is corrupted and needs to be reset. 

When this is not the problem then the other most common reason is conflicting update. This problem occurs with some certain brand of android phones as this problem is seen most in android phones than IOS. So, you have to see if your phone is one of them or not.

If you play twitch on your pc and not on phone and update is not an issue there, then try rebooting or reinstalling the twitch app and see if it makes any difference?

 If nothing works then there is some issue with your computer that is preventing the Twitch App from working properly and you must get you pc fixed. 

To give you a hint on pc problems, see if there’s a malware, viruses, or software update problem that needs to be fixed?

This was just a basic error but wait, we have solutions to some particular major problems as well. starting with:

Source: Stay techie


Here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Log out form your twitch account and then login again.
  2. Now, launch the Twitch application and click on the menu icon that is on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. After successfully doing these two steps, click File and the logout from the account again.
  4. Now, login once again and see if the “Twitch app Mods not loading” issue has been fixed or not.


It is quite common to have an error with twitch mod pack installation. The install error mostly occurs when the twitch app faces an incorrectly configured client. 

To solve twitch mod pack install error, we tried looking at the opinion of other users and they have suggested that changing the memory allocation size and Addon backup settings in the twitch app have helped them in resolving the issue.

 So, you know what to do to fix the issue and if it still persists, you can try changing the launcher method in Twitch.


If your twitch mods page is not loading you can blame your firewall for it. this is because firewall can be blocking certain features of Twitch app and those blockages can cause issues while loading the mods. Another possible reason behind this problem can be your sign in error. If you have not signed in properly for any reason including network issue, it can create a glitch in your app and so the mods won’t load properly.

Here’s what you can do to solve this problem:

  1. Sign in to your Twitch account again and delete the App Data.
  2. Now, Install .NET Framework and with that reinstall Twitch app.
  3. Next you have to modify the minecraft.exe file.
  4. Lastly, whitelist Twitch app inside windows firewall and see if your app is now working.

Do you know what are mod icons twitch, reader? firstly mods mean modification and since you are a gamer, you must be aware with this term, but what has it got to do in twitch?

Mod’s icons in twitch are the chat moderator that means a member with this icon is a moderator of the Channel you are currently visiting. Yes, the authority is in somebody else’s hands which is quite obvious and these moderator operators are also selected by the channel owners which is why they have the ability to time out, ban, and enable slow or ‘subscriber-only mode’ in the chat. This is whole theory behind this icon and how it controls your game.

Moving on, we have got some how’s and why’s to answer you and you must not miss them as they are also an integral part of the game.

See below and make the best use of this information.


“For a video game, you don\’t need a teacher.”

You certainly don’t need a teacher for a video game specially when the gamer is determined and full of passion for games. But even such enthusiastic gamers sometimes need help and information about small details of the game in order to play without any turbulence while playing their favourite game.

And we are here to provide you with that that facility and information, starting with


Source: Android Jungle

Do you wish to make some changes or add/subtract modifications from your twitch’s list? 

You should because that’s you game and you can make changes that you like. 

Just simply use the chat commands to add/remove moderators and VIPs. 

And for that, you have to type ‘/vip username’ or ‘/mod username’ commands in order to add your desired user as a VIP or mod. 

If you wish to remove a user, enter ‘/unvip username’ or ‘/unmod username’ commands to get that unwanted user out of your twitch. If you just want to see a list of VIPs or mods in your twitch before making the removing, adding or letting it stay as it is decision, you can use ‘/vips’ or ‘/mods’ commands.


Is your twitch unable to find world of warcraft? Is it making you anxious? Don’t be because this is what you can do to find your wow in twitch:

  1. Open up Twitch app and go to mods.
  2. Select Word of Warcraft and then click on the cogwheel that is located in the upper-right side of your screen.
  3. Now go to settings option and click on the game specific tab.
  4. In the ‘your games section’, select WoW from the list, discover it and explore whatever you wanted to.

And now, covering up the last bit of the game for you, and after that you can go and explore all the new found ways to fix you broken game and play without any tenson or glitches.

But first, let us have a look at:


In order to add/remove mods from twitch, you first have to install the Minecraft mods twitch, right? And this is how to do that:

  1. Begin with starting the Twitch launcher and clicking on the mods.
  2. Then select Minecraft from there and proceed.
  3. Click on the profile that you wish to add mods to and click on the … to do the settings.
  4. Make sure the locked tickbox is unticked while doing all these changes, allowing edits to be made to the mod pack.
  5. Now exit the profile options window and click on ‘Get More Content’.
  6. From there, search and select the mods you wish to add (see mods adding/removing commands given above) and the launcher will automatically download them for you.
  7. Now launch your game and enjoy it with all the new changes.

And as promised, your last set of information is completed and now you are a true expert in solving twitch related issues. Good on you for that!


And we conclude that while there is just one way to play the game, and that is your own way and style, dealing with video game related problems and issues can sometimes be tricky and time taking. But if you have the right guidance, follow all the steps correctly and show patience while getting things done, the problem will be solved in no time and you can continue playing your game with some experience of how to fix it if it is ever required in the future.